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Found 24 results

  1. Quanstar

    Coming to Hangzhou soon!!

    What's good folks? I'm going to be passing through Hangzhou for a few days in September. I hope to meet some folks
  2. A local Hangzhou production team of awesome performers is putting together another great Cabaret night Saturday, October 28th at Carbon on BeiShan Lu. (The Carbon that was literally once on fire). Attached are some pictures of past productions. See the poster for a QR code to buy 100rmb tickets, or PM me. 北山路10号 (10 BeiShan Road) Doors open at 8:00pm, and show starts at 9:00pm Cheers! - Warren
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm here in Hangzhou, staying in Gongzhu District near Wulin Square till 1st Dec on a work assignment. I was born in India, but grew up in the US. I've been here about 2 wks and done some exploring on weekends, but don't speak or understand Chinese so it's getting a bit lonesome to sightsee and eat alone. I've done some sightseeing with colleagues who were kind enough to show me around, but I can't monopolize all their time and would like meet other people who are not local. I'm hoping to explore the city, the food, nightlife and shopping. Also planning to visit Shanghai and Beijing as weekend trips. If anyone is interested in meeting up for coffee, drinks, sightseeing or just a nice conversation, please reach out. Thanks! Priya
  4. Confused

    Recommendations for bars

    Hi, we will be in Hangzhou from weeknights and wanted to see if there are any recommendations for some good chill bars. Live music would be great but chill lounge and bar would be okay as well. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is there any good bars nightlife near here... I'm staying long term at the Double Tree Hilton here....
  6. Austin Preiss

    Hangzhou Feedback ? Advice ?

    Hello, I am from USA(Colorado) and am looking to move to Hangzhou in February. I am wondering if anyone can give me feedback on their daily life here who are currently teaching . Would like to know more about food , nightlife , and making friends . Was it an easy place to adapt ? I am half Chinese half American and can speak a bit of Chinese but have never moved outside the states. I will only be teaching 15 hours a week so I will have a lot of free time . Also, is Binjiang a good area to live in ? That's where my school is located but I'm currently looking for apartments in a good location where I can find many things to do. Thx in advance for your feedback . Also , I would love to connect with any new ppl on WeChat to make some friends prior to my arrival ;)
  7. Roland22

    Shangyu nightlife

    Hi! I'm visiting Shangyu the next year. I am single and so i wanted to ask where there are good possibilities to meet women in Shangyu. I'm really new to china, help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. The College

    The College begins

    We are The College, a sports bar and restaurant located on Yugu Lu close to the main University gate. The owners and management are a partnership of locals (from Anhui) and foreigners (New Zealand) who have been friends and working together for over a decade in Shanghai. We come to Hangzhou as we see it as a great time and place to start a business of our own after the corporate rat race that was our training ground in Shanghai. We hope that old, new, local & foreign residents can come and check out our venue; especially if they want to watch some sports. So this is just a bit of background and an open invite to one and all in Hangzhou. So far we have been open just over 2 weeks but the offical opening celebration will be on Saturday October 22nd with a free BBQ beginning around 4pm in the afternoon. Later in the night, we will have some "college games" like keg stands, beer pong and such downstairs, LIVE rock'n'roll on the 2nd floor and 25 rmb killer martini's at the 3rd floor penthouse bar ;) Regards The College Team.
  9. JoseVentura

    I'm a drummer

    Howzit I'm from South Africa and am looking to stay in this beautiful city -Hangzhou. Am 30 years old and have been playing drums for about 3 years. I can read music and prefer to do cover songs. I like all types of music, can even play the double bass pedal. I leave soon if nothing comes up, but maybe you can change that! Peace José Ventura
  10. Hey guys im still kind of new. (been here a month and a half) G plus is within walking distance from my apartment so I usually just go there.... I am bored of that now though, Anyone know of any other good clubs? what are your views? Also does anyone know when any mixers are? (after May 15th)
  11. Humbleve

