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Found 41 results

  1. William Fang


    Hello, everyone. I am working in Hangzhou now. My Chinese name is Fang Xuewei and my English name is William Fang. I hope I can meet some friends all over the world in Hangzhou. I speak English. If you want to learn Chinese, I can help you too. I look forward to your reply.
  2. William Fang

    make friends

    Hello, everyone. I am working in Hangzhou now. My Chinese name is Fang Xuewei and my English name is William Fang. I hope I can meet some friends all over the world in Hangzhou. I speak English. If you want to learn Chinese, I can help you too. I look forward to your reply.
  3. Dana 达娜

    Hi, everyone!

    Hi, guys! I'm a language courses student at Zhejiang University (Yuquan campus). I'm looking for new friends in Hangzhou! I've only started to learn Chinese, so I would really like to get a chance to practice it and just have fun I'm also looking for valleyball and yoga clubs, so if know any, text me please
  4. shinneone

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone,
  5. Hi Everyone! I'm here in Hangzhou, staying in Gongzhu District near Wulin Square till 1st Dec on a work assignment. I was born in India, but grew up in the US. I've been here about 2 wks and done some exploring on weekends, but don't speak or understand Chinese so it's getting a bit lonesome to sightsee and eat alone. I've done some sightseeing with colleagues who were kind enough to show me around, but I can't monopolize all their time and would like meet other people who are not local. I'm hoping to explore the city, the food, nightlife and shopping. Also planning to visit Shanghai and Beijing as weekend trips. If anyone is interested in meeting up for coffee, drinks, sightseeing or just a nice conversation, please reach out. Thanks! Priya
  6. startplanting

    Student @ CAA

    Hi! My name is Lily, I am a new grad student at CAA by West Lake. I am from America, southern east coast. I like art, gaming(board and other), yoga, science, nature, etc. Generally looking for shared interests, to be helpful, etc. Ciao!
  7. Patrick Chard McCarthy

    Family of 5 on our way to HZ

    Hi everyone. On our way to HZ in October. Looking forward to this unique experience. One of the more active forums I've seen. Will be looking to connect with families and any interested positive individuals (-: ZVisa has been fun plus the usual planning. Add a message if you'd like to say hi!
  8. Ali Mpholo

    Newbie in Xiaoshan

    Hi guys I move to Xiaoshan last month from South Africa and have just recently joined the group. I work here as an English teacher. I am looking for a hairstylist who does dreadlocks on Xiaoshan, Binjiang or down town (around Fenqi). My wechat is AliMpholo, please let me know if you know of someone.
  9. Janna S

    Student in Hangzhou

    Hey there! Starting in September I'm taking the year off of uni to live and work in Hangzhou to improve my Chinese - not sure where I'm living yet. Looking for language programs or tutors so if anyone has any suggestions let me know! I'm also a keen hiker and rock climber so if anyone wants some company or has any insight into places I can do this, that would be great! Feel free to message me so we can connect on WeChat, and I look forward to being part of the this community, cheers!
  10. Erickyap

    Singaporean in HZ

    Hi there, I'm a Singaporean, I just arrive in Hangzhou last week for work and will be station here for quite a while. May I know any Singaporean community here in Hangzhou? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi guys, I'm moving to Hangzhou soon, I have been doing my research before doing it. So far I read some very different comments on which is the' best' area to live in. Every one has a view, and that's okay. I would want to know the neutral comment on each area. North/South. CBDs and so on. I'll be working near subway line 1. I'd like to hear about what you guys think of each 'popular' areas on that line? Thanks a lot. And can I add person on wechat or send them emails?
  12. Hi All, Wade’s are looking for new menu recommendations. So if you have any ideas about a dish you’d love to see on the menu then let us know, if it generates enough interest we’ll give it a trial and if it’s popular enough it will become a regular feature on the menu. Please give us the name of the dish, a brief description of what it is and a photo of the finished dish. Cheers.
  13. Hey ladies. Brand new Bershka ankle boots, limited collection for sale. Never worn. It was a gift but they don't fit. Size 10=41. Price:250rmb. Pm me if interested.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm selling a 4 wheels red suitcase (60x40x26cm, completely new) for 200 rmb. Don't hesitate to contact me if interested! :-) Annabelle
  15. Neibaf

    New french soon here

    Hey there! I'm french, and soon will be studying at ZJUT. I lived three years in Spain where I met my girlfriend who recently moved in Hangzhou. I'm coming for a spring semester and I hope I'll can stay here more I have some questions, if you can't reply me it will be great - I found some opposite informations about the possibility to work while I'm studying at ZJUT - Any informations about the pet quarantine? Moving with my cat - Any tips about good place to listen music? Cheers
  16. Sanjay rathore

