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Found 36 results

  1. Gurmit

    Ebike for sale

    My son has left Hangzhou so I’m selling his e-bike. It’s 72v and has very good parts, such as motor and controller etc. It cost 3600rmb and was purchased 12th March – we have the purchase receipt and associated paperwork. It comes with a helmet, lock and rain cover. Price is 2100 RMB or best offer. I've tried to post photos of the ebike, but am not able to for some unknown reason. Please contact me if you are interested and I will provide photos and further information. BIKE NOW SOLD!
  2. globalgirl89

    Bike wanted

    Hi there, I would like to purchase a lightweight bike. It would be great if it's small enough that I could travel with it on a plane, preferably foldable with a comfortable, wide seat which is also adjustable. Even if you know a friend of a friend who's looking to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone ! Im leaving from Hangzhou and would like to sell some of my stuff: 1) 32' HD TV by TCL. Bought 1 year ago. Price 1200 CNY 2) Electric Sport Bike: 3 gears, up to 64km/h, can drive around 45km after charging. Price 2700 CNY 3) SportClub membership card: Club named Decleor A+ Sportsclub near Wulin Square subway station (next to Can High Tower). Has a large cardio area, salad and smoothie bar, swimming pool, Sauna, clean locker room, boxing, yoga and spinning classes and 2 fitness areas. Membership ends in August 2020. Price 160 CNY per month + 400CNY for name change. Find out more: http://m.dianping.com/shop/2279650/review_all?msource=applemaps Contact with me via e-mail: Sandertamm92@gmail.com
  4. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    I'm looking to purchase a motorcycle and would like to know: What laws apply specifically to motorcycle riders in Hangzhou? Where are some reputable motorcycle mechanics in the city? What experiences have you had with biking here? I'm from California and I've been here for 5 months and I'm ready to get back on 2 wheels, yet I understand that here, things are a bit different. How so? ...and what do I need to do to start riding, legally?
  5. Compact lightweight e-bike, literally brand new (3.8km total on a meter) Sold
  6. Hi there, I'm currently living in Singapore and will be coming to Hangzhou for a month in November, to on a project with Alibaba. This won't be the only time I'm flying to Hangzhou, however this is my first time. I arrive on the 6th of November. The company is going to put me up in a hotel around the West Lake area. (Zhejiang Province Zijingang Road Xixi Paradise International Tourism Complex) In Singapore I own a bike and bike every weekend. Is it feasible for me to rent a bike in Hangzhou and explore the outdoors? Is it safe? If so, where can I rent one? I'm also a vegan, so any suggestion of good vegan/vegetarian restaurants would be great. I enjoy doing yoga and usually travel with my ukulele. Any interest groups/meet ups I can socialize with? I'll have my evenings free and intend to meet a bunch of you here and enjoy my stay in Hangzhou. Thank you for taking time to read & answer my queries. Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks :) Deepthi.
  7. Wendy Brown

    buying a bike

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a used bike or a reasonable priced bicycle? There are tons of rentals in a program I love in this town, but the bikes are small. I have very long legs and need a bike with a larger frame. I am only here for a year so I am not looking to spend a lot. Thanks in advance! All help is appreciated!!!
  8. christopher.pacheco

    Giant MTB 20" wheel

    Hello Everyone I'm selling my daughter's bike as soon as we are leaving china and she is too tall for the bike now. Used for a few times since she is very busy handling all the school homework. Below I'm attaching some pictures of it. I've paid 1300 rmb 2 years ago, I'm selling it for 500 since the condition of it is pretty decent.
  9. Hello everyone, before leaving Hangzhou, i sell my mountain bike. It's in good conditions and have several speeds Price : 300 RMB If you have any questions, don't hesitate!
  10. cw306

    Bikes For Sale 350RMB

    I'm moving away and need to find a new home for my lovely bikes! - 2 Bikes for sale - 350RMB each - Bought new for 1200-1300RMB a couple of years ago - Will give you the lock and helmet for free Located near Wulin Men subway station [please send me private message for my contact information]
  11. bini22

