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Found 63 results

  1. Dear All, Beautiful Apartment in Hangzhou, Binjiang area is available! 42.98 loft apartment, CNY5500 per month, no agency fee as I am landlord. kindly add my wechat [please send me private message for my contact information] if you need further information. look forward to hearing from you!
  2. This is a single service apartment in Hangzhou for rent. Size is 49 sqm. It is a studio. Monthly price is 6800 minimum 6500rmb/ month. In Hangzhou(Hangzhou Impress) is located at the crossing of Wen Tao Road and Jiang Hui Road. It is located in the CBD of Binjiang District. Gemini, Sunyard, and other modern offices are nearby. This apartment has a fantastic view of the river. It is bright and brand new with full set furniture and famous brand electric appliances. The location of the apartment is about 5 minutes walking distance to Metro Station and Binjiang Government. If you are interested, please contact me by sending me private message for contact info.
  3. Hi there. I'm Maria. It's just 3 weeks since I left Russia, settled in Hangzhou and started to work in a Binjiang Montessori kindergarten. I'm looking for friends and possibly a part-time job. I'm 36. Besides teaching I'm very much into baking, travelling and jogging. So if you are feelong a bit lonely and would like to share your impressions about this beautiful city with somebody else, you are welcome. I'm glad to be here!
  4. Hi all! Me and my husband are Dutch born Chinese and will be arriving with our two kids in May. We are looking forward to our new life in Hangzhou (Binjiang, HIS-area) but also a bit nervous cause our Mandarin Chinese is just so-so! We speak Dutch, English, Cantonese Chinese, German and also some French (for the past few years we have been living in Suisse Romande). I hope to meet some of you guys/gals, especially families with kids, and make the most out of our time in China. So long now!
  5. Shannonmac1977

    Binjiang F&B

    Hey folks, I’m living in Binjiang and feeling the F&B fade for finding decent options. It seems like many places are few and far between AND either open at 6 or 7pm or are closing - Ie: Shares Bar and Outback at Powerlong. If anyone knows some gems, please do share! I’m a 9-5 working type so would normally like an after work bite and a pint before going home or a weekend brunch type place. Blue Frog at Tian Jie seems like the winning option at the moment. They are probably getting tired of seeing me.
  6. Rainbow International Kindergarten We are an International kindergarten in Binjiang District of Hangzhou and we are looking for more home room teachers to join the team. We are expanding the amount of classes we have next semester. The school is located in a beautiful area of the city and is very convenient for living, shopping and seeing the iconic locations of the city, such as West Lake. Start Date: September 2018 Responsibilities: Students are 2-5 years old and you will work closely with 2 coteachers and a life teacher to plan and carry out lessons. That's four teachers (one English, one Chinese, one bilingual, and one life teacher) per class. Classes are capped at 25 students. This position is different from an English academy or training center as it is not class after class after class of English lessons. Rather, you will stay with the students all day, teaching the children English based on their needs or the activity and reinforce the daily routine using English. You will be in charge of the English class (once per day) and developing the thematic curriculum with the other teachers and give that lesson (also once per day). There is also PE, a special classes(art, music, cooking, math, etc), and outdoor play time each day. Curriculum planning, lesson plans, materials creation, morning greetings and periodic observations of the children's English ability are also part of your job responsibilities. Requirements: Native And Non native Teachers welcome based on accent. Teacher must have 2 years of relevant teaching experience, a bachelor's degree or higher, and have a tefl/tesol certification (120 hours) to be eligible to apply. Kindergarten experience, experience teaching young children, or a degree related to education or child development is strongly preferred. Must be able to provide paperwork for the working visa application. Benefits: *PAY 13,000-20,000RMB per month based on qualifications such as teaching experience, education level, major, certifications, special talents, etc. *HOUSING A one room apartment will be provided for you or a housing stipend of 2000rmb will be provided per month if you choose to pick your own place. *Paid winter and summer vacation and Chinese National Holidays *Accident insurance provided *Flight reimbursement of 3000rmb given at end of contract Please send your resume, contact information and times you are available for an interview to: [please send me private message for my contact information]
  7. Hi ... I am looking for apartment 1br and kitchen in binjiang and near alibaba campu ... I have searched online for the same .. But, as per this forum the picture not of actual apartment .. Please let me know if there any apartment and my budget is 5k per month ...
  8. Big loft apartment (2 floors) for rent near Star Avenue (星光大道) in Binjiang district. Area is BinSheng Road/Jiang Han Road. 1 bed, huge couch, bathroom + kitchen etc all included. Very modern, was told the bathroom was recently renovated etc. Looks great. Great separated AC on both floors, huge walk-in closet etc. Television included, but perfect huge white wall for a projector. 6000RMB per month (not including management fee (+250), water (around 80?) and electricity (depends on usage)). Contract ends August 2018. Can also throw-in 100M unlimited internet connection for 1288RMB (11 months) Reason: Going abroad.
  9. ohyesali

