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Found 180 results

  1. Dear Hangzhou Expat Members, INTER S.A. is a Swiss supplier group with global sales offices around the world active in Textiles, Energy, Chemicals, Metallurgy and various industries. More information can be obtained on our website www.inter-ch.com We are looking for the following people for our Hangzhou office. The second person has to be a Chinese national, but the first person can be of any nationality (preferably of Swiss origin but not a must) who can legally reside in Hangzhou, China · English-speaking office administrative assistant; able to handle day-to_day office activities such as; taking care of the office, following up with our current clients, researching potential new clients, organizing meetings, phoning clients, sending samples, helping with the HR process via various sources to find a China Market Coordinator, writing daily reports to Swiss HQ office, preparing basic Excel sheets of clients and their consumptions etc. Basically being the major support person before and even after a market coordinator is found. MUST FOR THIS ADMIN ASSISTANT POSITION: Disciplined, organized person who lives in Hangzhou and who speaks English and who can give good references... Someone who has some textile or sales / import-export experience is much prefered, as it will make the orientation much quicker, but it is not an absolute must. · China Market Coordinator, it is a serious position as this person is going to be the face of a European textile company for the Chinese market. It's a spotlight position that requires coordinating people, following-up with big clients, bank and logistic meetings, finding new clients, closing sales with the general managers of these big textile companies etc. But of course this isn’t an office job... This person has to visit clients in industrial zones, visit textile factories and function equally efficient in good days and stressful days, as it is international trade, great things and unpleasant things happen. MUST FOR THIS COORDINATOR POSITION: Textile education or textile background, much preferably in the sales category... When we say textiles, it can be someone who worked in Yarn business, Fabric business, Textile Machinery business, Fiber business... Basically someone who will know our products and be knowledgable in front of experienced clients. But at the end of the day, we are not looking for a Textile professor. We need someone with a commercial mind, who can negotiate and who can bring and close business... But some textile background is essential. You can send us your applications / questions via HR@INTER-CH.COM and we look forward to receiving your interest. Thank you and we wish you a successful week. Human Resources Department INTER S.A. www.inter-ch.com
  2. K80Sill

    Returning to HZ

    Hello everyone! My name is Katie and I will be teaching English at Hangzhou Dianzi University starting in September. I hope that we can all be there to support each other. :)
  3. Hello, I am being offered a job in Hangzhou or Shanghai. So I am trying to get more feedback from what it's like to live in Hangzhou (rather than Shanghai). I have been in Shanghai before as a tourist and was really impressed by the city, but I guess living there would be a different experience. I have never been to Hangzhou, but read that it is a pleasant city, to visit, but what about living there ? So I would like to know what you, as expats, foreign students, etc. think about Hangzhou vs Shanghai ? I speak a bit of Mandarin (I can have very basic convesations) and still have a bit of time to progress before coming to China. But I can not read characters (yet). I wonder if life could be difficult in Hangzhou if I don't read the characters. Would it take a long time to learn the chinese characters to be able to direct myself in the city, read a card in a restaurant, etc ? Can you have a english navigation app on your phone ? I am also wondering how big is the expat community in Hangzhou ? I bet that the week-end that would be ok, but is it hard to find people to go out during the week ? Pros and cons of having a smaller expat community than in shanghai ? (people looking at you in the streets ?) How 's the night life in Hangzhou ? and is it only Thursday to Saturday ? What about people ? I heard and read that Shanghai people are very money driven, will chose their friends depending on what they do, where they live, what car they drive, etc... is that really true ? How is it in Hangzhou ? Is it easy to mix with locals, do many of the young (20-30) speak good english ? (cause my mandarin might not be enough to have a very long and interesting conversation). Would you say that life is much cheaper in Hangzhou than in Shanghai ? I am afraid that Shanghai might be quite expensive, but I understand that Hangzhou is not that cheap given that it is very touristic. How much would you pay for the rent in Hangzhou compared to Shanghai ? (for example 2 BR in good location) for a meal for a beer, Or living with the same standards, how much money would you think i would save if I live in Hangzhou rather than Shanghai ? How is the traffic in Hangzhou ? is it easy to move around ? are the bikes useful to move in central Hangzhou ? Would you recommende to live near the West lake ? it looks like all the action is taking place there, no ? And also, what do you think of both cities in general, re parks, outdoors, culture, etc ? Thank you very much for you help !!
  4. TCrane

    Strollers in China

    I was told that strollers aren't commonly used and are impractical for China. We are trying to decide if we should bring ours. I heard that the streets are so crowded that they aren't a practical choice and that most Chinese do not use them. Can anyone corroborate or negate this? Any personal experience or advise on the matter?
  5. Welcom to Hangzhou, and Foruler is the studio or workshop on household and home design. We are a small studio with 7 team members, just started working and living in Hangzhou from 2013. We would like to invite everyone who is interested on designs to visit us, to exchange ideas on design works. Please find us via the key world "foruler". Also, contact us via email: 1138505678@qq.com. Wish we can have more friends here and make a great life in Hangzhou together. :|