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Found 74 results

  1. Hi everyone! Im from Sweden and I am looking for work in Hangzhou. I am very fluent in both Chinese and English and I have a bachelors degree in Chinese from 中山大学 (Sun Yat-Sen University). I have several years of teaching experience and I am currently taking a 120 hour TEFL course. Im not just looking for teaching jobs, any job is of interest. If anyone has any advice then that would be great! Thanks! /Daniel
  2. YangGuiZi

    Chinese addresses for foreigners

    Hi! Foreigners have their problems with Chinese addresses … because they are in Chinese The website “service d'adresse mondial” http://sedamo.info/ creates a 8-letter code out of any address. So anyone can print out the address in Chinese/native writing. Here an example: The US embassy in Moscow can be found at: YF-DF-YP-DW http://sedamo.info/YFDFYPDW Okay, here's an example for Hangzhou: JX-CT-LY-BA http://sedamo.info/JXCTLYBA (Guess what place that is!) I wonder if anyone is willing to write a small APP which can display the address on a mobile phone – full-screen – for the taxi driver? Wouldn't that be quite useful? Or – for the advanced users – that I somehow can transfer the address from that code to my beloved GaoDe DiTu app? BTW, Wikipedia knows more about this, including a link to the API for developers. Greetings, YangGuiZi
  3. Ni hao, I am a Thai expat. Recently relocated to work in Hangzhou from Singapore. I am looking for a Chinese tutor (1 to 1). Mostly on speaking and listening on daily working life conversation, simple business term. Writing and reading is not my focus. My Chinese skill is on beginner level. Okay to survive in daily basic working office life. I don't really need a "serious" or very "expert" Chinese teacher. Teaching Chinese from old boring textbook is turning me off. -_-" Looking for casual, fun who can exchange idea about current trend :) And would be great if that tutor has knowledge about marketing in China who know about latest trend, news, modern culture, social media, movie, shopping, song, design or even latest Chinese entertainment's gossip. Haha I live at Xiasha area. Most likely, will study on weekend. We also can exchange each other language and culture, like friend to friend. For price, you can propose to me. Do contact me, if you think you are cool enough to teach me Chinese. Haha See ya!
  4. Chinalove

    Looking for a man

    Hi! I'm a single young lady (22 years) currently living in Canada. I would like to move to Hangzhou next year. I'm looking for a single man. If you're interested let me know.
  5. Hello everyone, I am Chinese. I studied German language, and wanna look for a language partner who knows German or also interested to the language. We can learn German, English and Chinese together. [please send me private message for my contact information]. If you have interest, please tell me : )
  6. Hi I am a masters student at Zhejiang University. I am currently pursuing a degree taught in English and am unable to take more Chinese classes at my uni so am keen to improve my level outside of class. I completed HSK5 two years ago and would like to do HSK 6 at some point in the near future . I would be interested in 1 to 1 tutoring. Any professional Chinese teachers near Zijingang feel free to get in touch.
  7. I promised my SO that I would start working on Mandarin skilsl when November rolled around. I'm looking for a daily classroom experience of about 1 hour/day or a private tutor. If anyone can recommend any language schools or tutors. If you are offering this type of service please have very good references. Thanks
  8. Hi All, I am from London, UK. I will be coming to Zhejiang University to study a Masters degree for 2 years. I would love it if someone could give me a little advice on the surrounding area, activities etc; also I will probably be looking for a Chinese tutor (I already am at HSK level 5), so if anyone knows anyone who teaches foreigners Chinese, please give me their contact details. [please send me private message for my contact information]. Thanks 大家好, 我来自英国伦敦。我9月初将去浙大来学习硕士两年。如果有人可以给我旁边活动,好的地方等方面的建议,我会感谢的。我也想找一名中文老师(我已经通过HSK5级)。如果有个人认识一名对外汉语老师,请给我他们的联系方式。. 谢谢
  9. Greetings from Hangzhou! I am Danielle, with advanced English-Chinese interpretation certificate issued by Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006 and rich experience in liaison or conference interpretation. Interpreter/Translator Subjects includes but not limited to: Advertisement/Marketing, Agriculture, Apparel; Fashion, Business Services, Chemicals, Environment, Food ; Beverage, Furniture ; Furnishings, Gifts; Crafts, Health; Beauty, Home Appliances, Home Supplies, Industrial Supplies, Sports; Entertainment, Textiles; Leather Products, Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear, Toys, Transportation, Travel / Leisure. Feel free to contact get a quote for tour guide, fair/business negotiation or conference. Email: dfzhan@msn.com Regards Danielle
  10. hi i am college teacher in hangzhou, looking for a part-time job for chinese tutor, plz feel free to message me if you need.
  11. hi i am college teacher in hangzhou, looking for a part-time job for chinese tutor, plz feel free to message me if you need.
  12. xieyunwei

