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Found 26 results

  1. William Fang


    Hello, everyone. I am working in Hangzhou now. My Chinese name is Fang Xuewei and my English name is William Fang. I hope I can meet some friends all over the world in Hangzhou. I speak English. If you want to learn Chinese, I can help you too. I look forward to your reply.
  2. William Fang

    make friends

    Hello, everyone. I am working in Hangzhou now. My Chinese name is Fang Xuewei and my English name is William Fang. I hope I can meet some friends all over the world in Hangzhou. I speak English. If you want to learn Chinese, I can help you too. I look forward to your reply.
  3. 2018 China Panda Photo Official Cost: 1800 RMB/per≈ 264 usd/per paid directly to WestChinaGo, we will issue commercial invoice to you, and prepare healthy certificate for your secure reservation. WestChinaGo promise no overcharge, no hidden charge. Including: Entrance Fee Once of your life time picture taken with panda Golf car inside the facility Donation certificate and panda souvenir Reservation service fee Health certificate for panda picture Exclusion Transportation to/from Dujiangyan Panda Base Lunch Guide service,actually panda base staff speak fluent English,so no necessary to hire tour guide,at your discretion Personal expense Chartered Car —-Round Trip chartered car from chengdu to dujiangyan +Back trip Itinerary:From Chengdu to dujiangyan panda base,60 KM Hotel pickup and drop off service Tour NumberPrice Chartered Car for 1 Traveler115 USD/Person Chartered Car for 2 Travelers55 USD/Person Chartered Car for 3 Travelers40 USD/Person Chartered Car for 4 Travelers35 USD/Person Chartered Car for 5 Travelers30 USD/Person ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service www.WestChinaGo.com Address:1Building,1# DaYou Lane,,DongHuaMen St, JinJiang District,ChengDu.China 610015 Tel:+86-135-4089-3980 info@WestChinaGo.com
  4. Hey Hangzhou people! Akenz a North European Multi-brand store, located in GuoDa City Plaza, is having a sales promotion this weekend 17-20th. November! Drop by for some insane special prices and discover some of Europe's finest brands! AKENZ: 杭州市下城区延安路609号国大城市广场B1 - B1 No.609 Yan An Road,GuoDa City Plaza ,Xia Cheng District,Hangzhou
  5. Here is a guide (with pictures) for how to use the Chinese version of Uber. Additionally, the same advice here works for Didi APP as well with only a slightly different interface. Hope you guys find this convenient! Cheers! Jun Ming http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5MjI1MDc0Mg==&mid=2651559472&idx=4&sn=98fa186e1561ebff608b9e2078732997&chksm=bd5618298a21913fc34c17741cd4f6d0e2543b1b22bf084a8d507f16e31da2f652b2b23e3af0&mpshare=1&scene=2&srcid=1122PPTgkC2RckERaW7qcAtU&from=timeline&isappinstalled=0#wechat_redirect
  6. Ali Mpholo

