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Found 173 results

  1. L visa extension

    Hi, could anyone please give us some information on whether we can extend our current tourist L visas? Is it possible to do in Hangzhou or do we need to go somewhere else? Thanks in advance for any help :)
  2. Excited about Hangzhou

    Hi guys! Someone on a Facebook group offered me this website. It is good to know that there are other foreigners around. I will be coming to Hangzhou at the end of February. I am a senior year business administration student and will be an exchange student at Hangzhou Dianzi University. Although being really excited about Hangzhou, I have some concerns, too. First of all, I am looking for a shared flat not so away from the city center. Anyone searches for a flatmate can contact me. I also wonder job opportunities for those without Chinese. Is it likely to get a part-time job, or perhaps an internship related to my studies? Anyway, it would good to meet new people and make some friends. Cheers,
  3. Holland China Antiques is looking for an agent. The agent is intrested in old western-europe paintings and small antiques. Prefareble the agent has a network in the antiques and/or art world. The agent works on commissionbase and speaks Chinese. The agent is well known with the Chinese businessculture. The agent is representative. Are you interested? Please sent me a mail. info@hollandchinaantiques.nl
  4. Hello. I have read the previous topic on dental clinics but it has not been updated since last year. So, can you recommend a good, clean dentist in Hangzhou? Maybe some who speaks a little English? Thank you!
  5. I am a guy fro Spain, I am looking for a room to rent near the Yuquan Campu, Plese let me know by email if know about some. email: tmgmzscb@gmail.com
  6. Hi. I will be arriving in Hangzhou in the middle of October. What are some other websites that allow me to connect to the Hangzhou community? I'm thinking of forums or sites like Meetup. Also, if you are a part of a Hangzhou group/club that meets on a regular basis, feel free to introduce the group. Thanks in advance.
  7. Part-time soccer coach wanted for an existing school. Evenings and weekends only. Must be qualified and have previous experience of coaching. Pay negotiable. Per session. Please contact me for further information. e mail = andy.moreno8912@gmail.com
  8. Hi Here is my new song for Hangzhou; (Listen with headphones for best results :-) enjoy go to: https://iainmackenzie.bandcamp.com/track/hangzhou-city-streets Hangzhou City streets He sat back and watched the rain wash down the windows of the train On the Hangzhou City Line And from the corner of his eye he could swear He saw the lights of London pass him by Hey hey....its another day Hey hey, its another day Looking back to where he once believed his name and face were sacred- but how could they be? Now the home he gave his heart to was as distant as the echoes of his morning dream Hey hey....its another day Hey hey, its another day He layed back and let the fingers of his lover play another song upon his skin it was days like these he couldnt say just where his world ends and life begins Hey hey....its another day Hey hey, its another day He sat down and all around him were the voices and sounds of Hangzhou City Streets And all he needed from his mind was the time to find the spaces in between Hey hey....its another day Hey hey, its another day Sitting back and watching rain wash down the windows of the train on the hangzhou city line and from the corner of his eye he swore he saw the lights of London passing by bye bye bye bye bye bye
  9. ESL Teachers wanted!

    ESL Teachers wanted - with a variety of campuses to choose from around Hangzhou. We are a private English training school currently looking for 8 new part-time and/or full-time ESL teachers. Job description - 20 to 25 teaching hours for full-time teachers - Native English speaker - University degree - TEFL, TESOL, CELTA or equivalent certificate - Able to teach kids and adults - A creative and highly flexible teaching environment We offer - Full time salary 9000 - 15000 per month - Part time 100 - 150 per hour - Paid and sponsored Z VISA and Foreign Expert Certificate - Medical Insurance - Arrival assistance - Paid holidays If interested - let me know! Jack
  10. Hi All, my name is Alisha, I am a Brit and I will be moving to Hangzhou in 8 days! I am very nervous but excited. A Google search led me to this page and I hope somebody on this forum can help me with my query. I am moving to Hangzhou for 9 months. I have free accommodation and a job. My question is will 2300RMB be enough for the first month I am in Hangzhou? before I get paid *I will not be doing any touristy stuff and the accommodation is free. *My costs will be food, travel to and from work and phone calling. I know it depends on lifestyle but I will be very frugal as I just can't afford more than this after flight and visa costs. Please let me know if this amount is realistic to get by on. Kind Regards, Alisha
  11. New in Hangzhou

    Hi everybody, my name is Michael, i am a german and i will move to HZ mid august . I will be a football coach in a High School. i was many times as a visiter in HZ ...but now is different. Can anybody tell me: is there a football expat group? pitches for playing? private football school? where are good place to hang around ( decent beer?). I will come together with my gf...she is from philippines...any pinoy community here? thanks for all replies:-)
  12. HZ is a romantic place

    Hi everyone,what do you do in Hangzhou?
