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Found 10 results

  1. Purchased in and brought from Canada, therefore it is not the heavily restricted/censored Chinese machine. I still have the original Canadian (North American) power adapter as well as a properly functioning original HK power adapter that works 100x better than the poorly cooled crap ones that are in most stores here. - The 12 included physical games include: Fallout 4 Rayman Legends (A great game for 2,3,or even 4 players. The wife LOVES it!) Quantum Break Sunset Overdrive Star Wars: Battlefront Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Watch Dogs Titanfall Battlefield 4 Evolve Tomb Raider Forza 5 - Kinect games: Shape Up Kinect Sports Rivals I'll even throw in the season one of "Banshee" Blu-ray disks as a gift. (Awesome show) Most of my newer games were purchased online (without issue) and are system installed. The memory will be formatted of all my accounts upon delivery. Both controllers are original and out of the box with no frailties. Connected to our large television the Skype feature also worked wonderfully to teach online from a distance. I am leaving for Canada sometime in the spring/summer next year and have no time for it, nor space to carry it along home with me. I can only sell as a full kit and am asking 3500 RMB. Coming soon: - 55 inch Samsung 4K TV - Trek Mountain Bike - Midea Oven - Electric "Fireplace" heater - Vacuum - Ukelele - Assorted Board Games and High Quality Puzzles plus plenty more... Feel free to inquire. Contact me via PM
  2. NetEase Games is looking for testers! Test will be at NetEase Games (Binjiang/Hangzhou) on two different dates 20.08.2018 and 22.08.2018 from 14.00 to 17.30, 500RMB per person+one way taxi fee back For the one on 20th of this month: 1. Need to be familiar with online PC games; 2. Need to be native English speaker from US/UK/AUS. For the one on the 22nd of this month: 1. Need to be familiar with online PC games; 2. Need to be from Europe/South East Asia/Japan/Korea. Another test on next Wednesday (15.08.2018) from 14.00 to 17.30 Need two different kind of testers; First one, the ones who are familiar with Harry Potter movies/books; 1. Need to know about Harry Potter movies/books ( at least watched some movies or read some books of Harry Potter); 2. Need to know about the characters and story background in Harry Potter; 3. Need to have some game experience (at least played some games in the past) 4. Need to be from UK Second one; 1. Not very familiar with Harry Potter but familiar with some medieval TV series such as Game of Thrones, Merlin etc. 2. Need to be from Europe or the US and more in the future! Add me on wechat . Wechat ID: [please send me private message for my contact information]
  3. Fergy

    PlayStation4 for sale

    I'm selling my PlayStation 4 with 2 controllers+games. Fifa 18 worldcup edition + Injustice 2. Price 1800rmb .
  4. dabrownbandit


    Hi there, I'm looking to see if any has any ps4 games they'd be willing to let go for free or basically super cheap. You know there might be someone out that has a bunch of games that are just sitting around not worth much in value, I'd be up to take them off your hands.
  5. Children's Christmas Party 24 December - Charcoal - 10am - 1pm 300RMB (One Adult & One Child) * extra adult 100RMB * extra child 200RMB 10.00am: Christmas Song & Dance with Mirko and Tane Jingle Bells, Feliz Navidad, Silent Night, Jingle Bell Rock 10.15am: Party Games - Present Relay Race - Put The Nose on Rudolph - Bowling/Skittles/Bungy - Sack Race (On the outside running track) 11.35am: Craft Make a Christmas Hat 12.00pm: Christmas Buffet: Chicken thigh, pork loin, roast vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, salad and dessert 12.45pm : Santa Clause 12.55pm: Closing Song We Wish You A Merry Christmas Charcoal 1/F, Building 3, Matrix, Fengtan Road and Yuhangtang Road 余杭塘路(丰潭路路口)矩阵国际3号楼1楼 [please send me private message for my contact information]
  6. We are looking for someone who masters both Japanese and Chinese language; English is a big plus for a gaming company. (Full time) °The candidate will help of the development of the game(s) ° Translate from Chinese/Japanese ° Coordinate with the different partners ° Conduct marketing research We are looking for someone who shows interest in games, manga and animation The salary is negotiable We can sponsor your visa If you are interested or know someone who might be interested plz pm me
  7. The SERVICE

    Paint-balling in Hangzhuou

    I'm looking to check out a couple of paintball fields to maybe form a "Battle Group" and have some fun: Hangzhou Zhongcun War-game Base in Zhoncun, Fuyan Phone: 888218657 Linan Chaungu War-game Base at the Babali Scenic Spot in Linan. Phone: 0571-63818228 If anyone on this forum has been to any of the above places before and would like to start a couple of projects let me know. Otherwise, stay tuned for more information.
  8. The SERVICE

    Let's play a game :-)

    MEANS, MOTIVE, & OPPORTUNITY Let's play a game of the above topic shall we? I encourage anyone & everyone reading this to play. The rules? None... All is fair and all is welcome. Place an incident in the reply section or simply comment and we will together break down the means, motives, and opportunities of each one. Don't be shy, you'll be surprised as to what you may learn. Have fun people!!! :-)
  9. Woozi

    Nintendo Wii

    I have a modded wii I would like to sell. It comes with 100+games, 2 controllers, 1 guitar hero guitar, a 1TB hard drive. I have every guitar hero game made for the wii. Every is good working order.Any games I don't have that you would want I could get for you. Leave a message if you have any questions. Thanks :)
  10. Woozi

    World of Warcraft

    I have a world of warcraft account I would like to sell. The account is on the Taiwan servers. I have 4 level 90 toons, I have a warrior, priest, monk, hunter all very well geared. The priest as of 2 months ago was the best geared in the guild for healing. I also I have a level 75 mage. All the professions are maxed on each toon. I have a lot of rare mounts like ashes of alar and a few others. The guild im in is an all english guild that does a lot of pvp and raids. Which is nice if you can't read chinese. You can buy the game time on Taobao for around 80rmb a month. If you are interested let me know, I can give you more details. Thanks :)