    need friends

    Hello! I am currently a graduate student doing an internship in Hangzhou until the end of June. I am from India and in my mid 20s. I would love to meet up with others in the area to further explore Hangzhou. Thanks
  17. Hi Everyone! I'm moving back home after nearly a year in this gorgeous city. I am leaving on the 21st, so pick up will only be possible until then. Therefore I am selling the following: 1. Tjöme IKEA topmadras 180cm x 200cm (OP: 790 kuai) - 400 kuai 2. Kichen set with 5 plates, 5 cups, 5 big bowls, 5 small bowls, 6 knifes and forks (OP: 150) - 50 kuai http://www.ikea.com/cn/en/catalog/products/30153195/ 3. Changdi Oven 42L complete set (OP: 599 kuai) - 200 kuai https://item.jd.com/1043808.html 4. Office IKEA Chair (Black/white) - 50 kuai http://www.ikea.com/cn/en/catalog/products/30323517/ 5. 2 x Summer duvet and 2 x pillow (with cover) = 100 kuai per set I am selling most of what my kitchen holds such as pans, pots and so on. Come have a look if you're new in the city and looking for a fairly inexpensive way to fill an apartment. Best, Ida ❅
  18. Arnaud

    Just arrived in HGH

    Hi all! I am from France and i will stay for 3 months in HangZhou for my job. I am working for a french IVD company as quality specialist. I love party (dancing and especially singing) but history and museum too. I would discover the city and have fun the weekend. Is there someone available Saturday night or Sunday to show me the west lake and must seen places in town? and maybe party at night? Arnaud PS: I don't have wechat yet. I will get a phone with chinese line today.
  19. Alexander

    Brand new fast city bicycle

    Selling awesome solid, nice and shiny bicycle in Binjiang. - Ran only 10km, realised, that It's a bit small for me (I'm 180cm tall), that's why I'm selling. Other than that it's perfect. - Very light, getting high speed really fast. 7 speed. Stylish and fashionable :) - Changed back tire for a proper slick "michelin", faster and more reliable. Also tightened all fasteners, regulated gear change, oiled chain and transmission. A bit sad to sell it, hope it'll find the good owner, who'll understand the quality. Price is 700 RMB, can be discussed right at bike.
  20. Jenniferobyn

    Binjiang side of town

    Hi - I'm staying in Binjiang for another month. The 4 points Sheraton is not far from my place. Anyone feel like meeting for a cocktail this week? Say, Thursday night around 6.00? We could look for some food after that - plenty of options!
  21. Glady

    New in town

    New in town. Come here to learn chinese language . So difficult.
  22. New english guy living in Xia Cheng District downtown.... Is anyone living near? would be great to get some close friends haha
  23. Rorsistance

    Vineyard February

    VINEYARD Bar & Grill RMB298/2persons Valentine's Dinner Closed from 6th to12th Feb, Open for business on all other dates. Happy Hour 4PM–8PM EVERYDAY! Cocktail Buy One Get One Free, Huge Cocktail 50RMB. House Wine 25RMB/Glass, Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint, Heineken Draft 30RMB/Pint, MONDAY All Hamburgers 30% off, Buffalo Chicken Wing, Beef sliders 20% off. TUESDAY All Steaks, Pizza 30% off, All Pasta 20% off. WEDNESDAY All Sandwiches, Wraps, Parma, Fish& Chips 20% off. THURSDAY All Fajitas, Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos, Salad 20% off, excluding Topping. FRIDAY, SATURDAY& SUNDAY Huge cocktail 60RMB, Italian Tiramisu 40RMB All Shots 15RMB, excluding B-52s.
  24. Rorsistance

    February @ Wade's Bar & Grill

    RMB298/2persons Valentine's Dinner26th Feb Orange Party:DJ Kenny from Taipei, Orange dress will get a free drinks.Closed on 7 & 8 Feb, Open for business on all other dates.Happy Hour 2PM–8PM EVERYDAY!All Beer & House Wine 10RMB off regular price!MONDAYAll Hamburgers 30% off, Buffalo Chicken Wing, Beef sliders 20% off.Pool Competition 9-11PM.TUESDAYAll Steaks, Pizza 30% off, All Pasta 20% off.Ladies Night---Free Mixed Drinks for Ladies 9-11PM.WEDNESDAYAll Sandwiches, Wraps, Parma, Fish& Chips 20% off.Trivia Night From 9PMTHURSDAYAll Fajitas, Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos, Salad 20% off, excluding Topping.Cocktail Night---Exclusive Hand Crafted Cocktails 40RMB from 8PM SUNDAYItalian Tiramisu 40RMB,Whisky Night---All Whisky 20% off from 8PM
  25. Hi there! I have just rented a nice sized apartment in Gongshu area very close to the big In Time shopping mall on Fengtan Lu. It is a lovely two bedroom apartment with a large kitchen and balcony and small living area. I am 26 years old from the UK running a business here and also teaching part time, i am sociable and outgoing. I am looking for a female like minded who is looking for a place to stay. I am happy to rent short term however i have an agreement on the flat for a year. The apartment has a washing machine and furniture already. The compound is a lovely new area which has bike storage and nice gardens. Well trained pets may be considered. The rent is including all bills and is 2000 RMB per month. A deposit is required of one months rent. If you have any more questions or would like to meet for a coffee to see how we get along, please message me on we chat or on here :) [please send me private message for my contact information] Rachel :)