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Found 9 results

  1. Jasmin Pan

    new in town

    I moved to Hangzhou last month, after living in Shanghai for 5 years I am looking for ppl like to meet up for food and drinks. looking forward to meet
  2. Confused

    Recommendations for bars

    Hi, we will be in Hangzhou from weeknights and wanted to see if there are any recommendations for some good chill bars. Live music would be great but chill lounge and bar would be okay as well. Thanks in advance.
  3. The College

    The College begins

    We are The College, a sports bar and restaurant located on Yugu Lu close to the main University gate. The owners and management are a partnership of locals (from Anhui) and foreigners (New Zealand) who have been friends and working together for over a decade in Shanghai. We come to Hangzhou as we see it as a great time and place to start a business of our own after the corporate rat race that was our training ground in Shanghai. We hope that old, new, local & foreign residents can come and check out our venue; especially if they want to watch some sports. So this is just a bit of background and an open invite to one and all in Hangzhou. So far we have been open just over 2 weeks but the offical opening celebration will be on Saturday October 22nd with a free BBQ beginning around 4pm in the afternoon. Later in the night, we will have some "college games" like keg stands, beer pong and such downstairs, LIVE rock'n'roll on the 2nd floor and 25 rmb killer martini's at the 3rd floor penthouse bar ;) Regards The College Team.
  4. dabrownbandit

    G20 Bars/Clubs/Restaurants

    I went down to Midtown Brewery Yesterday and the manager informed me that they'll stay open until the 27th of this month. Then after the 27th until the 9th only guests will be permitted to go to the or use the other restaurants/bars located in the Shangri-la Hotel. Until the 27th they close at 2 on the weekends but I forgot the weekday time before I jotted it down lol - but i think she said like 1230 Also, Wades mentioned to me on the same day (8/15) that they'll be closing on the last week of August and will reopen about a few days after the conference is finish like most places but I wasnt given an exact date for either as they were unsure themselves. Also they will remain open until 1 everynight until then. If anyone else has any Firsthand knowledge (Not Word of Mouth Baloney, lol) about the exact dates and times when certain bars/clubs/restaurants are closing. Please post it here for all to know. That way misinformed rumors arent spread about whats actually open and whats not!
  5. JoseVentura

    I'm a drummer

    Howzit I'm from South Africa and am looking to stay in this beautiful city -Hangzhou. Am 30 years old and have been playing drums for about 3 years. I can read music and prefer to do cover songs. I like all types of music, can even play the double bass pedal. I leave soon if nothing comes up, but maybe you can change that! Peace José Ventura
  6. The basic question is whether there exists in Hangzhou a karaoke bar that basically has a single stage and is for people who 1) like singing music or watching people sing music (at least when drunk) 2) possibly want to meet people they didn't come to the bar with 3) aren't looking for girls who are paid to be there I remember when moving to Asia one of my friends said "oh it'll be great for partying they love karaoke there" but the idea of a private room for karaoke is strange to me (I don't know many people in Hangzhou, but even if I did, I'd still rather party in an open-bar situation than rent a private room in 95% of situations), and of course if you mention karaoke/KTV to many Chinese, they'll think you're looking for prostitutes or something similar... there's a "KTV" right near my apartment but it's not what I'm looking for... so yeah, looking for a karaoke bar that's more like a drinking hole where everyone gets up to sing drunkenly in front of strangers and nobody is getting paid... here's hoping it exists, any tips are welcome.
  7. Hi everyone. relatively new to hangzhou and was wondering if anyone knows a good sports pub here to watch the English Premier League this weekend. Cheers!
  8. What's up, guys? My name is Kev, and I'm a native New Yorker heading to Hangzhou this summer for a finance internship. I'll be living in Xiacheng. What are some good bars and restaurants I should hit up while I'm here? Also any good places to work out and play sports? I play soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. I'd be down to meet up and play any of those. And finally, I've heard a lot of bad things about the air, water, and food quality in China. Any tips for living in Hangzhou?
  9. Hello, I am being offered a job in Hangzhou or Shanghai. So I am trying to get more feedback from what it's like to live in Hangzhou (rather than Shanghai). I have been in Shanghai before as a tourist and was really impressed by the city, but I guess living there would be a different experience. I have never been to Hangzhou, but read that it is a pleasant city, to visit, but what about living there ? So I would like to know what you, as expats, foreign students, etc. think about Hangzhou vs Shanghai ? I speak a bit of Mandarin (I can have very basic convesations) and still have a bit of time to progress before coming to China. But I can not read characters (yet). I wonder if life could be difficult in Hangzhou if I don't read the characters. Would it take a long time to learn the chinese characters to be able to direct myself in the city, read a card in a restaurant, etc ? Can you have a english navigation app on your phone ? I am also wondering how big is the expat community in Hangzhou ? I bet that the week-end that would be ok, but is it hard to find people to go out during the week ? Pros and cons of having a smaller expat community than in shanghai ? (people looking at you in the streets ?) How 's the night life in Hangzhou ? and is it only Thursday to Saturday ? What about people ? I heard and read that Shanghai people are very money driven, will chose their friends depending on what they do, where they live, what car they drive, etc... is that really true ? How is it in Hangzhou ? Is it easy to mix with locals, do many of the young (20-30) speak good english ? (cause my mandarin might not be enough to have a very long and interesting conversation). Would you say that life is much cheaper in Hangzhou than in Shanghai ? I am afraid that Shanghai might be quite expensive, but I understand that Hangzhou is not that cheap given that it is very touristic. How much would you pay for the rent in Hangzhou compared to Shanghai ? (for example 2 BR in good location) for a meal for a beer, Or living with the same standards, how much money would you think i would save if I live in Hangzhou rather than Shanghai ? How is the traffic in Hangzhou ? is it easy to move around ? are the bikes useful to move in central Hangzhou ? Would you recommende to live near the West lake ? it looks like all the action is taking place there, no ? And also, what do you think of both cities in general, re parks, outdoors, culture, etc ? Thank you very much for you help !!