    Weekend in Hangzhou

    I will stay in Hangzhou over the weekend, My Hotel is located close to Fenqui Lu Subway Station. Any suggestions about bars to know travellers like me around this area or close to any other subway station, ? Nothing special but not into discos or similar, love live music. Just help me to enjoy my short stay ! Thanks 1
  12. Hey guys I'm Vinnie, fairly new in Hangzhou I've been here around three months, anyway I'm Irish and tomorrow is St. Patrick's day which is a massive deal for those of us who hail from the Emerald Isle. If I were back home I'd be spending the day with friends at the pub but I haven't really found a group of people to go out drinking with yet, the teachers at my school don't drink or like to go out which is just horrific if you're Irish. If anyone knows of anything happening tomorrow night I'd appreciate a heads up. Go raibh maith agat.
  13. CrossFit Qiantang is the first official authorized affiliate in Hangzhou. The box(gym) located at the foot of the Laohe Mountain,close to Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus, 10 mins walk to West Lake. [please reply here, or send me private message for contact information] Anyone who willing to join our community, feel free to drop in. Here is the google map of our box on the official CrossFit website (You can find by yourself on http://map.crossfit.com). Here is some pics from our box.
  14. The basic question is whether there exists in Hangzhou a karaoke bar that basically has a single stage and is for people who 1) like singing music or watching people sing music (at least when drunk) 2) possibly want to meet people they didn't come to the bar with 3) aren't looking for girls who are paid to be there I remember when moving to Asia one of my friends said "oh it'll be great for partying they love karaoke there" but the idea of a private room for karaoke is strange to me (I don't know many people in Hangzhou, but even if I did, I'd still rather party in an open-bar situation than rent a private room in 95% of situations), and of course if you mention karaoke/KTV to many Chinese, they'll think you're looking for prostitutes or something similar... there's a "KTV" right near my apartment but it's not what I'm looking for... so yeah, looking for a karaoke bar that's more like a drinking hole where everyone gets up to sing drunkenly in front of strangers and nobody is getting paid... here's hoping it exists, any tips are welcome.
  15. CLUB G + THIS SUNDAY hosts Quentin Mosimann #69 Top Ranked DJ in the WORLD Hangzhou, get ready for one of the biggest nights of the year. On Sunday April 6th, Club G + is hosting one of the best DJs in the world. Quentin Mosimann from Switzerland/France will be here to set the club on fire with his latest top hits and mixes. Quentin is currently the World's #69 DJ based on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs. At the age of 20, he's won numerous French media awards and has met large success through Universal Music with his two latest albums. Quentin has played for all the hottest clubs all around the world and on Sunday, April 6th, he will be here in Hangzhou at G+. Don't miss your chance to party it up with with one of the best DJs in the world. This guy is known to use anything he can on stage with his hands to make music and is respected and one of the best live performers today. In conjunction with this event we will be holding a G + T-Shirt Giveaway! Come before 11:00 PM and receive a free G + T-shirt. Supply is limited and is first come, first serve so be sure to come early before they all run out!! Sunday April 6th, only at Club G+ Hangzhou... ----------------------------------------------------- Listen and Love Quentin Mosimann: ----------------------------------------------------- TOP 100 DJ EXCLUSIVE REEL- Quentin uses drums, microphones, turntables, anything on stage..... LIVE AT MOTION SUNDANCE FESTIVAL- Clearly an amazing live performer... TOC TOC- Showing versatility with a funk band, using his rock star vocals ... Address: Club G + 1/F, West Lake International Trade Center, 50 Hubin Rd. 湖滨路50号西湖国贸中心1楼 If you have any other questions, such as how to book a sofa, drink prices, or more, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread
  16. This Tuesday Night, December 31 of 2013 Experience the most authentic and exclusive New Year's Celebration in Hangzhou Watermelon Punch is bringing closer to you a Taste of France. But not only so, this night is the perfect motive for the International Community in Hangzhou to come together and enjoy "A Fusion of Cultural Flavors From Every Corner of the World." Come to introduce yourself to an extensive set of goodies the Watermelon Punch community has prepare for you, in collaboration with Zhejiang TV, Berry Cake, Eddie Whisky, Macallan, and Caffe Bene. What we will be offering? - Fine French Wines from the region of Bordeaux - Watermelon Punch Signature Cocktails - Real Pros in Mixiology! - Italian Exclusive Cocktails - Spritz: Italy's Number One! - Jumbo Seize Cookie EIFFEL TOWER - French House Music - Italian Guitar Music - Salsa Dance - New Year's 12 Grapes Toast - a Mexican and Spanish Tradition Coffee, Ice Cream, Pizza, Pasta, Cookies, Desserts, and More FREE CHAMPAGNE AT MIDNIGHT! PS: We are going to share with you direct Video Chat direct from Paris. Stay tuned! PLACE: Caffe Bene, next to G+ Club and Westlake 51 HuBin Road, ShanCheng District, corner of QingQun Road and Hubin Road 上城区湖滨路51号(近庆春路)咖啡陪你杭州湖滨路店 TIME: 8pm until late... Contact: English & Spanish: 13738044196 Italian & French: 15988114864 Chinese: 13586068578 Welcome!
  17. Matthew_KY

    Any good hip-hop clubs in Hangzhou?