    Newbie in Xiaoshan

    Hi guys I move to Xiaoshan last month from South Africa and have just recently joined the group. I work here as an English teacher. I am looking for a hairstylist who does dreadlocks on Xiaoshan, Binjiang or down town (around Fenqi). My wechat is AliMpholo, please let me know if you know of someone.
  7. Hey guys, check out this video. I think you guys would like it and find it useful. Exploring a food market with a local, and interviews with people in both English and Chinese. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y7MxKycXZU
  8. Are there any other international students here who aren't expatriates? I'm 15 turning 16 soon. I know this website is for expats but there aren't many websites for international students in Hangzhou (or China as an entirety) therefore I came here just to find out if anyone else is also in a similar situation as I am in. Message me if you're 13-19 and plan to study in Hangzhou or anywhere near the area. <3
  9. Biltong and droewors are one of the most popular snacks back in South Africa and other parts of Africa, not easily available here in China though. Due to home-sickness, I started making my own biltong last summer and it was surprisingly welcomed among expats in China. So here I am, a full-time and professional biltong maker, providing quality South African biltong and droewors to expats and Chinese who are open enough to trying preserved and dried raw beef. In terms of biltong, we have traditional and chilly flavours; each selling for 400 RMB/kg. Droewors is also available in traditional and chili flavours, each selling for 480 RMB/kg. All products are vacuum sealed and shipping excluded (15-20 RMB/KG depending on delivery location). Interested? Then please add our WeChat (130 9532 2170) or phone to order, or simply for more information. Please note, each batch needs approximately 5-7 days to dry and another 3-4 days to be shipped to you. We strongly suggest you get your order in advance because every time a new batch is hung it all quickly gets pre-sold.
  10. I've been on a hunt for Specialty Coffee ever since I landed in Shanghai. I've work in Hangzhou, China and I also plan to live in Hangzhou for a long period too. Does anyone have any idea where I can find an amazing coffee shop in Hangzhou or Shanghai? I've tried Maan's Coffee and even got their 1000gram bag, boy do I regret it; it's burnt like Starbucks. I'm also a trained barista by La Colombe and probably Counter Culture later on. I prefer light drip off and cortados. If any of you guys can recommend me a great cafe I would be delighted.
  11. This is an interim recruitment campaign for prospective examiners, who have the right to live and work in China, with a start date in April, May and June. Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing For more information, please visit: http://www.britishcouncil.cn/en/exams/ielts/contracted-examiner
  12. Freinet Education Centre would like to recruit 20 kids (from 4 to 12 years old) from G20 countries to participate the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival beginning on April 27th. The children will draw a picture and make an animated video together for Festival guests and national TV news stations. Before participating in this event, every child will be trained in drawing and animation skills at the Freinet School in April. If you are interested in having your child take part in this event, please contact us [please send me private message for my contact ionformation] The members include 19 individual countries—Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States—along with the European Union (EU).
  13. Hello Everyone, My name's Josh and like the titles says I need an additional foreign teacher at my training school just over Fuxing Bridge (4th) on the BinJiang side. We are hoping to hire an experienced teacher to start work full time after the end of Chinese New Year Holidays, although we might be able to arrange part-time work transitioning to full-time starting ASAP. I have copied some information about my school below and anyone who is interested please feel free to leave me a message. Good luck on your job searches! P.S. we are also always interviewing for qualified Chinese staff to fill positions in sales, management, marketing, and teaching so if you know anyone qualified referrals are always appreciated. Cheers, Josh About Our School Parade English was established in 2011 and currently enrolls 160 students, a 500% increase since the current leadership team took over in 2014. We have a strong team of Chinese and foreign management and staff working together to create an environment of growth, cooperation, support and respect. Students and parents are attracted to Parade’s special character and its effective, student-centered and lively curriculum. Parade English is located in Binjiang, Hangzhou, a thriving area of one of the most exciting and interesting cities in China. In addition to being the headquarters of internet giant Alibaba, Hangzhou is home to West Lake, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is also China’s most famous tea-growing region. Hangzhou has a large and active ex-pat population, creating a welcoming community for newcomers from abroad. Because of our growth and success, we now need an additional passionate and dedicated English teacher. That’s where you come in! Below is information about our generous benefits, and expectations for the position. We hope to find another teacher who loves teaching and will relish the experience of living in China as much as we do. We aim not to be a stop along the way, but instead to be a home where new and experienced teachers can contribute to creating the best possible experience for our students, parents and staff. If joining a tight-knit team committed to a high standard of learning is attractive to you, please contact me at the email address listed. Job description: 1. Maximum teaching hours a 22 per week, plus office hours 2. 2 full days off per week 3. Class size limited to a maximum of 12 students 4. Most students range in age from 3-14 5. All teaching materials, resources, curriculum and support provided Qualifications: Preferred 1. Bachelor’s degree 2. Native English Speaker 3. Teaching Experience 4. TESOL/TEFL/CELTA Certificate 5. Young learners or relevant teaching experience Salary and Benefits: *We offer a competitive salary range up to 11,000 RMB/ month plus a 1,500 RMB housing allowance. *Salary based on teaching experience and expertise. *Z working visa and Foreign Expert Certificate are sponsored by the school compliant with local laws. *A minimum of 22 paid holidays, including statutory and school holidays. *Accident and Medical insurance provided. *Contract completion and performance bonus. *Paid training prior to commencing teaching. *Overtime paid at 150 RMB per hour Documents for Application: 1. Current resume 2. A recent photo 3. Copy of passport date page 4. Copy of degree 5. Copy of TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certification 6. Copy of Residence Permit if currently in China Contact Josh Parro Foreign Director of Studies [please send me private message for my contact information]
  14. Okay so I was one of the unlucky "stupid too" ones that landed up with unethical agents called Maggie & Leo and Hangzhou Yuhang Little Doctor Art Kindergarten here in Linping. For 4 months I had endless problems with the Agents and the school owner Mrs Li. They played me like a yoyo regarding my working hours, wages, overtime, extra lesson for extra pay etc. Turns out they are best friends so no one really had any intention of assisting me and finding a solution. I have so much evidence of all their little games they played, ducking and diving and lie after lie for 4 months. Long story short I finally had enough after they breached the contract / working conditions over and over and owing me thousands they had the audacity to still try renegotiate a new contract with the conditions that I work more hours for less money. They used words like we know you love the children here so if you want to continue working here you MUST.........I refused. Then they brought in another foreigner teacher (same agent) to try intimidate me into accepting their new deal. Naturally, I refused and so I resigned handing them a 3 page letter listing all the employment conditions breached AND I was nice to give them 1 month notice. Well then the threats, intimidation etc. got even worse and the day after I resigned the "agent" Maggie fired me via text message. So here I am they threated to hurt me, cancel my visa, force me to leave China, and that the landlord will come take back my apartment bla bla bla. I'm still here and they still playing hide and seek. All I need is my money and a release letter and I'll be on my merry way but it seems in China it doesn't work this way. If anyone reading this has any advise or ideas what to do next please let me know. I'm quite happy to stay and play.
  15. iStudy-China