  13. Full Time / Part-time American, Canadian, British English Teacher To Teach student under 8 from July 2014 in Hangzhou If You have/are : 1. Native English speaker 2. University Degree (B.A or equivalent) 3. Good communication and presentation skills 4. Teaching certificate (TEFL, CELTA etc.) preferred 5. Passion for teaching kids, open-minded, Creative, responsible and knowledgeable. Salary and other benefits: * Salary Full time: RMB9000-RMB12000 Part time: RMB150 (per hour) * Health insurance (Full time) * Paid Working Visa (Full time) * Paid holidays (Full time) Working hours: 5 Working Days (1 hour per lesson, Max 6 hrs of teaching time per day) Centre opening hours: Mon to Sat 10:00-20:00 Sunday Off + a day off from Monday to Thursday How to apply: Please forward a CV to: email address: blmelo@yahoo.com.hk Feel free to contact us through Email for further information Skype interview * Please note only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
  14. After one year studying in the university of Zhejiang I wanna start working in China. I'm spanish but i can also speak a fluent english and an acceptable chinese. I have two majors: one in communication and media studies and the second one in Advertising and Public Relations. My experience is specially based in corporative communication but i'm open to work in different fields. I can send the CV if there is any company interested. If you are not a company but have any advise to give: where to look for the job, any contact... would be also great.
  15. How about those who need a recent teaching job leaving their basic information(education nationality teaching experience and tefl/tesol certificate) and emails or QQ numbers down this post and let those in need of teachers to contact you? Don't throw me eggs if you find this a bad idea. Qualified teachers are so hard to find. Have a nice day. Everyone.
  16. "EURASIAN-GEORGIAN FOOD & CULTURAL FESTIVAL" Apr 25 - May 11 SHERATON HANGZHOU Come and discover the wonderful world of Georgian Food, Culture and Entertainment with a foreign Celebrity Chef all the way from Georgia! 加入盛宴美食探索之旅,纵享地道的格鲁吉亚美食珍馐,体验浓浓的欧亚风情文化和经典异域舞蹈的精彩演绎,更有专业外籍明星厨师长倾情加盟,为您开启视觉和味觉的双重惊喜! Dinner Buffet: RMB 308 + 15% service charge 自助晚餐:308元人民币+15%服务费 For reservation or more information, please call 8500 2222 ext. 8715 预订或详情咨询请致电0571 8500 2222 转 8715
  17. What is Capoeira? Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music. It was created in Brazil mainly by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences, probably beginning in the 16th century. It is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps. Try also searching YouTube for capoeira roda or just capoeira :) Now in Hangzhou! Schedule Tuesday/Thursday - 8:00pm – 9:30pm; Sunday - 6:30pm - 8:00pm new at Guodu Business Tower (Crossing of Fengqi Rd and Zhongshan Middle Rd, room 2002 (Subway: Fengqi Rd exit A1. Enter the compound on Fengqi Rd, turn left, go until you reach the building, go to the 20th floor 国都大厦2002室 凤起路近中山路) Contact us: 15800336687 (EN, CN, RU), 158-5819-1393 (BR, CN, EN) E-mail: capoeirahangzhou@gmail.com Capoeira FAQ = WHAT IF I HAVE NEVER DONE CAPOEIRA BEFORE? You have to start somewhere? We start by teaching you the basic movements and you take it from there. = I HAVE NEVER TAKEN ANY TYPE OF MARTIAL ART OR DANCE CLASS. CAN I STILL TRY CAPOEIRA? Capoeira does not require that you have prior experience on any type of physical activity! = WHAT IF I AM NOT FLEXIBLE OR NOT IN BEST PHYSICAL CONDITION? Don’t let this discourage you! Capoeira is for everyone!!! Young or old, short or tall, girl or boy! Of course, the more you train, the faster you will see results! = HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN CAPOEIRA? Think of it as learning a new language. The more of the language you learn, the more clearly you can express yourself to others. If your goal is to have a conversation with someone that consists of, “Hi, how are you?” and “I am fine, thank you”, you should be able to do that within a month or two. If you plan to discuss world politics or philosophy, be prepared to spend more time learning the language. = WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? For your first class, comfortable workout wear is fine. Should you decide to sign-up, we have uniforms available for purchase. = SHOULD I BRING ANYTHING? Open mind and positive attitude! Bring a water bottle.
