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Found 5 results

  1. Julia8

    Bank transaction

    Hello everyone! Can someone tell me which bank of China has a low commission for a bank transaction? I need to transact my money from international card to Chinese one. Can't link alipay with my current bank card.
  2. I need to open a new bank account. Can anybody recommend a bank, and why? I'm told many banks don't allow you to access their online banking from a Mac, which is a none starter for me as I don't have a PC. Any thoughts?
  3. A Racist Yordle

    Transferring money abroad

    Can someone inform me on the process of sending money abroad? I'm with ABC, but I want to know how other people send money home, regardless of which bank they belong to. My coworkers have told me that there is a limit of 500USD per transfer, but this seems absurdly small. How does one transfer larger sums of money from their Chinese bank account to their native bank account?
  4. I just moved to Hangzhou, and need to open a bank account. I read through all the past forums/topics on this, and most post were years ago. Just wanted to see if any opinions have changed. (Seems like ICBC is most people's favorite.) My situation - I have a Bank of America account in the USA. - Bank of America has some type of partnership with CCB, but I don't know what the benefits are other then reduced ATM fees. Fees that I think would go away once I open a bank account and use that bank's ATMs anyways. - My landlord here in Hangzhou uses ICBC. Does ICBC offer free person to person transfers? - Do any of these banks allow me to transfer money for free from PayPal? Misc Questions - As a Zhejiang student NOT living in the dorms, am I able to use their address to open an account? Then just go in person to pick up mail at a campus office. - Does anyone have experience using WeChat wallet to pay rent? My landlord suggested this. - I had been using a Chase Sapphire, Marriott Rewards, and other credit card to collect points from all my purchases. Is there UnionPay credit card that has a similar benefit, or cash back greater than 1%? (I saw Discover is compatible with UnionPay and offers 1% back one everything) - Lastly, if anyone wants to get a poker game going let me know. I just watched Rounders last night
  5. It seems most of the Banks here have their online payment / shopping / transaction procedure made Windows specific. Or may be I should say, Internet Explorer specific. Either they have some plugin / ActiveX stuff that does not works with other browsers or they have EXEs to be installed that does not work with other OS or they have some USB device / dongle that remains unrecognised (may be due to some driver problem) on a non-windows system. In that case, it would be nice if our members could share their experience / suggestion regarding getting things done in other OS / browsers (safari / chrome / Firefox). I might not be well informed but I am sure things are improving considering Chinese governments plan to develop and implement home grown Linux based OS. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21895723 .