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  1. Im in the Jianggan district i think
  2. Sadly, i left my pc in the states thinking i'd be alright without it for a while. I'll probably just buy a switch or something to tide me over.
  3. Wondering if anyone knows of a pc cafe in Hangzhou that will allow foreigners without a Chinese ID to use the pc's. I've been to a few only to be turned away despite showing other forms of ID (teachers id, passport, etc.) Help me please, I need to play LoL
  4. Evolaire

    Charcoal doesn’t exist anymore.

    This post is hilarious, thank you for typing this out LOL
  5. Hey everyone, I just recently moved to Hangzhou on Sept. 7th and have been teaching English at a nearby University. I've just recently been getting more comfortable living here and would love some new friends to hangout with or talk to!
  6. Evolaire


    Hey Evan, I just moved here on the 7th of September and have been teaching English at a University here in Hangzhou. I'm up for meeting up especially since we're on break right now.