    Electric Bike for Sell

    Leaving china in two weeks. so selling my E-bike. I bought it for 2700¥ a year ago. New batteries and new tyres, i just Change them three weeks ago. ill be selling it for 2000¥. It will come with a wind breaker and a helmet. it has it's own builtin lock. it has a reverse gear. 7 batteries 84 Volt very fast and reliable Come and get It!!
  12. Hi all, I'm selling a TV, 2 kids bike, 1 stroller, 2 high chairs, 1 big oven, 1 kitchen trolley. Good prices and everything is in good condition. Please contact me if interested. Best ! for sell.pdf
  13. Dear all, I just moved to Hangzhou recently. I need a female bike for shopping or going to my working place daily. The bike I want is with 24 or 26 inch wheel size. Is there anyone know the place to buy such a bike or you just have a spare one for selling. You can leave me messages below or send me message via 'Hangzhou Expat'.Thanks for your time. Jiefei
  14. Bike for Sale in Hangzhou! I'm leaving in a week and I need to sell my bike (with lock) ASAP. I'm asking for 100RMB *OR best offer! I bought the bike brand new about 5 months ago and have only used about 10 times since then. *Note: I am 166cm tall and the bike is just the right size for me, but probably wouldn't be comfortable for anyone taller.
  15. Leen

    E-bike for sale

    I'm leaving Hangzhou soon, so selling my E-bike. 4 batteries (only half year old), max speed 50km/hour, max distance (after charging) ca. 40 kms. E-bike hasn't been used a lot and was parked inside, so in good condition. 1200 RMB
  16. A Racist Yordle

    Buying a Bike in Binjiang

    Hey guys, Just looking to buy a decent bike (no E-Bikes) However, all the shops I've found have a terrible selection, or really weird shaped bikes. Can someone recommend a good shop?
  17. Selling a Merida R-903 road bike. Mint condition. Shimano Gear 16 Speed. Light weight. Original price 2500 RMB (Original invoice still present). Selling for 1700 RMB Private Message me if you have any questions
  18. hzdrifter

    Bike for sale

    - Frame size: medium/small - Color: black - Single speed / fixed gear - One front break - Very light - Price: 300RMB Please send me private message if you are interested or have any question... Nicolas
  19. I am selling the following: - E-bike: 2600元 I bought it new in September 2015. 6 batteries. Very reliable and fast bike. Price includes a lock and a tarp. - Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar: 3600元 Artcore set mahogany neck, Double-cutaway, all-maple body, 22 frets, Bound rosewood fretboard, ART1 bridge, ACH1 humbucker (neck), ACH2 humbucker (bridge), Pearl dot inlay - Bicycle: 100元 Has been outside for a couple of months, will need a little tuning-up SOLD - Duvet: 300元 Very comfortable; Cotton. Bought it 3 months ago (includes a sheet and a pillow+pillow case) SOLD - Bass 300元 Includes soft-case SOLD - Rice-Cooker: 50元 SOLD - Electric cooking plate + pan: 150元 SOLD - Heater: 50元 - Art Supplies: 200元 SOLD - Oven 50元 SOLD Send me a message If you are interested. I live near Wulin square (湖墅南路).
  20. Hi all, I'm new in this forum as I will come to Hangzhou in March for three years. In my spare time I like sports and I wanted to take my road bike and my Mountainbike with me. But I'm thinking about safety issues. What are your experiences with the usage of valuables bikes in town and letting them some hours (at the max.) during daytime with a good bike lock? Has anybody experienced a picked (quality) lock? Thanks, Frank
  21. Edwina

    Bicycle for Sale

    Hi there, Selling a 2nd hand bike for 180 RMB. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  22. Hi all, I'm looking for a cycling group which I could join in the next months. Are there any groups that you know? Is there an indoor cycling facility in Hangzhou like a velodrome? Thanks Frank
  23. hzdrifter

    Single speed bike for sale!

    - Frame size: medium/small - Color: black - Single speed / fixed gear - One front break - Very light! - Price: 350RMB Please send me private message if you are interested or have any question... Nicolas
  24. lactisapis

    E-scooter and/or bike for sale

    Hello, I'm leaving Hangzhou soon, so I sell : - my bike with its lock - my e-scooter with all the accesories : the charger, the lock, the cage protecting the battery and the covers for the rain. I bought the scooter new at the end of October 2014. If you're interested by one of them or both, please contact me asap by text message (13073668997) to discuss the price. Kind regards, Pascal
  25. Hi! I'm selling my GIANT FCR 3100 bicycle. It has a 18 inch frame (45 cm), and its in very good conidition. It comes with killer mudguards and a back rack. I want 1000 RMB for it.