    Gap Year Adventure in China

    Are you tired with your current university life?How about taking a year off and spending it in China?Gap Year Adventure in China project offers following options: Mountain city – ChongqingUniversity: College in Chongqing Position: English Teacher Assistant (2 people) Duration: 6 months Salary and benefits: 2000CNY/month, free accommodation and Chinese lessons About the city: Chongqing (Chinese: 重庆) is a major city in Southwest China. Chongqing is perfect for thise fascinated with China's contemporary history as it has many historic war-time buildings and sites. The city's cuisine is a mix between Sichuanese and local dishes including dumplings and pickled vegetables. Chongqing has a semi-tropical climate with two-seasonal monsoon variations. The annual average temperature in Chongqing is 18°C. City of Springs – JinanUniversity: University in Shandong Position: Art Teacher Assistant (3 people, Art majors) Duration: 6-12 months Salary and benefits: 2500CNY/month, free accommodation and Chinese lessons About the city: Jinan (Chinese: 济南) is the capital of Shandong province in Eastern China. This area has played an important role in the history of the region and has evolved into a major economic hub.Jinan has its own cuisine, the Jinan style of the Lu cuisine whose main feature is the use of soup in its dishes. Jinan is reknown as the "City of Springs" because of the large number of natural artesian springs, many of which are concentrated in the downtown district. The city is also very rich in Buddhist culture and boasts famous Thousand-Buddha Cliff. UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site - Mountain HuangshanUniversity: University in Huangshan Position: Assistant (2 people, basic Chinese required) Duration: 4 months Salary and benefits: 2000-3000CNY/month, free accommodation and Chinese lessons About the city: Huangshan (Chinese: 黄山) is a prefecture-level city in southern Anhui province. Huangshan means Yellow Mountain in Chinese and the city is named after the famous Yellow Mountains which cover much of the city's landscape.The area is well known for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly shaped granite peaks, Huangshan Pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above. The mountains are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and are one of China's major tourist destinations. White dolphins and coconut trees - QinzhouUniversity: University in Qinzhou Position: English Teacher Assistant (2-6 people) Duration: 6 months Salary and benefits: 2000CNY/month, free accommodation and Chinese lessons About the city: Qinzhou (Chinese: 钦州) is a prefecture-level city in Guangxi. From the beginning of the present era, Qinzhou was for many centuries "the center of Chinese overland trade with Indo-China". Qinzhou has a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, with short, mild winters, and long, hot and humid summers. It is bordered by the capital city of the province, Nanning. Qinzhou is an all-year-round tourist destination. Between October and November you can spot flock of unique white dolphin at the Sanniang Bay. [please reply here or send me private message for contact information]
  16. Distance Education Courses Wushan TCM offers you direct access to online courses uploaded directly from China! Receive professional translations of Chinese medical textbooks and university lectures presented as interactive pre – recorded online lessons. Our high quality courses are based on teachings by Chinese medical university teachers on both bachelor and masters level. Tim Vukan The founder of Wushan TCM – Chinese medical network, is a certified Chinese medical practitioner who has been studying for more than 9 years at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou (China). Daily translations from Chinese textbooks, as well as a continuous practice in TCM clinics gave him a deep and comprehensive insight into the presence of TCM in mainland China. He is translating all online courses from Chinese into English and German. More information on http://www.wushantcm.com
  17. Wushan TCM Wushan TCM is a Chinese medicine network which is located in Hangzhou, (China). It was founded in 2008, near by the Wu Mountain in Hangzhou and already attracted many foreigners from all over the world who came to Hangzhou to attend in Chinese medicine courses and seminars. Wushan TCM is connecting Chinese medicine practitioners and students by offering Chinese medicine online courses to receive an authentic training in the theory and clinical field of Chinese health cultivation methods. More information on www.wushantcm.com
