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Found 178 results

  1. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    I'm looking to purchase a motorcycle and would like to know: What laws apply specifically to motorcycle riders in Hangzhou? Where are some reputable motorcycle mechanics in the city? What experiences have you had with biking here? I'm from California and I've been here for 5 months and I'm ready to get back on 2 wheels, yet I understand that here, things are a bit different. How so? ...and what do I need to do to start riding, legally?
  2. Greetings from Hangzhou! I am Danielle, with advanced English-Chinese interpretation certificate issued by Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006 and rich experience in liaison or conference interpretation. Interpreter/Translator Subjects includes but not limited to: Advertisement/Marketing, Agriculture, Apparel; Fashion, Business Services, Chemicals, Environment, Food ; Beverage, Furniture ; Furnishings, Gifts; Crafts, Health; Beauty, Home Appliances, Home Supplies, Industrial Supplies, Sports; Entertainment, Textiles; Leather Products, Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear, Toys, Transportation, Travel / Leisure. Feel free to contact get a quote for tour guide, fair/business negotiation or conference. Email: dfzhan@msn.com Regards Danielle
  3. Looking for someone to take over a two room apartment! New contract should be sign before July 8th! Price is 4300 per month place is at Jiulian Community Garden Nancun - 九莲社区花园南村 there's a bus station and also MRT line 2 in front of the apartment contact me for more info wechat: indri134 phone 13082823025
  4. We are from United States. We are working with Vanke Group to provide robotics/coding STEM courses in China. We’re hiring Robotics Instructor & Coding teachers for kids. We’re especially interested in those with Robotics (LEGO Mindstorms/VEX). We have part-time and full-time positions open for full time or part time. These positions offer flexible hours depending on your schedule and those of our kids. Job Title: Robotics/Coding Teacher Locations: Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taizhou Hourly rate: ¥200 up, DOE Type: Weekdays during summer, Weekends during school year Start Date: 7/1 Job Duties: Course planning and development. Curriculum design and development. Teach classes. Support the marketing activities. Support the admission department. Communicate with parents to improve the customer satisfaction. Required Qualifications: Must be native speakers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, no accent accepted. Associate /B.A/B.S. in Robotics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related fields. FIRST/VEX Robotics Competition experience would be a big plus. Desire to implement and evaluate next generation educational models. Experience with STEM courses in a professional or research setting. Experience teaching or tutoring STEM courses. Strong written and oral communication skills. Self-motivated and organized. Proficient at finding solutions to problems Passion for learning robotics and teaching kids. Energetic, patient, and an expert at communicating with kids. If interested, please send you cover letter and resume to hr@robotixinstitute.cn Or add our Wechat account: chinarobotix
  5. Bochiebochcimos

    Driving's license

    Does anyone know if the driver's license from another country works in china? Or is there some sort of proccess you have to go through to activate it. If yes, where can i find more info and details about these things? Thank you very much
  6. Bochiebochcimos

    Driving's license

    Does anyone know if the driver's license from another country works in china? Or is there some sort of proccess you have to go through to activate it. If yes, where can i find more info and details about these things? Thank you very much
  7. I found HIC , CIS and American community . All r expensive . Currently I am sending my kinds to International division of a Chinese school in Shanghai . all foreign teachers and very good school and very good price . Looking for similar type in Hangzhou . Plz help :-))) . Thank you . My email : ericwaxo@yahoo.com
  8. Hi guys, I'm moving to Hangzhou soon, I have been doing my research before doing it. So far I read some very different comments on which is the' best' area to live in. Every one has a view, and that's okay. I would want to know the neutral comment on each area. North/South. CBDs and so on. I'll be working near subway line 1. I'd like to hear about what you guys think of each 'popular' areas on that line? Thanks a lot. And can I add person on wechat or send them emails?
  9. Middle School Music Teacher Needed About Our School We are a private middle school with 1200 students. 300 students are preparing to go abroad to complete their education in Australia, USA and Germany. Our students will practive IGCSE exams in English (ESL or EFL) as well as music. Requirements - Secondary trained teachers preferred (State registered or qualified to be) - Teach performing arts vocabulary - Prepare students for short answer and paragraph responses in IGCSE or similar external exams - Experience with group guitar, group keyboard and group singing are advantageous. - Help students prepare for two in-school singing competitions (Annual School English Festival + Annual School Arts Festival) - Develop/encourage school rock bands and well other student music groups. Benefits - School housing (off campus) available or monthly RMB 1000 living allowance is negotiable. - 18,000RMB per month - Monthly meal allowance RMB 200 - Annual flight reimbursement - up to RMB 10,000 - Z Visa
  10. Awesome_101

    Teaching Job in Hangzhou

    Hi! I am from Philippines and I'm looking for a teaching job in Hangzhou. Basically I am not a native speaker, but I have passion in teaching english to students. I have an experience teaching English to Chinese students for 19 months now. I hope to find a job soon in Hangzhou. You can send me a message [please send me private message for my contact information]. Thank you.
  11. 你好 I'm Maria and I'm living in Hangzhou since about five months. I'm looking for a job as a teacher (german or English). I'm 18 years old but have a lot of experience about children and teaching. In Germany i was working as a nanny (also includes helping and teaching in English). I also worked at kindergartens and schools. Please contact me as soon as possible. Best regards, Maria K.
  12. Sanjay rathore

    hello everyone!