    Are there any clubs in Hangzhou (or Shanghai, for that matter) you know of that sometimes feature life hip-hop performances?
  18. THIS Saturday November 2, 6pm at MORA - Whisky and Cocktails House Do you love Halloween because you get the chance to be someone new for a night? MONSTER Halloween Cocktail party is an event where guests are encouraged to shed their inhibitions and wear titillating costumes that show their imagination. Think sexy, stylish, spooky and most of all FUN. This is your opportunity to elevate your Halloween experience by taking your night to the next level. Come experience one of the best Halloween Costume Contest in Hangzhou(Binjiang District), fancy prizes for the sexiest/spooktacular and most original costume. Imagine walking into a beautiful event space with: European Art and Modern Architecture, and with great displays of monsters, witches and famous scary movie characters...Amazing House Music and other EDM tunes to put your hands UP, mixing show, smoky exclusive cocktails: SPRITZ - Number One in Italy, The Dark Night Rises, Jack O’ Lantern Cocktail, Watermelon Punch Cocktail and the Best Cocktail Mixers in town(Italian, Mexican, and Chinese) with the most authentic ingredients(Aperol, Campari, BLACK VODKA, Prosecco, and ZOMBIE EYEBALLS). Enrich the whole experience with a great atmosphere full of foreign Expats as well as Chinese elite locals. Party goers will be moving to the music of the hottest EDM DJ, Jack Sparrow. As you sip on you will also enjoy the FREE ZOMBIE SNACKS! WELCOME! Event brought to you by Watermelon Punch and MORA Whisky & Cocktails - Real Pros in Mixiology Time: Saturday November 2, Starts: 6pm Finishes: 12pm Mora Whisky & Cocktails. #145 JiangNan Avenue, BinJiang District...10 minutes away from JiangLin Road Metro Station 莫拉酒吧. 滨江江南大道145号
  19. Hannah


    Hey! I and my friend live in Xiasha and really want to go out this weekend. Is there anyone out there from Xiasha who would want to go out with us, and maybe share the taxi ride back? We're both really laid-back and are eager to meet new people, especially from Xiasha! Let us know if you'd be interested! -Hannah
  20. HelensHangzhou

    Free Beer at Helen's

    Helen's Hangzhou is welcoming everyone back from summer vacation with Free Beer all night on Saturday, September 14th form 6pm-2am. 1,000rmb credit for the largest group of friends who come by (everyone must be wearing the same color shirt to be considered part of the group). Wulin Lu 291, Ri Yue Guang Hua Building - 4th floor (武林路291号日月光华商厦4楼(两岸咖啡楼上) Tel: 85130567
  21. Panjianhui

    Who wants to play poker ?

    heart about some forenginers are good at Teax hold'em poker ,hope to to play with some sharks . wait for aggreesive and tight on the table ,actions on when you have a nice hand. Evey night we have many players ,we try to organza MTT wants more friends join us my email :524108102@qq.com
  22. Hello, I am being offered a job in Hangzhou or Shanghai. So I am trying to get more feedback from what it's like to live in Hangzhou (rather than Shanghai). I have been in Shanghai before as a tourist and was really impressed by the city, but I guess living there would be a different experience. I have never been to Hangzhou, but read that it is a pleasant city, to visit, but what about living there ? So I would like to know what you, as expats, foreign students, etc. think about Hangzhou vs Shanghai ? I speak a bit of Mandarin (I can have very basic convesations) and still have a bit of time to progress before coming to China. But I can not read characters (yet). I wonder if life could be difficult in Hangzhou if I don't read the characters. Would it take a long time to learn the chinese characters to be able to direct myself in the city, read a card in a restaurant, etc ? Can you have a english navigation app on your phone ? I am also wondering how big is the expat community in Hangzhou ? I bet that the week-end that would be ok, but is it hard to find people to go out during the week ? Pros and cons of having a smaller expat community than in shanghai ? (people looking at you in the streets ?) How 's the night life in Hangzhou ? and is it only Thursday to Saturday ? What about people ? I heard and read that Shanghai people are very money driven, will chose their friends depending on what they do, where they live, what car they drive, etc... is that really true ? How is it in Hangzhou ? Is it easy to mix with locals, do many of the young (20-30) speak good english ? (cause my mandarin might not be enough to have a very long and interesting conversation). Would you say that life is much cheaper in Hangzhou than in Shanghai ? I am afraid that Shanghai might be quite expensive, but I understand that Hangzhou is not that cheap given that it is very touristic. How much would you pay for the rent in Hangzhou compared to Shanghai ? (for example 2 BR in good location) for a meal for a beer, Or living with the same standards, how much money would you think i would save if I live in Hangzhou rather than Shanghai ? How is the traffic in Hangzhou ? is it easy to move around ? are the bikes useful to move in central Hangzhou ? Would you recommende to live near the West lake ? it looks like all the action is taking place there, no ? And also, what do you think of both cities in general, re parks, outdoors, culture, etc ? Thank you very much for you help !!
  23. Hello Hangzhou ! I have been offered a job in Yuhan Disctrict, more specifically in Gouzhuang industrial park. It is very far from the West lake, which I understand is where all the action (nightlife) is taking place. It is situated here : https://maps.google.fr/maps?q=Jiuqugang+lu,+hangzhou&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=fr&sa=N&tab=wl Does anyone work around there, or has any idea of much time it would take to commute to work if I chose to live close to the West lake (let's say Wulin square tube station for example, that would be 12km). Would it be very bad at rush hours ? If we don't consider the time to walk to bus stop and wait for the bus, is driving or taking a cab much faster than the bus in Hangzhou ? Google maps tells me about 25 min by car, but 1H20 to 1H40 min by bus (door to door). if I chose to live around Gouzhuang, what would be a good place ? Is there a lot happening there at night ? from what I have seen all the action seems to be happening near the lake... Any experience or thoughts about that are welcome. And hopefully see you soon in Hangzhou !