  18. Hi All, The JUMP! Foundation is looking to hire a Program Director for our China office in Hangzhou. The Program Director will be an enthusiastic and energetic, goal-orientated manager who will direct the programming and organizational responsibilities for JUMP’s programs in China. The Program Director will manage and supervise program staff in the delivery of high quality programming; effectively solve problems through individual initiative; accurately communicate with the JUMP Foundation’s multi-cultural and international partner base; and efficiently work as part of the total efforts of a small, dedicated team. As one of the main individuals managing operations, the Program Director will also work closely with the Executive Director to make sure tasks are organized and operational systems run smoothly. The Program Director will act as a partnership manager who plans, implements and coordinates programs with JUMP!’s partners in China. Lastly, the Program Director will act as a JUMP! Facilitator. JUMP! Facilitators are deeply committed agents of change and are recognized as individuals who bring diverse knowledge, extensive life experience and unique perspectives to facilitating experiential education programs. Enthusiastic and passionate about leadership and social development, JUMP! Facilitators foster an environment that inspires, empowers and engages youth to reach their full potential. Together, our team of JUMP! Facilitators deliver programs that spark personal development, strengthen a sense of community and increase global awareness of participants. RESPONSIBLITIES: The Program Director will have competence and flexibility in a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to: Program Responsibilities Facilitate experiential programs alongside team with partner schools and outdoor settings Approve program budgets and program pricing Direct the program development process (pre-program assessment, program design, post-program evaluations, etc.) Direct program management process and oversee execution of all programs in region Direct the management of existing partnerships in China region Oversee and direct JUMP!’s partnership management strategy Support in development of new partnerships Manage staffing of JUMP! Programs, including assigning Program Managers and Facilitators Direct partnership management, program management and program staff in a region Organizational Responsibilities Support in managing the day-to-day functions of the JUMP! Foundation Manage, mentor and support JUMP! Foundation staff, including: Partnership Development Manager, Program Managers and Interns Support in developing the organizational vision and growth strategy for JUMP! Support human resources process, including: hiring, contracts, training, leave & evaluations, professional development Support the management of the financial systems and accounting (e.g. invoices, payments, etc.) Create and manage annual budget, WFOE finances, forecasting for China Contribute to the overall effectiveness of JUMP! by offering creative and logistical support, ideas and feedback REQUIRED QUALITIES: Previous experience managing an organization / large team of people Significant experience living in China and a passion for China Masters degree or equivalent experience Deep understanding of the pedagogy of experiential education Teachers certificate or equivalent experiences 3+ years of experience managing and facilitating leadership / adventure programs for youth 3+ years of experience in designing and developing new programs Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Comfortable using collaborative online platforms (e.g. Box, Google Documents, Skype, etc.) and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.) IDEAL QUALITIES: Previous management experience in a non-profit organization and possess understanding of non-profits and/or social enterprises Knowledgeable of China (and Asia, in general) Proficiency in Manadarin Previous experience working with youth Task-oriented and able to meet deadlines Resourceful and self-starting Open to personal and professional development Attention to detail and well-organized Ability to multi-task REPORTS TO: Executive Director SALARY RANGE: USD 25,000 - 33,000 (commensurate with experience) This position will be based out of JUMP!’s China Hub in Hangzhou, China. * All applicants will be asked to provide a criminal background check as part of the application process. To apply: http://jumpfoundation.org/careers/program-director-china/
  19. Dear expats, My name is Luis, from Portugal but working in Hangzhou, where I manage a representative office of a Portuguese real estate company. Since last year, if Chinese buy property in Portugal, for at least 500.000€, their family can get a green card to Europe, to work, live or study, and later apply for Portuguese citizenship (European passport). A great opportunity for wealthy chinese families. In 2013, more than 450 residence permits have been granted to investors, 80% of them from mainland China. More than 500 are now waiting the approval of their application. We have several properties with great value and a real market price (not like many chinese overseas real estate companies and immigration agencies, where speculation for high margins is the rule). We also organize the travel in Portugal for the investors and have partnership with different local lawyer offices. We are looking for people interest to promote our project, with the guarantee of good commissions based on referrals. I will be happy to meet you personally in Hangzhou, and discuss further details. Best regards, Luis Lamarosa www.yibilia.com info@yibilia.com
  20. Hello! We are looking for an energetic and motivated teacher to cover for 3 weeks, beginning on the 5th of April. Schedule is as follows: Saturday 10:10-13:50 Sunday 12:10-17:30 Monday 16:00-17:40 Wage is 300RMB/1.5 hour. We are located at the crossing of Baochu Road and TianMuShan Road. If you are interested, please contact Laura at 15988800745 We hope to hear from you soon.