    Hi everybody! I'm an indian student in Hangzhou for 6 months to attend internship at Westlake Hillview International Hotel. nice to meet you all,
  13. Hi all Just wondering if I can fly my pet into Hangzhou airport or does it need to be a larger airport?
  14. Looking for people who are qualified and interested in tutoring subjects such as Psychology, Calculus and / or others. Usually it is one to one type of tutoring, times are flexible; students are around 15-18 years old, bright and motivated individuals. Most of them are preparing for AP test. Location: Hangzhou (relatively close to EAC) Please send me a message for more information, thanks!
  15. atharv

    romentic night..

    which is the most romentic place in hangzhou?or near hangzhou..i want to go with my girlfriend...
  16. 2016年已经结束了。在这一年里,你知道世界上都发生了什么大事吗? 2016 nián yǐ jīng jié shù le , zài zhè yì nián lǐ, nǐ zhī dào shì jiè shang dōu fā shēng le shén me dà shì ma? The year of 2016 has ended. During this year, do you know any major events that happened throughout the world? Events for example: 2016年6月23日,英国对是否脱离欧盟进行了投票。6月24日,公布投票结果:英国确定脱离欧盟。 2016 nián 6 yuè 23 rì, yīng guó duì shì fǒu tuō lí ōu méng jìn xíng le tóu piào. 6 yuè 24 rì, gōng bù tóu piào jié guǒ: yīng guó què dìng tuō lí ōu méng. On June 23th, 2016, Britain voted on whether to leave the EU. And on June 24th, the voting results announced that Britain had decided to leave the EU. 2016年里约热内卢奥运会,又叫第31届夏季奥林匹克运动会,于2016年8月在里约热内卢举行。它是第一个举办奥运会的南美洲城市。巴西人民表示:很开心啊! 2016 nián lǐ yuē rè nèi lú ào yùn huì, yòu jiào dì 31 jiè xià jì ào lín pǐ kè yùn dòng huì, yú 2016 nián 8 yuè zài lǐ yuē rè nèi lú jǔ xíng. Tā shì dì yī ge jǔ bàn ào yùn huì de nán měi zhōu chéng shì. Bā xī rén mín biǎo shì: hěn kāi xīn a! 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, also known as the 31st Summer Olympic Games, was held in August,2016 in Rio de Janeiro. It was the first South American city that hosted the Olympic Games. Brazilian people said: we are soooooo happy :-D 2016年9月4日至5日,二十国集团(G20)领导人第十一次峰会在中国杭州举行,这也是中国首次举办首脑峰会。 2016 nián 9 yuè 4 rì zhì 5 rì, èr shí guó jí tuán(G20) lǐng dǎo rén dì shí yī cì fēng huì zài zhōng guó háng zhōu jǔ xíng, zhè yě shì zhōng guó shǒu cì jǔ bàn shǒu nǎo fēng huì. From Sep.4th to Sep5th,2016, the 11st G20 Summit was held in Hangzhou, China. It was also the first time for China to host the Summit. 美国第58届总统选举于2016年11月8日星期二举行。候选人是希拉里和特朗普,最终,特朗普获胜。他会在2017年1月20日宣誓就职。 Měi guó dì 58 jiè zǒng tǒng xuǎn jǔ yú 2016 nián 11 yuè 8 rì xīng qī èr jǔ xíng. Hòu xuǎn rén shì xī lā lǐ hé tè lǎng pǔ, zuì zhōng, tè lǎng pǔ huò shèng. Tā huì zài 2017 nián 1 yuè 20 rì xuān shì jiù zhí. The 58th US presidential election was held on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. The candidates were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And the latter one won the election at the last minute. He will be sworn into office as president on 20th January, 2017. Duì yú 2016 nián fā shēng de zhè sì jiàn dà shì, nǐ yǒu shén me xiǎng fǎ ma? Huān yíng liú yán gào su wǒ men. 对于2016年发生的这四件大事,你有什么想法吗?欢迎留言告诉我们. Have you got any idea about all the above events that took place in 2016? Welcome to leave any messages to us on the comments below. 2017 nián nǐ men xiǎng kàn shén me wén zhāng ne? Huò zhě nǐ yǒu shén me hǎo de jiàn yì, yě kě yǐ liú yán gào su wǒ men. 2017年你们想看什么文章呢?或者你们有什么好的建议,也可以留言告诉我们. What kind of passages would you like to see in 2017? Or if you have any good suggestions, please leave a message to us. 【Chinese Surfing】 Scan & Follow Chinese Surfing Share Pratical Chinese Language, Culture Events, Life and MORE!
  17. It might drive us crazy that our mobiles are out of power, especially when we need to contact someone immediately. What you want most at the very moment is JUST a charger or power bank. If you don’t have neither of them, you might need ask for help. Followings will help you out, definitely. A: 我的手机没有电了。 wǒ de shǒu jī méi yǒu diàn le. My mobile is out of power. 你有充电器吗? nǐ yǒu chōng diàn qì ma? Do you have any charger? B: 你要苹果的还是安卓的? nǐ yào píng guǒ de hái shì ān zhuó de? Which one do you prefer? Iphone 6 or Android one? A: 我要安卓的。 wǒ yào ān zhuó de. I need the Android one. 哪里可以充电? nǎ lǐ kě yǐ chōng diàn? Where can I charge? B: 那边/桌子下面。 nà biān /zhuō zǐ xià mian. Over there./ Under the desk. A: 非常感谢! fēi cháng gǎn xiè! Thanks so much! 充电宝 chōng diàn bǎo Power bank 充电头 chōng diàn tóu 数据线 shù jù xiàn
