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Found 31 results

  1. Vladimir Stefanovic

    Ping pong table.

    Used it only four times. Bought for 699, selling for 499. Comes with a net. Collapsible and movable. Standard dimensions, as seen on the picture from Baopals, where I purchased it from. Location - GONGSHU, not far from Gongchen bridge. Selling it because my community has several tables, that can be used for free. You can come and see it. I'd say that it would be best having it shipped to your place. Price negotiable, PM.
  2. Hi, I am looking for Sports Clubs/Academies and also Sports Companies who might be interested in entering a mutually beneficial agreement coaching sports in our school facilities. To start in September 2018 as after school activities for children. Different ages, gender and several groups. Ballet, Gymnastics, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Handball, Badminton, etc.... Please, Private message if you are interested. have a good day
  3. Hello helloo everyone! Since one month I live in the Sandunzhen area. Even though it's quite far away from the city centre, I really enjoy life over here. It's a very convenient place. The two things I do miss though, are: 1) Hiphopclasses. Wauw, I really want to practice my passion again. I miss it so much. So my question is: Does anyone know a good danceschool/dance centre were they teach Hiphop lessons? (or something simular). This can be in the whole city actually (not Sandunzhen area perse), since I'm quite desperate to find one haha. 2) Expats. I have the feeling that I'm the only international who's living in this area, so my second question is: Are there some expats in this area who would like to meet and hang out some day? Thank you so much for the tips, I really appreciate it
  4. I am Jon Kasimov, 27, and I will be starting my PhD at Zhejiang University this September. Since most of you guys have already experienced the ups and downs of living, working and studying in Hangzhou, I guess it would be wise to ask for your advice and suggestions. Can you guys please share some of your thoughts on living and studying in Hangzhou? I would very much appreciate your time and efforts and I do look forward to meeting you and becoming an active member of Hangzhou Expats group. Thanks very much.
  5. Capoeira is more fun with friends! Bring a friend this Sunday (June 11th) to try capoeira for FREE. This will be a tailor-made first-timer experience class, that will include Afro-Brazilian music, basic capoeira movements and interaction with a partner. TIME: June, 11th (Sun) from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. VENUE: Fengqi rd. 361, Guodu Commercial Building, 21F, use East Elevator (left side), room 2101. Subway: Fengqi rd, exit A1, five minutes walking, close to Fengqi rd. and Zhongshan rd. intersection, entrance from Guodu Community (国都小区). = Capoeira FAQ = Q: WHAT IS CAPOEIRA? A: Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music. It was created in Brazil mainly by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences, probably beginning in the 16th century. It is known by quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps. Try also searching YouTube for capoeira roda or just capoeira :)          Q: WHAT IF I AM NOT FLEXIBLE OR NOT IN BEST PHYSICAL CONDITION? Don’t let this discourage you! Capoeira is for everyone!!! Young or old, short or tall, girl or boy! Of course, the more you train, the faster you will see results! We start by teaching you the basic movements and you take it from there. Q: I HAVE NEVER TAKEN ANY TYPE OF MARTIAL ART OR DANCE CLASS. CAN I STILL TRY CAPOEIRA? A: Capoeira does not require that you have prior experience on any type of physical activity! Q: WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? For your first class, comfortable workout wear is fine. Should you decide to sign-up, we have uniforms available for purchase. Any questions? Contact me via PM.
  6. Rorsistance

    February @ Wade's

    Check out the specials and promotions at Wade's Bar & Grill (Wulin & Wensan) for the month of March. Cheers.
  7. LondonJay

    Hi guys

    Hi everyone, I am Jay from London, been in HZ for a long time, but have decided I want to get into playing some sports, preferably football(soccer) I use to play at a decent level in my younger years, but now just want to play for fun and exercise, does anyone know of anywhere or anybody who could help, thanks, have a great day all.
  8. Full-time footaball coach postion opening in a primary school of jiaxing Duty: plan and organize physical education and football course, sports event Chinese coaches training English lesson and assess students' work involve in extra-curriculum activities schedule : standard teaching hours 20 per week, 2 hours of English corner activities per month Salary: basically 10000 RMB/ month , travel bonus , flight fare reimbursement We offer Z-visa , free lodging and Chinese lesson (optional ) Interested candidate [please send me private message for my contact information]
  9. Anuschka