  21. This is a first for downtown Hangzhou. Top International comedians playing a show at Cicada Bar on Shuguang Lu (next to You To Bar) on the Saturday 22nd March, 8pm. This month's comedy show is headlined by an up and coming funnyman on the US circuit who's just fresh from a world tour with top comic Russell Peters, comedian, TV and movie actor Ruben Paul Who's Ruben Paul? He's taking the US audiences by storm, winning Comedy Centrals Best New Stand Up award. With television appearances that include Comedy Central,”The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”, “Lopez Tonight”, Showtime Network’s Special“Russell Peters Presents”, B.E.T’s “Comic View”, and “Comics Unleashed”, to name but a few.. Ruben has toured extensively and collaborated with Jamie Foxx, George Lopez, Cedric The Entertainer, and most recently Russell Peters on his record breaking “Notorious World Tour”. The “Notorious World Tour” gave him the opportunity to perform live for thousands of fans in sold out arenas, which helped Ruben broaden his own audience in the U.S. and Internationally. With Ruben will be... Turner Sparks Currently a regular performer at Shanghai’s Kung Fu Komedy Club, Sparks has performed hundreds of shows throughout Asia and the United States, most recently being awarded 2nd Runner Up in the 2012 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition. Andy Curtain After a year of fapping about, he founded Kung Fu Komedy, now China’s one and only full-time comedy club.Over the last 2 years he’s toured through 8 cities in China, along with gigs in HK, Melbourne, Seoul and the US. In touring through the mainland he opened for Des Bishop, Jimmy Shubert, Ruben Paul, Paul Ogata, Joe Klocek and Butch Bradley. Get You tickets NOW! The last comedy show in Binjiang was a sell-out and tickets will go fast for this one, if your interested it's 130RMB if you reserve by emailing gav@kungfukomedy.com or texting 139 6718 6542 and 160RMB on the door....look forward to seeing you there. Group Discount 5 for 4 We've also got a group discount this time which means if you buy four tickets we'll give you a fifth for FREE! NOTE-The group discount only applies to booking made before the show and is not available on the day/night of the show...sorry:-( Watch this video It's become the best night of the month at Shares Bar in Binjiang, check out this video to see why.... http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjQ1MjA5NjUy If you want to reserve a ticket, please drop me an email at gav@kungfukomedy.com. Cheers
  22. Job Title: Marketing manager assistant of Australia Investment Group, LinxRoyal Members' Club, Hangzhou Requirement: Male foreigner with good English speaking skill and Conversationallevel of Chinese Has a visa Knows his way around Hangzhou Interested in working in the Chinese high-end market Office Working hours: 2pm-10pm ( adjustable for interns andstudents) Job description: Publicize the brand by working with local magazines andnewspapers Assist on social media networking go to business meetings with our partners like Porsche and AstonMartin dealers and other big corporates around Hangzhou. Benefits: Accommodation in downtown near the Hangzhou Tower provided Payment: Around ¥5000~6000 [please send me private message for contact information] www.ancinvestmentgroup.com www.linxshanghai.com
  23. Research Assistant Internship The Bay Area Council is a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization for the nine-county Bay Area based in San Francisco, California. The Council proactively advocates for a strong economy, a vital business environment, and a better quality of life for everyone who lives in the California Bay Area and cross border trade for US and China. Founded in 1945, as a way for the region’s business community and like-minded individuals to concentrate and coordinate their efforts, the Bay Area Council is widely respected by elected officials, policy makers and community leaders as the regional voice of business in the Bay Area. Since 2006, the Bay Area Council has been actively growing partnerships and relationships between public and private sector leaders in the Bay Area and the Greater Yangtze Delta regions. Through our China offices, Council staff members both in the Bay Area and Shanghai help small, medium and large Bay Area businesses expand into the Chinese market, while working to attract Chinese businesses and investment to CA. The Bay Area Council Hangzhou and Shanghai Offices are now seeking self-motivated individuals who are willing to devote to strong connection between the California Bay Area and China. POSITION TYPE: Paid part-time internship WORKING SITE: Hangzhou office address: Room 1101, Unit 5, Building 6, 1500 West Wenyi Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 310023 浙江省杭州市余杭区文一西路1500号6号楼5单元1101 OR Shanghai office address: 333 Song Hu Road, 9/F, Suite 905-907, Shanghai, China 200433 上海市杨浦区淞沪路333号9楼905-907 DURATION: At least 3 months RESPONSIBILITIES: · Office administration & operation work, including but not limited to document editing, input, printing & filing, travel arrangements, answering phone calls; · Provide administrative support for meetings, events, and delegation trips; · Conduct bilingual (Chinese to English and English to Chinese) translation work for documents and research materials; · Information research and other assignments. REQUIREMENTS: · Willing to work under pressure and in a professional manner; · Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); · Knowledgeable and proficient in use of social media (Sina Weibo, Wexin, Renren); · Have passion to the work and easy-going, friendly personality; · English proficiency (spoken and written) required If you are interested in this position, please submit your CV/Resume in both English and Chinese to Stella Zhu at szhu@bayareacouncil.org with the internship title listed in the subject line of the email. Internship Description - Bay Area Council.pdf