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  1. AmitR

    Expat from UK to Hangzhou bay

    hi Guys & Gals, thanks for your replies. Happy New Year. Yes, the office is near the sea link towards Shanghai; far away from Hangzhou and Ningbo. I am just worried that the place is secluded after work hours and no one to socialize with.. please see image for office location. Also, whats the best area to stay and commute to work. every bit of info and help is welcome guys.. regards, Amit.
  2. AmitR

    A newbie in Hangzhou and China in general.

    hey all, I am planning to move to Hangzhou in March 2019, working for a company. I am British, with Indian roots and German influence..hope this gives you an idea of how I am.. :-P I am looking forward to making friends and having a NIICEE time in China! Big Love! Amit.
  3. Hi All, I am from the UK, British Indian with a masters degree and over 10 years of professional experience. I have just been offered a job with an automobile company to work as a senior manager in the Hangzhou bay area. I need your support in shortlisting the best neighborhoods to stay, hang out and meet other expats. I understand my office is closer to Ningbo than Hangzhou. But I am looking for tips on accommodation in or around Hangzhou - 2 bedrooms, living, dining and 2 bathrooms - service apartments or fully furnished incl bills, etc for under CNY 10,000. The apartment shall be paid for by the company. Let me know if it is a hassle to commute to Hangzhou bay every day and if there are better areas to live around hangzhou bay. I am looking forward to start work in March 2019 and hopefully meet up with some of you in the new year. Thanks, Amit.