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  1. Deeksha Sekar

    SOLD Merida Mens Bike For Sale - now 300rmb

    Hey, is this still available?
  2. Deeksha Sekar

    Introduction: Deeksha Sekar

    Hello Everyone, I am Deeksha, from Bangalore, India . I moved to Hangzhou a week earlier and found my way to this website almost immediately in answer to most of my doubts. I work and live in the Binjiang district, am an Indian Classical Vocalist, a cyclist and love to cook . hope to meet some intersting people here!
  3. Deeksha Sekar

    New members - the way of forums

    Have posted a new topic with my introduction in the new members section.
  4. Deeksha Sekar

    Indian recording

    hey Juhee, Pls email me at deeksha.sekar@yahoo.com if this requirement is still open.