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Found 40 results

  1. Juhee

    Indian recording

    Job post: Language: Indian English Recording and sentences correction. 1.Recording job description: read specific sentences we provided fluently. takes around 45 minutes. One person can attend only once. Payment: in cash after recording
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Natacha and I am a native English and native French TEFL accredited teacher with over six years experience. I currently have a couple of availabilities for new students to teach online. I have extensive experience teaching children and adults from China, Russia, France, the UK and Colombia. I also speak fluent Russian, Spanish and some German, and teach etiquette lessons. Do not hesitate to get in contact if this seems of interest or if you have any questions, Very best, Natacha
  3. Ni hao, I am a Thai expat. Recently relocated to work in Hangzhou from Singapore. I am looking for a Chinese tutor (1 to 1). Mostly on speaking and listening on daily working life conversation, simple business term. Writing and reading is not my focus. My Chinese skill is on beginner level. Okay to survive in daily basic working office life. I don't really need a "serious" or very "expert" Chinese teacher. Teaching Chinese from old boring textbook is turning me off. -_-" Looking for casual, fun who can exchange idea about current trend :) And would be great if that tutor has knowledge about marketing in China who know about latest trend, news, modern culture, social media, movie, shopping, song, design or even latest Chinese entertainment's gossip. Haha I live at Xiasha area. Most likely, will study on weekend. We also can exchange each other language and culture, like friend to friend. For price, you can propose to me. Do contact me, if you think you are cool enough to teach me Chinese. Haha See ya!

    New to Hangzhou Expat

    Hi, I'm a local Chinese live in Shanghai but got a 5years contract working in Hangzhou, in the international trading business. I speak English and Chinese, open to make some new friends here for personal connections and business networking. I'm also keen to meet friends with different native languages like French, Spanish in order to improve myself. Please leave me a message if you wanna meet up.
  5. Hello everyone, I am Chinese. I studied German language, and wanna look for a language partner who knows German or also interested to the language. We can learn German, English and Chinese together. [please send me private message for my contact information]. If you have interest, please tell me : )
  6. I promised my SO that I would start working on Mandarin skilsl when November rolled around. I'm looking for a daily classroom experience of about 1 hour/day or a private tutor. If anyone can recommend any language schools or tutors. If you are offering this type of service please have very good references. Thanks
  7. Hello, My name is David, and I am American, and a native English speaker. This year I am studying Chinese language at 浙江大学玉泉校区. I am excited to begin tutoring part time in Hangzhou! My Chinese is at a basic conversation level and HSK 4. I can teach Business English, Conversational English, TOFEL & ISLE, formal and casual. I am free to meet Monday to Thursday 3-9, but we can work out other options on a case-by-case basis. I love working with kids but certainly can teach adults as well. I can teach multiple students or one-on-one. I have 3 years of language tutoring experience (2 years English, 1 year Spanish). I speak Spanish at an advanced level but am not a native speaker. Please send me a message to see if we would be a good fit. Thank you, I'm excited to meet. -David
  8. Hello, We are offering some easy part time job for native speakers from Pakistan or India whoever can read and type Urdu. Mother language should be Urdu. Please contact us if you are interested. Thanks
  9. Hey guys, My name is Joe and I work with a small, private English school looking for American English teachers near downtown Hangzhou. They are currently looking for part time or full time teachers and would be willing to offer a work visa if necessary. The hours are every day depending on your schedule. The pay will be negotiable depending on your experience and performance. My wechat is jrmunguia, text me if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks a lot and hope to meet you soon, Joe
  10. Guten Tag, We are offering a easy part time job for native German speakers. Wenn Sie dafür Interesse haben, bitte Kontaktieren Sie mit uns. Thanks [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. Hello I am looking for a part time position tutoring English. I am based in Linping but willing to travel closer to Hangzhou centre. I'm available Tuesday-Friday any time before 3 pm. Please contact me on wechat [plese send me private message for my contact informatin]
  12. Particular classes of Spanish language.(Native speaker) If you are interested, [please send me private message for my contact information]
  13. Hello, We are offering some easy part time job for native speakers from Holland. Mother language should be Dutch. Please contact us if you are interested. Thanks
  14. I am new to HZ and used to be a teacher. Where are the English corners and are any near gonshu qu?
  15. JamesRancho

