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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I am a native German speaker and a foreign language. I am a German teacher in Hangzhou and would love to enhance my teaching skills by finding even more students to teach.
  2. Hello everyone, I am Chinese. I studied German language, and wanna look for a language partner who knows German or also interested to the language. We can learn German, English and Chinese together. [please send me private message for my contact information]. If you have interest, please tell me : )
  3. Part time job 1 German native speaker needed. Job content: to practice spoken German with students and to hold activities in German. Please send private message to me to get more details. Thanks!
  4. 你好 I'm Maria and I'm living in Hangzhou since about five months. I'm looking for a job as a teacher (german or English). I'm 18 years old but have a lot of experience about children and teaching. In Germany i was working as a nanny (also includes helping and teaching in English). I also worked at kindergartens and schools. Please contact me as soon as possible. Best regards, Maria K.
  5. Part-time position - German Teaching Only 1. Private school offering part-time German or full-time German/ESL combination. 2. Attractive facilities, supportive colleagues, meal allowance and eager students. 3. Flexibility between Monday to Friday 8.40am and 4.30pm - no office hours Full-time position - German Teaching & ESL Combination 1. Foreign Affairs Support (if required) 2. Attractive facilities, supportive colleagues, meal allowance and eager students. 3. Monday to Friday (no more than 22 classes per work) 4. Apartment Available Qualifications 1. Two years experience 2. Bachelors Degree 3. TSOL or equivalent (preferred) 4. Outgoing, dedicated, professional 5. Resume 6. Two references To start immediately Please send private message for contact details
  6. Dear all, -I am looking for a chinese language tutor in Binjiang. -Twice or three times per week in the evening. -From now until December. -I am a German native with fluent english skills working in Hangzhou in an international company. I am happy for anyone interested. Please contact me here or [please send me private message for my contact information] Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am looking to offer a service providing 3D modeling and rendering. I have over 13 years in the field as an Engineer and work here in Hangzhou as mechanical engineering, designing mechanical equipment. To make the most out of my time here in china, before I go back to Germany then Canada. I will spend my free time working on these projects. I can design or model any ideas that you need to become a 3d concept, to percent to clients. Machines, machine parts, architecture, kitchens, decks, patios, furniture and more. If you have an Idea that you need to express to the world, I would be more then happy to express them for you. If you need more information or examples of my work please, e-mail me with any questions. srfoerster@yahoo.com Picture attached is an example of what I can do. Thanks for your time. S
  8. Hello everyone! I am currently working and living 4 weeks in Xiaoshan as an English teacher. I would love to extend my social circle and get involved in more events in central Hangzhou, so I figured it would be worth posting here! I am a recent drama graduate from Ireland (although I'm Irish-German, fluent in German if there's any German speakers out there!) and previously left a very brief internship in London to explore China in all its guises. If anyone has any interest in theatre, films, the Arts and general cultural events, feel free to message me here and we can exchange wechat details to organise some group outings! Lydia :)
  9. Hi there! I'm new to Hangzhou, been here for 2 weeks. I'm very interested in asian culture, have been studying japanese and a bit korean by myself. I'm going to be here for approximately 6 months as an AuPair to study chinese and experience life in Asia. I have a very nice family I am staying with but I'd love to gain some friends here. Hope to get to know you! Roger and out, Elisabeth ♡
  10. I'm a Chinese and have one year German learning experience in university. I'm thinking to continue my German learning and looking for a teacher. As mandarin is my mother tough and I also have a mandarin certificate. So the best solution for me is find someone who is good at German and in want to learn mandarin. Currently I live in Binjiang district.
  11. I am a native speaker of both German and Italian. I graduated from Venice East Asian Language University, Venice, Italy, with a degree in Chinese History and I speak and write fluently Chinese. I have worked as an interpreter/translator (Italian/Chinese and Italian/English) in China since 2001. Additionally I have been privately teaching Italian and German. If you are looking to learn/improve your German or Italian or you need a reliable Interpreter (German/Italian/English/Chinese mandarin) you can contact me at 1226009978@qq.com
  12. mike1966

    New in Hangzhou

    Hi everybody, my name is Michael, i am a german and i will move to HZ mid august . I will be a football coach in a High School. i was many times as a visiter in HZ ...but now is different. Can anybody tell me: is there a football expat group? pitches for playing? private football school? where are good place to hang around ( decent beer?). I will come together with my gf...she is from philippines...any pinoy community here? thanks for all replies:-)
  13. Hey everybody, the Chinese exchange students at my university in Germany always told me that basically every Chinese person would love to learn German because the economy is so strong and many German companies are investing in China. Now that I'm here, I kinda feel like this was just their way of flattering us :P But nevertheless, I'd be up to teaching someone German, I'm a native speaker (grew up in Berlin, now I live next to Dusseldorf) and don't have a dialect or anything. I'd like to not base this on payment but rather on cultural exchange and maybe a little help with some details (like helping me to recharge my mobile phone, telling me what places offer cheap things) and pretty much just hanging out. Of course I'd also be willing to learn some Chinese (I already learned Chinese for 2,5 years at my uni and I can communicate, but I'm far from fluent), but rather with communication than with real "lessons" If your interested, shoot me a message here, on my mobile number (18658177032)
  14. Hey guys! :thumbup: I'm a new member! - My name is Marco and I'm from Berlin. I plan to get my Bachelor in Hangzhou, starting in summer next year. Maybe it's a little bit early to ask, but do you think that I, as a foreign student, could get a part-time job? For example in teaching English or German. And how would the salary per month approximately be. I need that information because i have to check the finances before leaving Germany. Thank you! :wave:
  15. hello, I can offer private lessons of ENGLISH for a good price. In case you need help with English, do not hesitate and conact me. I am not native, but I have been studing in ENGLISH on my university. I can speak also GERMAN, and can also provide GERMAN lessons. I am studying Chinese in Hangzhou. wechat: blblblbl4 email: 2783366104@qq.com