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    Flights from China

    Here's the link for English version of trip.com. https://www.trip.com/flights/hangzhou-to-sapporo/tickets-hgh-spk/?flighttype=s&dcity=hgh&acity=spk&startdate=2018-11-28&class=ys&quantity=1&searchboxarg=t
  2. Are U really a foreigner? That's the dark side. LOL. U know too much.The razzia has always been a camouflage to collect the annual bonus .
  3. Actually it was originally a seperated city and wasn't combined into Hangzhou until 2017. 50 kilo meters around i guess.
  4. if it's 临安 registered ,U may call the office in advance .in case u go there in vain... It's some distance away from Hangzhou downtown
  5. I've still got the impression of those years ;) scooters running all over the city and resulted in lots of accident. or at least they were believed to be the main cause under many occasions . That's why scooters got banned.but they can't never ban ebikes thoroughly .there're just too many users and the public anger can be fatal...

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    Completely agreed.Above all.no fun.and that's not tolerable.

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    I was invited into a group named BCS Voice of English club after i threatened the admin: ).But... Few people talk and most time what i see in there are the links of English articles .whicn simply reminds me of horrible reading comprehension in the past English tests. That's absolutely not the live live.
  8. if the fact is not told by offcial. it might not be the truth? At least the bike shops've been dishonest with the price of 过户. The official price is 150 yuan tops.
  9. Well,Asking the help of a bike shop may be an effient way to do the 过户,but definetly not the only way . I just found a post talking about same issue.They consulted the official Vehicle management office and the answer is "Yes .a foreigner can have the the ownership of a moterbike .but he needs to have the residence permit(temporary version is fine)".
  10. "You can't do it you're a foreigner, foreigners can't own motorbikes".---Told by whom? I've just checked the internet and found nothing relevant to this theory .nor any related laws. IF it's not the official answer.i suggest u directly go to the Vehicle management office where the icence is released to ask for info.(Don't forget your residence permit.As far as i know.Changing the official owner of motorbike is gonna need it)


    Welcom to Hangzhou.Where do u live now
  12. Here's the local way to deal with mosquitoes Step 1: Put window screens on every single window of your apartment ( Skip thjs if you've already had the window screens) and make sure there isn't any hole on them. Step 2: Close all the windows and burn mosquito coils(any brand is ok) in your room so that the smoke chokes every hidden mosquito to death. Usually 10-15 minutes will be sufficent . Meanwhile.of course u yourself are supposed to stay in another room without smoke. Step 3:Open the windows with window screens on to let the wind enter and cleans up all the smoke while the window screens keep mosquitoes outside from coming in. Step 4: After every room of your apartment is finished . go out and take a walk . When U return. the smoke will be gone .and the mosquitoes as well. Problem solved.Thanks for reading ; )
  13. Actually, similar trap lights are sold on Taobao and I tried it once. It was helpful to some extent. but become useless when mosquitoes outnumbered.

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    Already scanned but the admin didn't metion there's a talking group alive... !!Go killing him!

    anyone want to meet at Wade's BAR&GRILLtonight

    So why don't we create a wechat group(not a public account but the real talking group)? or perhaps u guys already have one. Just kindly let me in ; )