    New to Hangzhou

    Hello everyone, my name is Anuschka and I'm a 25 year old medical student from Germany and just moved to Hangzhou in the end of August for an internship. After my vacation time in Beijing, I'm now looking forward to getting to know people in Hangzhou. Is there certain bars or cafés where a lot of expats usually hang out or does anyone want to meet for a coffee or so?
  10. ZedSharif

    Playing Squash weekly

    Dear Hangzhou Expats, I am moving to Hangzhou this fall, 2nd week of Sept, and planning to stay 3-4 years to do my PhD. I have searched around different forums for sports and other healthy activities, particularly squash. Most of the squash posts are almost an year old now which made me assume most of the players have settled into their routine and/or found good play mates. I would really like to start playing squash as soon as I am done with initial formalities. Please share your experiences and nearest courts to Yuquan campus and how regularly do you play. Thank You :)
  11. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

    Dear All, my name is Ling:) I was Born and raised up in HZ. About 14 years ago, I left HZ for college and have been away since then. After living in USA for about 7 years, I am moving back to HZ in Aug. I would like to make some new friends here, especially someone who are interested in soccer or slow-pitch softball :) In addition, I am licensed to practice law in China and the state of New York. Though my practice is focused on business transaction, I will be happy to do some pro bono work for those who are in need. [please send me private message for my contact information] Thank you! P.S. Is there any fan of Washington DC Nationals ? Lol
  12. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on a blockbuster movie production? Are you an expat with a creative mind, an eye for detail, and lots of energy? If so, you can begin your career in the film production industry while you’re here in china! An elite Hollywood production team is filming a high-end concept movie and is seeking creative minded individuals interested in careers in the fashion or film industry to work as interns on the set. The film features famous actors from China (Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Cao Kefan, Leo Wu), America (Chris Evans, Orlando Bloom, Amanda Seyfried), and Korea (Lee-Jung-jae) and is directed by Roger Donaldson (Bank Job, The November Man, and Species). Bliss Fashion is currently accepting resumes from high energy people, with an eye for detail and who would like to develop key skills in the Film and Fashion industries. The internship will be based in Shanghai and will begin this month (April, 2016) and continue until August, 2016. There are two main fields that interns can apply to work within: 1) Fashion Internship – working alongside professional fashion stylists assisting with campaign, and movie styling. 2) Production Interns – assisting producers in their tasks regarding logistics planning, and movie production, setting up backdrops and sets helping coordinate with extras and talent on the shoot. *Both internship divisions may be required on occasion to work as extras acting in the film. No prior experience in these industries is required, but it is certainly an asset in the selection process. A successful applicant would need to be able to fully commit their daily availability to be involved with the project for a set period of time (Note: the internships can begin later than April, but the busiest months when the majority of filming will be done will be from May to August). Experience with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is important. Most of all, an ability to work professionally, dedicated and do all you can to help the team succeed are required. This is a paid internship to cover the living costs throughout the course of the internship. The most talented, passionate and involved interns could be offered full time positions working for Bliss Fashion on future projects. If you are interested in this position and would like to apply, please send a CV (including professional profile photo) and cover letter, and, if you have one, a portfolio of creative works (photos of fashion creations, modeling shots, pictures from film or theater involvement, and other artistic and creative works) to us [please send me private message for my contact information] In the email please indicate * The position you wish to apply for * When you will be able to start the internship and how long you can commit to it * Where you are currently living in China (or abroad) *What type of visa you currently hold and when it will expire Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you on the set of The Dragon & Pheonix! All the best, The Foundya Team SMART CHASE_One Sheet_EN(1).pdf
  13. Hi! New student at Zheda and looking for a sports club or some kind of team to join on a weekly basis. Willing to learn pretty much any sport, but i'd prefer football (soccer).
  14. timothyz

    Soccer Game

    Hi, Guys, we have been organizing football games since last winter, now, we play every Monday night, please leave your contact if you are interested in the next game!
  15. Rorsistance

    Wade's Bar & Grill Soft Opening.