  18. Hi All, The JUMP! Foundation is looking to hire a Program Director for our China office in Hangzhou. The Program Director will be an enthusiastic and energetic, goal-orientated manager who will direct the programming and organizational responsibilities for JUMP’s programs in China. The Program Director will manage and supervise program staff in the delivery of high quality programming; effectively solve problems through individual initiative; accurately communicate with the JUMP Foundation’s multi-cultural and international partner base; and efficiently work as part of the total efforts of a small, dedicated team. As one of the main individuals managing operations, the Program Director will also work closely with the Executive Director to make sure tasks are organized and operational systems run smoothly. The Program Director will act as a partnership manager who plans, implements and coordinates programs with JUMP!’s partners in China. Lastly, the Program Director will act as a JUMP! Facilitator. JUMP! Facilitators are deeply committed agents of change and are recognized as individuals who bring diverse knowledge, extensive life experience and unique perspectives to facilitating experiential education programs. Enthusiastic and passionate about leadership and social development, JUMP! Facilitators foster an environment that inspires, empowers and engages youth to reach their full potential. Together, our team of JUMP! Facilitators deliver programs that spark personal development, strengthen a sense of community and increase global awareness of participants. RESPONSIBLITIES: The Program Director will have competence and flexibility in a variety of responsibilities, including, but not limited to: Program Responsibilities Facilitate experiential programs alongside team with partner schools and outdoor settings Approve program budgets and program pricing Direct the program development process (pre-program assessment, program design, post-program evaluations, etc.) Direct program management process and oversee execution of all programs in region Direct the management of existing partnerships in China region Oversee and direct JUMP!’s partnership management strategy Support in development of new partnerships Manage staffing of JUMP! Programs, including assigning Program Managers and Facilitators Direct partnership management, program management and program staff in a region Organizational Responsibilities Support in managing the day-to-day functions of the JUMP! Foundation Manage, mentor and support JUMP! Foundation staff, including: Partnership Development Manager, Program Managers and Interns Support in developing the organizational vision and growth strategy for JUMP! Support human resources process, including: hiring, contracts, training, leave & evaluations, professional development Support the management of the financial systems and accounting (e.g. invoices, payments, etc.) Create and manage annual budget, WFOE finances, forecasting for China Contribute to the overall effectiveness of JUMP! by offering creative and logistical support, ideas and feedback REQUIRED QUALITIES: Previous experience managing an organization / large team of people Significant experience living in China and a passion for China Masters degree or equivalent experience Deep understanding of the pedagogy of experiential education Teachers certificate or equivalent experiences 3+ years of experience managing and facilitating leadership / adventure programs for youth 3+ years of experience in designing and developing new programs Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Comfortable using collaborative online platforms (e.g. Box, Google Documents, Skype, etc.) and social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.) IDEAL QUALITIES: Previous management experience in a non-profit organization and possess understanding of non-profits and/or social enterprises Knowledgeable of China (and Asia, in general) Proficiency in Manadarin Previous experience working with youth Task-oriented and able to meet deadlines Resourceful and self-starting Open to personal and professional development Attention to detail and well-organized Ability to multi-task REPORTS TO: Executive Director SALARY RANGE: USD 25,000 - 33,000 (commensurate with experience) This position will be based out of JUMP!’s China Hub in Hangzhou, China. * All applicants will be asked to provide a criminal background check as part of the application process. To apply: http://jumpfoundation.org/careers/program-director-china/
  19. francesc00