    Singles night

    Join us for fun, games and buffet. You dont have to be single to mingle
  10. Hey guys, I'm leaving Hangzhou soon, selling an e-bike (bought in Nov 2016, but used 3-4 months only): 6 cells 72V battery speeds up to 60+ km/h black matte color charger, 2 keys, 2 padlocks, 2 classic rubber raincoats + some optional stuff as a gift (shall you need it): bike winter coat helmet XXL size (63-64 cm) manual pump Price: 2100 RMB Location: Binjiang, Star Avenue (星光大道) PM me or leave your contact details please! First come, first served :)
  11. Jamiemac

    Binjiang football team

    Hello to any footballers (soccer players) out there who live in the Binjiang area and would like to start up at team, me and my Scottish friend are both teachers,( he is a football coach). We are both fairly decent. we are desperate to get a little kick around going so let me know if your interested. Everyone welcome .... :) [please send me private message for my contact information]
  12. Schedule : weekday afternoon/evenings or weekend Class size : 2-6 kids Students : 4-10 years old Starting Date : ASAP Job Requirements: 1. Native Speaker of English or Speak very Fluent English 2. One year or more teaching experience is highly preferred; 3. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate preferred . Payment: 200/hour or above based on qualifications and teaching experiences
  13. Seetal

    Kids Bicycle for Sale

    We have kids GIANT bicycle for sale 22" with gear. Please let me know if you are interested. you can contact me
  14. Hello, I am moving to the Binjiang district and am wondering if anyone can recommend me a nice gym nearby , preferably with a nice weight room and a steam/saunas/ showers. Also, is there any good supplement stores around in this area ? Thanks in advance !
  15. Austin Preiss

    Hangzhou Feedback ? Advice ?

    Hello, I am from USA(Colorado) and am looking to move to Hangzhou in February. I am wondering if anyone can give me feedback on their daily life here who are currently teaching . Would like to know more about food , nightlife , and making friends . Was it an easy place to adapt ? I am half Chinese half American and can speak a bit of Chinese but have never moved outside the states. I will only be teaching 15 hours a week so I will have a lot of free time . Also, is Binjiang a good area to live in ? That's where my school is located but I'm currently looking for apartments in a good location where I can find many things to do. Thx in advance for your feedback . Also , I would love to connect with any new ppl on WeChat to make some friends prior to my arrival ;)
  16. Hi all, [SELL] - I am selling my Philips vacuum cleaner for 200 RMB - I bought it 3 months ago for 450 RMB, it is almost new - Guarantee is available - including accessory - no filters needed - I live in Binjiang but I can deliver it to you Please contact me if you are interested.
  17. I've been in Hangzhou for a month now. Still adjusting. Still cannot use a cab, alipay, baidu maps, and taobao. Help! is there a good yoga place in Binjiang?
  18. Hi All I have an apartment in Binjiang, next to the Subway station close to star avenue, can Rent for short term, 2-3 month, NO AGENCY FEE contact me if you interested. Price negotiable according to the lease term.
  19. Position title: ESL Teacher in Binjiang District (close to the Jiangling RD metro station) Schedule : week day late afternoon/evening or Weekend Class size : 4-6 Students : 7 – 12 years old Starting Date : ASAP Job Requirements: 1. Native Speaker of English 2. One year or more teaching experience is highly preferred; 3. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate preferred . Payment: 200 - 300/hour based on qualifications and teaching experiences [please send me private message for my contact information]
  20. Good teachers for kids; weekday afternoon from 4-6; at least 1 year; Binjiang near 西兴; well paid and bonus
  21. I just moved to Hangzhou and need to find a 2 bedroom apartment close to Alibaba's Binjiang campus, near Binhe road metro station. My budget is RMB 3,500 per month and I'd like to move in on the week of September 26. Reference: http://hz.zu.anjuke.com/fangyuan/1021573948.
  22. Dear all, -I am looking for a chinese language tutor in Binjiang. -Twice or three times per week in the evening. -From now until December. -I am a German native with fluent english skills working in Hangzhou in an international company. I am happy for anyone interested. Please contact me here or [please send me private message for my contact information] Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone! I'm moving to hangzhou from the states next week! I am so excited, and am really hoping to get into a good groove the first week. I will be living in the Binjiang district near the Hangzhou International School and am looking for a clean gym with free weights, weight machines, cardio options, a lap pool, and fitness classes (Zumba, kickboxing, strength classes, etc). I'd love to hear your feedback!
  24. Alexander

    Brand new fast city bicycle

    Selling awesome solid, nice and shiny bicycle in Binjiang. - Ran only 10km, realised, that It's a bit small for me (I'm 180cm tall), that's why I'm selling. Other than that it's perfect. - Very light, getting high speed really fast. 7 speed. Stylish and fashionable :) - Changed back tire for a proper slick "michelin", faster and more reliable. Also tightened all fasteners, regulated gear change, oiled chain and transmission. A bit sad to sell it, hope it'll find the good owner, who'll understand the quality. Price is 700 RMB, can be discussed right at bike.