    Hangzhou expats: Come and check out the newest addition to Hangzhou's bar scene. Soft Opening 28th October from 6pm. 30% off all food and drinks. A fully decked out western style sports bar and grill with top quality food and drinks, English menus and service, a huge selection of fine whiskies and cocktails. Centrally located at 163 Wulin lu and just a short walk from the Fengqi metro line 1. Address: 3F 163 Wulin Lu. Cheers!
  16. Hash #176 is the Back to School Hash. Hashing is a social running and/or hiking trail event with some silly games. You can read more on our website http://www.hangzhou-hhh.org/?page_id=2. Saturday (12 September) afternoon meeting at 2:30pm about 1km N-W of the N-W corner of West Lake! Note the new autumn meeting time of 2:30pm. For this Hash event, think forested hills, scenic views, (somewhat) ancient ruins, picturesque parks, monuments and fragrant tea fields. All followed by a few drinks and frivolity (and an optional dinner together too). Walkers/Hikers and joggers/runners are all welcome. At the end of the trail (back at the start point at about 5.30 or 6pm), we expect all participants to stay for 30 - 45 minutes of fun and games (drinking and some singing - but you don't have to drink beer, if you don't want to). After that, it's up to you if you want to stay for the jolly group Bash (dinner). We do hope most people stay for the dinner. Hashes are on whether it is raining or dry, so bring a change of clothes (and maybe shoes too, if it has been raining a lot during the week before). You can leave a bag at the start point. The Hares (aka trail setters) tell me that they have another awesome Hash trail planned featuring scenic and cultural sites you might never encounter on your own. Send us an email and we will send you the full details of this week's HZH3 Hash meeting location in our current HZH3 Newsletter. HZH3 Email Address: mismanagement [AT] hangzhou-hhh [DOT] org (NOTE: That's .ORG, not .COM) On! On! HZH3 On-Sec
  17. Andy_swede

    Newbie in HZ

    Hello all! I'm new in Hangzhou, been living here for two weeks. In fact I'm so new that I really don't know what's the proper name of my area, but I can tell you, it's not the slick areas with champagne and caviar at least. Dong dong was it called by a fellow colleague? (Close to the work trade off.) My name is Andreas, I'm from Sweden, I'm 37 years old and I work as a engineer here. I'll be here for at least 3 month. I've been doing pretty much all hard labours you can imagine before I finally grew out of the beer drunken haze and got myself a masters degree in science. I still like a good party and rock'n'roll though. I play table tennis, badminton and tennis so if any of you is lacking a companion, please let me know. I like hiking, racing, technology, quantum physics, motorcycles... blabla. I have too many interests! I pretend that I can play guitar, but I imagine that eventually, one day, I'll have to stop pretending. Anyway, just wanted to say hello to you all!
  18. Andy_swede

    Table tennis, badminton or tennis

    Hi! I'm new in Hangzhou. Been living here for a week. From what I've (not) heard at my work noone knows where one can play som ball sports like table tennis, badminton and tennis. I live in the Jianggan disctrict and would like to find some people to play with for fun. Especially table tennis shouldn't be that hard... It's China for heavens sake. If anyone have any suggestions I would thankfully recieve them. BR/ Andy
  19. Hi everyone, I hope to see you this summer for a few beverages! Some random questions for current residents of HZ: - Is there much smog there lately? If so, is it an issue? - I'm used to being on the water. Any opportunities to go sailing or paddling (kayak or canoe)? Cheers, and thanks in advance for any input! Em
  20. Football Coach in Hangzhou,China Hangzhou SBC. Job description Hangzhou SBC is a premier football coaching company in Hangzhou. We coach children from 6-18 years old and adults. Our professional coaches offer training and competitive match opportunities as well as the opportunity to join our football academy system. Applicants must hold at least a Level 2 football coaching qualification and preferably have at least 2 years coaching experience preferred. Coaches who join our team must sufficient experience and a suitable personality to work with younger children focusing on skill acquisition through fun games. Coaches must also have sufficient technical knowledge to work with kids aged 10-16 in our academy style programs. Applicants must be reliable, honest as well as having excellent organizational skills and be willing to work weekends. Our coaches are given the responsibility to train and manage our teams. This position offers potential applicants the opportunity to work in an exciting city for a company whose football programs continue to grow. Hangzhou SBC offers full support for employees arriving in and adjusting to life in China. As the company continues to grow Hangzhou SBC offers opportunities for personal and career development for the right employee. Education Requirements Level 2 football coaching qualification with Child safe guarding and Basic First Aid preferred. Preferred area of study Sports Further Information Location Hangzhou ,China, Salary depending on experience Working Hours Full time and part times positions available. Must complete CRB check prior to joining as the job requires working with children. Please e mail your CV and a brief personal introduction detailing your experience and qualifications obtained to the e mail address provided below. Email: Hangzhousbc@outlook.com Telephone 13750864529 9-5pm only#
  21. Rorsistance