    travel & share language skills

    Hi, boys and girls. I'm a French learner and I live in Hangzhou at present, recently I've got a new idea about learning a language -- travel in the nearby cities and exchange language skills. If you are happen to be learning chinese, and I am learning french at the same time. ¬_¬ Funny things will happen. As I am quite familiar with cities in China especially the Yangtze River Delta, I can show you around. Cites such as Shanghai, Jiaxing, Suzhou, Hanzhou and so on. Don't worry, hard mode is OK to me, I've traveling to T1bet on my bicycle before, so I can deal with anything. Here comes the most interesting part. HOW DOES IT WORK. While traveling, if we are visiting a place, for example "a commercial street", you tell me in chinese "商业街", I will modify if it's wrong. Then I tell you in french “une rue commerciale”, and you modify it if I am wrong. In a word, I speak unskilled french and you speak unskilled chinese. It will be hard to communicate but we are practicing hard and last all the day. So far, these are my ideas, you can tell me your ideas also. It will be a fantastic and high efficient way to learn a new language. Also, if you want to travel with several people from different regions, that's also interesting, worth to try. Waiting for your news.
  16. Are you learning Chinese? Please share your experiences by completing this survey! https://sojump.com/jq/11906053.aspx Thank you very much!
  17. Position: Academic educator – Physics / Economics / P.E. / Drama / Eng Lang / Enf Lit Location & School: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Strong International Training School Working hours: Full Time Remuneration: 12,000–18,000 RMB Additional benefits: Sponsored residence permit, Yearly flight allowance (8,000), Housing allowance (2,000) Main Responsibilities 1. A Full time teacher employed by Strong International shall carry out the professional duties of a teacher as circumstances require. These include, but are not limited to; · Planning and preparation of lessons for both academic and general courses according to company procedures. · Using company created technology to provide lessons of the highest quality. · Teaching students according to their educational needs, including the setting and marking of work on a variety of timetables and courses (e.g. in-company, project and one-to-one lessons) · Assessing, recording and reporting on students’ development and progress on a daily basis. · Promoting the general progress and well-being of students, whilst maintaining a professional manner and confidentiality of information at all times. · Attending both specific and general meetings on a regular basis. 2. Teachers are expected to take an active role in further training and development by; · Attending and contributing to teacher development. · Completing CPD assignments set. · Participating in both observed classes and feedback sessions Position requirements Bachelor’s degree or above in relevant subject (Physics / Economics) Minimum 2 years teaching experience Native English speaker or native speaker competency Teaching qualification, DELTA, CELTA, TESOL etc. (though not required) Passionate about teaching and a willingness to “go beyond the call of duty” to benefit student learning and achievements. Background Located in the "Silicon Valley of Hangzhou" (Binjiang), Zhejiang Strong International Training School was established in 2003 as a professional education institution having been approved by the Education Department of Zhejiang Province Government, and is currently the only training School with its own campus in the Yangtze River Delta. Strong International offers a variety of ELT courses, as well as an International Foundation Year for students wishing to further their studies abroad (A-Level & NCC curriculums) and EAP lessons covering IELTS, TOEFL, SAT and ACT. Our Summer and Winter camps have also become extremely popular, with hundreds of students using Strong to take their first steps into international travel and experience diverse cultures and customs. As an "international family", we are dedicated to cultivating the students with international competitiveness. Therefore, we do not only teach students the English language, but also help them to understand foreign cultures and gain survival skills for overseas. "Closed Teaching, Total Immersion in English and a Small group class "is our motto. We ensure students are managed strictly and have friendly and interactive student-teacher relationships, whilst learning in an engaging and happy atmosphere to improve their skills and broaden their horizons. The future is now – Leke The use of our modern facilities and Self-developed, educational technology allows Strong to provide students with the highest quality classes available. After 8 years of development, Strong now uses its self-developed software and specifically designed hardware to provide students an online educational platform for use both inside and outside of the classroom. Our mission to go “paper free” has brought about huge advantages for students using our Leke system and has allowed them to continue to develop their abilities in all areas related to their subject of study. Currently over 1,000,000 public school students nationwide are using Leke, and the functions such as Quick Response Questions, Self-constructed quizzes and the personalized Lebi incentive system have made teaching easier than ever and improved the motivation of students. For more details, [please send me private message for my contact information]
  18. Hi there!I'm Vivi, a Chinese architect working in Hangzhou downtown and used to live in Germany for one year. I'm interested in mandarin Chinese teaching and I'd like to learn Spanish .If any of you are native Spanish and willing to improve your Chinese or prepare for HSK, that would be nice that we can teach and learn from each other :)
  19. We are a comprehensive training school in Wen Yan ,Xiao Shan ,HZ. Language training is a part of training subjects,we now need a white English teacher for our kids who learn English in our school. [please reply here or send me private message for contact information]
  20. Anuschka