    TOChina Business Program 2014

    TOChina Business Program about to start in Hangzhou 杭州, China (applications close the 21st of February) www.chinabusinessprogram.it Dear Friends and Colleagues, for those interested in learning how to do business in/with China, here is one of the best program you can find in all Europe. The TOChina Business Program is an intensive course taught by world-class professors of business, finance, marketing and law, who work at the forefront of their fields. The program will take place from 31st March to 10th May 2014 in Hangzhou 杭州, China. For the past 30 years entrepreneurs and managers from around the world have been engaging China mostly as a destination for investment and a global industrial hub, producing – or, more often, assembling – goods for export. In several key sectors that era is now over, and in many others it will be soon. China is fast becoming itself a prime global investor, and its increasingly mature market is a key driver of global growth. Those companies – and nations – which get in-sync the soonest with this new reality will make the stronger claim for a share of the next growth cycle. The TOChina Business Program is conceived to train those who seek success in this new phase. The CBP is promoted by the University of Torino (Department of Culture, Politics and Society) and the ESCP Europe business school (Torino Campus), in partnership with Zhejiang University (Center for Italian Studies) and the Torino World Affairs Institute. Here is a link to the program's website: http://www.chinabusinessprogram.it/ And here you can download the leaflet: http://bit.ly/1ksaH7V Applications close the 21st of February. Best Regards, Francesco Silvestri 费小龙 Resident Acting Director Center for Italian Studies, Zhejiang University 浙江大学人文学部意大利研究中心 Yuquan Campus, Building 11-504 浙江大学, 玉泉校区, 教学楼11-504 Zheda Road 38, Hangzhou (PRC) 浙大路38, 杭州 (中华人民共和国)
  20. Dear friends, If you can access YOUTUBE with a VPN account you can view some of my travel videos on Hangzhou on my YOUTUBE Channel. Enjoy! Old Hefang Street - Hangzhou, China http://youtu.be/Ul_RxKFPkRM Gaoyin Gourmet Food Street in Old Hefang Street, Hangzhou http://youtu.be/NhLTyOeHRoY Bus Ride in Hangzhou http://youtu.be/Q8T8T42cd5Q Xixi National Wetland Park Hangzhou in Winter - "Part Two" http://youtu.be/X83X-VREDRw Xixi National Wetland Park Hangzhou in Winter - "Part One" http://youtu.be/cleWssoHtFg
  21. Hello! I am a native West Coast American and am available for tutoring. A bit about myself: -I am currently teaching in Hangzhou, China -25 Years Old -Have a Bachelors Degree in business -Studied in Vienna, Austria and Oregon, United States -Can work on grammar, reading, writing, conversation -Have traveled to 40 countries and 5 continents -Worked in Finance and as a personal trainer -I am fun and creative! Some of my interests include: -Fitness -Soccer -Music -Movies -Snowboarding/ Surfing/ Long Boarding -Photography -Business I can discuss business, sports, fitness, and travel! I am also available for those interested in applying for USA Universities and tips for getting accepted. I have a bicycle and can ride to many places in Hangzhou. The first session in free where we can meet briefly and discuss what your goals are. I can provide a picture and resume upon request. I am free during the weekdays and parts of the weekend. I can work with adults, teens, and children. Thank you! -Mark E-mail: penewit@gmail.com Phone: 15158031937
  22. K80Sill

