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Found 4 results

  1. It might drive us crazy that our mobiles are out of power, especially when we need to contact someone immediately. What you want most at the very moment is JUST a charger or power bank. If you don’t have neither of them, you might need ask for help. Followings will help you out, definitely. A: 我的手机没有电了。 wǒ de shǒu jī méi yǒu diàn le. My mobile is out of power. 你有充电器吗? nǐ yǒu chōng diàn qì ma? Do you have any charger? B: 你要苹果的还是安卓的? nǐ yào píng guǒ de hái shì ān zhuó de? Which one do you prefer? Iphone 6 or Android one? A: 我要安卓的。 wǒ yào ān zhuó de. I need the Android one. 哪里可以充电? nǎ lǐ kě yǐ chōng diàn? Where can I charge? B: 那边/桌子下面。 nà biān /zhuō zǐ xià mian. Over there./ Under the desk. A: 非常感谢! fēi cháng gǎn xiè! Thanks so much! 充电宝 chōng diàn bǎo Power bank 充电头 chōng diàn tóu 数据线 shù jù xiàn
  2. Miss C collects twelve food recipes which you can order in restaurant or cook at home. 干锅花菜 花菜 huā cài Cauliflower 干锅花菜 gān guō huā cài Dry Fried Cauliflower Please click the link and watch the video! https://v.qq.com/x/cover/1lfktykxfmvnwk8/v03940n92t6.html 食材: 花菜 / 猪五花 / 尖椒 / 干辣椒 / 蒜 / 糖 / 生抽 huā cài / zhū wǔ huā / jiān jiāo / gān là jiāo / suàn / táng / shēng chōu Cauliflower / Streaky pork / Pepper / Dry red pepper / Garlic / Sugar / Light soy sauce 做菜: 1.切花菜,水煮两分钟。然后捞出来,放到一边。 1.Qiē huācài, shuǐ zhǔ liǎng fēnzhōng. Ránhòu lāo chū lái, fàng dào yì biān. 1.Slice cauliflower and cook for two minutes. Then get them out and put in a bowl aside. 2.放一点油,炒一下猪五花,再放蒜和干辣椒炒一下。 2.Fàng yì diǎn yóu, chǎo yí xià zhūwǔhuā, zài fàng suàn hé gān làjiāo chǎo yí xià. 2.Add oil, fry pork for a span of short time, keep frying with garlic and dry red pepper. 3.放花菜,生抽,糖,炒一下。 3.Fàng huācài, shēngchōu, táng, chǎo yí xià. 3.Toss cauliflower into the pan, add light soy sauce, sugar and fry it. 4.再用小火煮一会,就可以吃了! 4.Zài yòng xiǎohuǒ zhǔ yí huì, jiù kěyǐ chī le! 4.Cook over low heat for a while, then we can open eat! -These pictures and video are from 姜老刀 If there is really good Chinese dish you like so much, you can take a picture, send it to us and know it more. ChineseSurfing, Hangzhou Share Practical Chinese Language, Culture Events, Life and MORE!
  3. Around Christmas and New-Year vacation, many of you would like to take through bus from Hangzhou to Shanghai Pudong International airport. You can buy the ticket at No. 396 Tiyuchang road(体育场路396号)Minhang Dasha(民航大厦)and Hangzhou tourism and distribution center at Huanglong Stadium(杭州黄龙旅游集散中心). 2 Or buy it on wechat. You might wonder whether there is a way to buy a ticket online. And I shall say,"YES"! Here comes the way to buy tickets on WeChat and the first stop is Huanglong station Scan QR and follow the account Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 If you make it, you will get this interface and a text message as follows Step 10 How to get the paper ticket? Just go to Huanglong Stadium(杭州黄龙旅游集散中心), and get it at window or on ATM. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING––DO NOT FORGET BRINGING YOUR PASSPORT!
  4. chī 吃 (v.) There are many words you can make a phrase with 吃 like: chī fàn(rice/meal) chī miàn (noodle) chī xī cān (western food) chī bǎo le (I am full) Could you like to try to say these things in picture with 吃 in Chinese phrase? If you know the answer, you can let me know. [send me private message for my contact information] ----------------------------------------------------------- Chinese Surfing Embrace new experiences, study Chinese, and open your eyes to China.