    New to Hangzhou

    Hello everyone, my name is Anuschka and I'm a 25 year old medical student from Germany and just moved to Hangzhou in the end of August for an internship. After my vacation time in Beijing, I'm now looking forward to getting to know people in Hangzhou. Is there certain bars or cafés where a lot of expats usually hang out or does anyone want to meet for a coffee or so?
  21. Hello! My name is Anastasiya, I currently live in Hangzhou ( I guess at least for 6 more months:) and participaing in a cultural exchange programm. I would be happy to meet english native speakers to emprove my english (my work enclude interaction with foregners and sometimes I really need advice from natives;))) I will be happy to teach you russian!) I have a lot of interests, sport, languages, diving, Hangzhou exploring;) [please send me private message for my contact information] Cheers!
  22. Hi,first our school is in Wenyan Xiaoshan, near Binjiang Puyan, I think you can meature the distance, then you can consider whether you have interest or not The teacher we want is like this: 1,pronunciation, you know even some Chinese parents who don't know English very well but they can know your pronunciation through listening then doubt your professionalism 2.maybe you only got a few experience of teaching ,that is OK, cause the really important things is the fun you can make in the classroom, don't let everybody die (I mean borning )in the classroom,LOL! 3.Be sure to make a good impression ,you know what I mean Ok, that's all ,if you have interests in this job offer, [please send me private message for my contact information] ,or you are little bit shy for calling ,and by the way my name is Genie, you can use that as my Wechat password, thank for scanning my post ,thank you for your time, see you! PS:Please don't reply me derectly through expat cause I will reply you very very late as my password of expat has problem that too tired to solve
  23. Hello everybod,I'm new here.I want to find an english partner to polish my english. And if you want to practice your Chinese I would be willing.I'm from Anji HuZhou a beautiful small town near HangZhou.Now I'm a graduating student and I have been in here for four years.I would like to be a guide if you are new here or other problems.
  24. Hi Everyone! Im from Brazil and just arrived in Hangzhou it's been 3 weeks now. Was looking for someone who was interested in exchange languages and friendship! I lived in Canada and France, so lucky you lol In my case we could trade portuguese, english or french... Whatever you choose FOR chinese :D Basically daily life vocabulary. I mean I`ve been studying chinese for two years, so I know few words and structure. I Live in Downtown (near Xihu Dadao and Zhonghe Rd.) If you are interested let me know! send me an inbox please. Cheers, Miriam 米 莲
  25. Hi Everyone. We've recently launched a social language practicing platform aimed at connecting native English speakers with local Chinese students. If you are interested in tutoring English during your spare time and helping local students gain confidence in their spoken English, you can register and apply to become a tutor