    Returning to HZ

    Hello everyone! My name is Katie and I will be teaching English at Hangzhou Dianzi University starting in September. I hope that we can all be there to support each other. :)
  23. Job#: EDU-103--Original Company information: Our client is an education company that provides PGA programs to high schools all over China. They have over 31 schools in various cities of China that provide international AP courses to prepare Chinese high school students for universities abroad. The client has recruited 360 teachers nationwide, their average age of their teaching team is 32 years old; many of the teachers employed have previously won rewards and prizes in various subjects. Job Description: 1. Number of positions available: 1 2. Starting date: September 1st, 2013 3. Working days: Monday to Friday 4. Working hours: 20 classes per week with every class being 45 minutes 5. Subject: AP Maths 6. Location: Hangzhou 7. Age Range: 15-19 years 8. Additional information: You will be provided with all teaching materials and a well-furnished teaching environment with advanced teaching facilities. Qualifications and Requirements: 1. Degrees: Bachelor Degree minimum 2. Time/Experience: 1-3 years related teaching experiences required 3. Other qualifications: State Teaching Certificate preferred; 4. Level of English: Native English speaker required 5. When to start: September 1st, 2013 6. Personality: Passionate, energetic and cooperative Salary and Benefits: 1. Base salary: 18000-22000 CNY per month before tax 2. Accommodation allowance: Standard accommodation provided 3. Visa given: Z visa to be provided 4. Travel: 10200 CNY (max) ticket reimbursement 5. Holidays: Winter holiday (5000 CNY /month) and Chinese National Holiday 6. Overtime: The school pays 120-140 CNY per overtime class 7. Other allowance: Pick up service by the school Documents required and contact information We need a full package of your documents when you apply for this job. If you are interested, please send the following documents to hr@foreignhr.com For more information about our company, please go to our website www.foreignhr.com. Feel free to contact Sherry at 8610-85805973ext803 Ⅰ. Updated CV (with valid cell phone number, e-mail address and Skype account) Ⅱ. Photocopy of degree is a must Ⅲ. Photocopy of the front page of your passport Ⅳ. Teaching certificate if any Ⅴ. Reference letter About Us Foreign HR (www.foreignhr.com) is a progressive international network that connects the best foreign professionals with the most coveted Chinese job opportunities. We are a Chinese company with an international team giving us global experience whilst retaining our local knowledge. Nobody helps more foreign professionals find work in China. As well as our database of foreign talent, we also have a team of experts ready to contact, meet with, and interview candidates who meet our clients’ requirements. Thank you for choosing Foreign HR.
  24. tom-china-brain

    China Brain: news, statistics and research

    China Brain is a news and research company. We collate the latest China news from across the web and provide in-depth commentary on the most important issues in China, as well as gathering and analysing the most up-to-date statistics on current trends in the Chinese business world. Articles from the last two months have included a compilation of statistics on and an analysis of the motor industry in China and its future prospects, an analysis of Mexican-Chinese agricultural trade and a survey of the private sector's involvement in China's space travel industry. China Brain is of use to business professionals, academics and researchers, entrepreneurs, diplomats and anyone keen to gain an insight into China's rapidly involving political, business and commercial environments. Please visit our website at www.china-brain.com