    September @ Vineyard Hangzhou.

    Happy Hour 4PM–8PM EVERYDAY! Cocktail Buy One Get One Free, Huge Cocktail 50RMB. House Wine 25RMB/Glass, Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint, Heineken Draft 30RMB/Pint, 7th Sep Brazilian Day!Caipirinha 25RMB 16th Sep "Grito de Dolores" Mexican Day! All Fajitas,Burritos,Nachos 20% OFF! Corona 20RMB,Jose Cuervo 10RMB! 27th Sep AFL Grandfinal! Aus Burger,Aus Pizza,Parma 20% OFF! Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint, Heineken Draft 30RMB/Pint, MONDAY All Hamburger 30% off exclude Beef slider, Buffalo Chicken Wing,Magners,USA beer 20% off. TUESDAY All Pizza 30% off, All Pasta 20% off. House Wine 25RMB/Glass or 135RMB/Bottle, Tiger Draft 20RMB,Heineken Draft 30RMB. WEDNESDAY All Parma,Sandwiches 20% off. After 8PM All Mojito,Margarita 30RMB, House Wine 25RMB/Glass or 135RMB/Bottle, THURSDAY All Fajitas 30% off, Burritos,Wraps 20% off. After 8PM All Martini,Daiquiri 30RMB. Tiger Draft 20RMB,Heineken Draft 30RMB. FRIDAY, SATURDAY& SUNDAY Huge cocktail 55RMB, Italy Tiramisu 35RMB All Shots 10RMB exclude B-52.
  22. Hey guys It’s nice too meet so many foreign residents here. My friends and I are students of high schools and we really want to have a friendly soccer game with you. No matter how well you play soccer, we sincerely invite you to join the event. We are students interested in soccer rather than professional players. Therefore, the purpose of such event is to have some fun and get a great experience with people from different places. Hope we can make friends~. Besides if you are interested in getting more information about Hangzhou, you can also contact me and have some conversations. The time of the event depends on you guys’ schedule and we will pick a proper time for all players. We plan to have the game in Hangzhou gym on Tiyuchang Road. The soccer field’s condition is good and its size is for games of five to ten people each team. We will make everything settled and you needn’t worry anything I believe. If you are interested in the games, please tell us by replying or contact me.
  23. Hi everyone. relatively new to hangzhou and was wondering if anyone knows a good sports pub here to watch the English Premier League this weekend. Cheers!
  24. hadad

    Gym Equipment for Sale

    Hey there, Moving to Shanghai and I have couple of items to sell before I move out. If I had space in my apartment in Shanghai, I'd definitely bring it with me, however, that's not the case. If you're also like me and had enough of the disgusting and/or ridiculously expensive gyms of Hangzhou, this equipment is a good option. I'll basically give it to the highest bidder, although I've bought it for 2800 RMB about 7 months ago. I'll trow in some dumbbells, barbells, yoga mat etc as well. I'm living in Shan Shui Ren Jia, we can arrange some sort of delivery. Cheers, A
  25. Are there any good places to play sports? I've heard a lot about places that can be rented, but I was wondering if there are any open, free soccer fields (indoor or outdoor) or basketball courts, just for shooting around and dicking around? Also, are there any soccer or basketball club teams or house leagues in Hangzhou? Lacrosse probably hasn't made it this far out here, but any lax players on here? I'd be down to toss around and rip some twine.