  18. Around Christmas and New-Year vacation, many of you would like to take through bus from Hangzhou to Shanghai Pudong International airport. You can buy the ticket at No. 396 Tiyuchang road(体育场路396号)Minhang Dasha(民航大厦)and Hangzhou tourism and distribution center at Huanglong Stadium(杭州黄龙旅游集散中心). 2 Or buy it on wechat. You might wonder whether there is a way to buy a ticket online. And I shall say,"YES"! Here comes the way to buy tickets on WeChat and the first stop is Huanglong station Scan QR and follow the account Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 If you make it, you will get this interface and a text message as follows Step 10 How to get the paper ticket? Just go to Huanglong Stadium(杭州黄龙旅游集散中心), and get it at window or on ATM. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING––DO NOT FORGET BRINGING YOUR PASSPORT!
  19. Hi all, [SELL] - I am selling my Philips vacuum cleaner for 200 RMB - I bought it 3 months ago for 450 RMB, it is almost new - Guarantee is available - including accessory - no filters needed - I live in Binjiang but I can deliver it to you Please contact me if you are interested.
  20. Foreighner 19 years old, live work and study in hangzhou, willing to date a chinese girl
  21. chī 吃 (v.) There are many words you can make a phrase with 吃 like: chī fàn(rice/meal) chī miàn (noodle) chī xī cān (western food) chī bǎo le (I am full) Could you like to try to say these things in picture with 吃 in Chinese phrase? If you know the answer, you can let me know. [send me private message for my contact information] ----------------------------------------------------------- Chinese Surfing Embrace new experiences, study Chinese, and open your eyes to China.
  22. More than 7 years of Coaching diffrent kids levels, work in football clubs and academies, played in High Championship Levels, Graduated in Football Methodology Expert, offering classes/training football in Hangzhou. Second year in Hangzhou, Yuhang district. Please contact for more deails. Sports Regards
  23. I am looking for an apartment for myself. 1 bedroom 1 livingroom 1 kitchen 1 bathroom or 1 studio flat I prefer the area : jianggan or close to. Send me an email, if you have something for me, please send me private message for my contact information
  24. Hello guys, couple looking for an apartment to Rent around Binjiang Aerea, please let me know if any of you guys know or have anything.
  25. Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU) and International Training Institute is hiring now. More than 5 positions are available now in other public schools as well. Requirements: Native English speakers are preferred. Non-native English speakers may also be considered if the education background, work experience, and accents are qualified. America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand are the five native English-speaking countries listed by The State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, PRC (SAFEA). 1-Bachelor’s degree or above. 2-TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate and other relevant teaching certificates (Not required but it's a plus ) 3- Minimum one-year contract 4- Minimum 1-2 years’ teaching experience 5- A valid passport (at least 12 months). 6- No criminal record 7- A 2-inch personal photo 8- A recommendation letter 9- A short video (For applicants of non-native English speakers). Compensation: 1- Salary (RMB): negotiable 2- Location: Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou. 3- Free Accommodation with all necessary facilities including free meals at the location. 4- Reimbursement of work visa, residence permit, and medical checkup fees 5- Paid national holidays and fully paid for your winter vacation. 6- Airfare: Return flight upon completion of the contract. 7- Regular training for teachers 8- Chinese Culture Trip 9- Bonus (Specific compensation is subject to the final contract.) To read more about this position, don't hesitate to contact us. If you're interested and qualified for this job, please send us your résumé to this email address [please send me private message for my contact informaiton] NOTE: For privacy purposes, please send us your private info to our email address. (ask me for my email) Thx ;)