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Found 3 results

  1. The SERVICE

    Black Salt- a short action film

    I am currently promoting an up and coming short film which in turn we can create a series of feature films. Pre-ordering the short film comes with special perks so check out the preview using the link below and enjoy. Genre: Action / Thriller / Espionage / Martial Arts Rating: PG-13 to capture a wider target market. Log Line: With time winding down towards world-ending devastation, the fate of mankind rests in the hands of one man. Synopsis: Black Salt is a live-action short film project based on a critically acclaimed comic book franchise. With only four days left the clock ticks down towards a new world holocaust. The only thing standing in its path is Interpol’s deadliest black-ops agent, Samuel Tharpe. Sam hunts down the path of a game-changing weapon of mass destruction called the Exterminatus. He follows hot on its trail deep into the ancient land of China where he must seek aid from the Abbot at the Shaolin Temple. An evil Yakuza master stole the Exterminatus and seeks to use it in the East. Sam must prove his worthiness by fighting one of the Temple’s most skilled monks. Prepared to lay down his own life in exchange for the lives of his family and the world, Sam steps forward and engages in combat. Only his long-past training by the Shaolin master, Yu Bai Shek will make him a worthy hero. Ratti Entertainment LLC's goal is to market and promote the short film as if it were a major feature film release and more importantly, to implement the Distrify distribution platform to monetize the Black Salt short film. This will be accomplished through internet marketing, submission to 60 major film festivals, video on demand distribution and setting up as many online affiliate distributors by embedding our film trailer (and shop) on as many websites, blogs, forums and social networks. Secondly, as we promote the short film, the Company will simultaneously push the digital comic book series/graphic novel and the apparel line to establish the project as a bankable intellectual property. The Black Salt franchise includes, but is not limited to, the following: Black Salt collectible items, Apparel Line, Comic Books, Trading Cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video Games and Feature Film Trilogy. Finally, the short film is a precursor to the Black Salt feature film. In closing, the important point to remember about this project is that we have set this up as a series of cross-promotional campaigns. This simply means that upon the growth of popularity in one of the Black Salt brand product areas; it will crossover to other areas which will generate a huge buzz. This will also attract more customers to our products, sponsors to our brand, investors to our business model and actors to the film. Next the Company's second goal is to sell 50,000 to 100,000 Video On Demand (VOD) downloads. If we can accomplish these numbers it could revolutionize the current distribution model and the major studios would no longer have control over filmmakers, who could finally make some money on their projects. This project was made possible by our fans through our Indiegogo campaign. This was the first phase of our distribution model to monetize the Black Salt short film. 类型:动作/ 恐怖/ 侦查/武术 级别:PG-13为了捕捉到更广阔的目标市场。 日志行:随着时间的推移逐步减少对世界无休止的破坏,人类的命运掌握在一个人的手中。 剧情简介:黑盐是一种基于广受好评的漫画书特许真人短片项目。 随着时间的飞逝,离一个新的世界大屠杀只剩下四天。而国际刑警组织的致命黑OPS剂,塞缪尔THARPE是他道路上的绊脚石. 山姆利用一种叫Exterminatus的大规模杀伤性武器来追捕,以此改变了游戏的规则。他根据仅有的线索深入到古老中国,在那里,他必须向少林主持寻求帮助。一个邪恶的黑道高手偷走了Exterminatus,并想法设法的在东方世界使用它。山姆为了证明他自己,必须和战斗神殿的最熟练的僧侣之一交手。为了能够获得他家人的平安和世界的和平,山姆勇往直前,积极投入战斗中,把自己的生死置之度外。只有长期以往培训他的少林大师谷百石才能使他成为一个当之无愧的英雄。 Ratti娱乐公司的目标是宣传及推广短片,它就好像是一个主要的电影发行,更重要的是,通过实施Distrify的分销平台来赚取黑盐短片的利润。这将通过网络营销,提供60个主要电影节,视频点播分发,并在尽可能多的网站,博客,论坛和社会网络嵌入我们的电影预告片(和店)设立尽可能多的网络联盟分销商来完成。其次,我们在推广短片的同时,本公司还会同时推动数字漫画书系列/图画小说和服装系列,建立起一人有利可图的知识产权项目. 黑盐的专营权包括,但不限于以下内容:黑盐的珍藏品,服装系列,漫画书,交易卡,玩具,动画系列,视频游戏和电影三部曲。最后,就是以短片为先导的故事片。 最后,这个项目最主要的一点就是,我们已经设置此为一系列的交叉推广活动。这就意味着,在普及黑盐品牌的产品中,只要有一个领域的增长;它就会产生胡峰效应,从而影响其他领域。同时我们的产品将会吸引更多的顾客,我们的电影也会吸引更多的赞助商,投资者。公司的下个目标是销售50,000到100,000视频点播(VOD)下载。如果我们能做到实现这个目标,它可以彻底改变当前的分布模型,而一直被主要电影公司控制的制片人,最终也能够在他们自己的项目中赚取收益。该项目是通过我们粉丝来进行Indiegogo运动。这是我们黑盐短片赚钱的分销模式的第一阶段 请点击这里以进一步了解我们的项目。 click here to visit our project on: http://muvi.es/w5891 © 2014 Ratti Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  2. Here is some pre visual footage of alternate scene to one of my film projects. Everything is still in preproduction and looking for investors, producers, etc... In the meantime, We hope you enjoy this video. Youku Viewers: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XOTY0Njc1MzQ4.html?from=y1.7-2 Youtube Viewers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie9Lqfwxp0w
  3. This reel is from one of the film projects I was working on in the United States. In this film I am one of the villains and I'm also the action choreographer. We are hoping to continue filming again during the summer of 2014. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjM5MTQxODQ0.html To all film makers: If you would like for me to help with your film project's action scenes, actor/actress combat training, stunt coordination, etc... feel free to contact me by email: the_service@hotmail.com Also, you should view my actor's profile: https://www.stage32.com/profile/59609/jason-cardona which gives you a more detailed explanation of who I am and what I do. Sincerely, Jason Cardona The SERVICE Owner/Operator