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Found 8 results

  1. shanji

    The Color Run ™

    Our History The Color Run, the world’s first COLOR 5K™ event, was founded in March 2011 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5K on the Planet.” We are the original paint race and have created a completely new genre of COLOR DASH™ running events that continue to grow exponentially. Dream World Tour 2017 Get ready to Dream in Colors. The Color Run Dream World Tour 2017 takes Color Runners to a world where anything is possible and inspires participants to make dreams a reality in this magical 5K course. Color Runners will feel on top of the world in the brand-new Foam Zone as they run through dreamy colored foam, and will be delighted by new colors in the classic powder Color Zones. Along the course, participants can paint their aspirations on the Dream Wall, snap whimsical photos with giant unicorns, and get the ultimate color inspiration as they party with friends at the Finish Festival amidst vibrant bursts of color throws. Each Color Runner will receive a limited-edition Dream Tour race shirt, embroidered headband, a fun temporary tattoo, and a one-of-a-kind Unicorn Finisher’s Medal. Whether you bring your squad of BFFs or your crew of kids and family, it’s a 5K course that will have everyone feeling like they’re on Cloud Nine. How The Event Works Less about your 10-minute-mile and more about having the time of your life, The Color Run is a five-kilometer, un-timed event in which thousands of participants, or “Color Runners”, are doused from head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. With only two rules, the idea is easy to follow: 1. Wear white at the starting line! 2. Finish plastered in color! After Color Runners complete the race, the fun continues with an unforgettable Finish Festival. This larger than life party is equipped with music, dancing and massive color throws, which create millions of vivid color combinations. Trust us, this is the best post-5K party on the planet! Weibo: TheColorRun中国 Wechat: TheColorRunChina >>Click the link below to register to our Hangzhou Events, happening on Saturday, May 6th, 2017! http://www.thecolorrun.com.cn/hangzhou.html
  2. Hey Guys. MaXi-Race is coming to China. The ever popular French trail race event takes its first foray into China. This new chapter to this popular trail running series will be set in the beautiful Jiangshan mountains on the 2th-27th November. You can enter the 50k or 100k event. Set your goals and come join us. Where where you when Maxirace started in China? You can follow the event on social media as more information and registration details become available. Or for further details contact me on wechat pcb3_2 https://twitter.com/MaxiRace_China https://www.facebook.com/maxiracechina https://www.facebook.com/events/971503269638545/
  3. MichaelMao

    Running Around West Lake

    Hey, guys, I am living near West Lake, loving running at night, anybody wanna join me when u got time? By the way, I am a Chinese boy, happy to have new friends ,maybe can do some help.
  4. MichaelMao

    Running Around West Lake

    Hey, guys, I am living near West Lake, loving running at night, anybody wanna join me ? By the way, I am a Chinese boy, happy to meet new friends ,maybe can do some help.
  5. Hash #176 is the Back to School Hash. Hashing is a social running and/or hiking trail event with some silly games. You can read more on our website http://www.hangzhou-hhh.org/?page_id=2. Saturday (12 September) afternoon meeting at 2:30pm about 1km N-W of the N-W corner of West Lake! Note the new autumn meeting time of 2:30pm. For this Hash event, think forested hills, scenic views, (somewhat) ancient ruins, picturesque parks, monuments and fragrant tea fields. All followed by a few drinks and frivolity (and an optional dinner together too). Walkers/Hikers and joggers/runners are all welcome. At the end of the trail (back at the start point at about 5.30 or 6pm), we expect all participants to stay for 30 - 45 minutes of fun and games (drinking and some singing - but you don't have to drink beer, if you don't want to). After that, it's up to you if you want to stay for the jolly group Bash (dinner). We do hope most people stay for the dinner. Hashes are on whether it is raining or dry, so bring a change of clothes (and maybe shoes too, if it has been raining a lot during the week before). You can leave a bag at the start point. The Hares (aka trail setters) tell me that they have another awesome Hash trail planned featuring scenic and cultural sites you might never encounter on your own. Send us an email and we will send you the full details of this week's HZH3 Hash meeting location in our current HZH3 Newsletter. HZH3 Email Address: mismanagement [AT] hangzhou-hhh [DOT] org (NOTE: That's .ORG, not .COM) On! On! HZH3 On-Sec
  6. Cdempsey89

    Great Wall Marathon

    Hey, So I'm thinking about running the Great Wall marathon. It's held on May the 1st. Was just wondering if anyone has run it before or knows much about it? I have run a marathon before but never in China and haven't been running a lot lately. Thank you
  7. I just joined a health club to escape the city air while jogging. I was running along the canal downtown by the tower at night and I wasn't quite developing a chronic sore throat but I wasn't not quite developing it either. It was a great run (see the attached for the route) but after a few days my throat started hurting a bit and it lasted until I went back home a month later... I realized after two or three visits that they have the windows open in the club! This may not matter. The canal is lower than street level and the club is on the second floor of a building. Just that small altitude difference may do it. I'm wondering how other runners/joggers deal with this. Do you just get used to it? Do you run with a mask? Do you journey west to run? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. thingtheories

    嘿嘿 - 24yo American gurl

    Hello everyone...this is my second first post on the forums now I that I have officially moved and am settled in my apartment and ready to start meeting people. I will be studying at CAA on Nanshan lu...looks like there are quite a few students here, but mostly from Zhejiang University, is that right? Anyway, I am really into art, running, playing outside, coffee, live music. I think I am going to check out some of the running groups, but if anyone wants to check out a museum or go exploring, I'm your girl! Also, anyone know of any open mics? Or anyone into photography? I shoot film and would love to maybe set up a darkroom if there was interest. Or go on photowalk if digital is your thing. Cheers, Megan