    hi everyone

    just found this interesting forum,im a chinese living in hangzhou who likes to meet new people ,send me a message if you're new here and looking to make some new friends or if you just wanna hang~
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a Chinese teacher who believes to be able to help me pass the HSK 3 and 4 by this year. I'm looking for 1:30-2:00 per day 3x week or weekend Salary would depend on qualifications I'm open to suggestions Thank you Contact information below
  14. Are you learning Chinese? Please share your experiences by completing this survey! https://sojump.com/jq/11906053.aspx Thank you very much!
  15. Hi there, I've recently arrived in Xiasha and wondering if anyone can help point me in the direction of a school/university to learn Chinese? I'm about HSK 3 but need help with speaking and listening. Also if anyone wants to do a language exchange that could work too :) Please contact me if you can help Thanks
  16. FREE Mobile Chinese Tutoring Want a free one hour Chinese lesson taught through a revolutionary new mobile classroom? How about getting a first look at the newest Chinese learning Android app that features full curriculums, daily Chinese articles and videos, flashcards, tracked learning progress, and more? Well, the early bird gets the worm! TutorMandarin is now offering FREE mobile Chinese lessons to a select group of Android beta testers! All accepted participants will receive an hour long Chinese class, a full language evaluation, and up to 30% off on their first purchase.
  17. Joaquin Rodriguez

    Looking for a Chinese teacher

    I want to learn Chinese, I am living in Yuquan campus, I work as an english teacher, but I am not learning Chinese, so Chinese school or teachers who are interested send me a private message with your personal information and price, thanks.
  18. Amy123

    Learn Chinese for FREE

    We are a well-known Chinese Spoken Institute (三人行汉语), a nicely reonvated place, at a very convenient location and our experienced teachers will help you to get that Chinese level you're dreaming about in a jiffy. Pass by and get your first course for free ;) Our Students have successfully passed HSK 3,4,5, and 6 with even high grades. Our students speak for us and our teaching quality. Address: number 35,sixth district of xiao he xin yuan. 地址: 杭州西湖区留和路318号小和山新苑六区35号
  19. hey,guys,do u like Chinese Calligraphy ?it is an art. Most people are attracted by its unique abstract and sublime. Picasso once said that if he was born a Chinese, He would have been a calligraphy artist rather than a painter. Every stroke of Chinese calligraphy is permanent and incorrigible, demanding careful planning and confident execution which are the skills required for an administrator. Teaching Objectives 1. General impression of Chinese calligraphy which includes its long history, main types and its culture deposits. 2. Actual and Solid skills of creating different piece of Chinese calligraphy. Class size: Class is given in small group, with no more than 10 students in one class. Class Time and Length Class Time:. From Monday to Friday: 19:00-22:00; Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-22:00 Class Length: Classes of different length are available for you to learn. 3、price:150rmb/90min [please send me private message for my contact information]
  20. Hi! I'm looking for a language exchange partner to practise speaking Chinese or Korea. My interests are tech, languages, travel, fitness, cycling, football and love both Korea & Chinese food. [please send me private message for my contact information]
  21. Want a free hour long lesson with a professional Mandarin tutor (1000+ hrs) taught through a revolutionary new mobile classroom? How about getting a first look at the newest Chinese learning app -- featuring full curriculums, individual topic-based lessons, daily Chinese articles and videos, flashcards, tracked learning progress, and more? Well, the early bird gets the worm! TutorMandarin is now offering FREE mobile Chinese lessons to a select group of beta testers! All accepted participants will receive not only hour long Chinese classes, but also free credits, and up to 30% off discounts on their first package. Sign up now at [goo.gl/uzgUoC] Want to know more? Want to try an online demo? Come check out www.tutormandarin.net TutorMandarin Professional Mobile Mandarin Tutoring
  22. Want to learn to speak Chinese? Got a smartphone? New app, TutorMandarin, lets you choose a professional Chinese tutor (w/ 1000+ hours teaching experience) and take an online class through your phone - using a state-of-the-art mobile classroom with lossless video calling, visual lessons, and fully interactive whiteboard. The app also includes tons of free Chinese resources including full Mandarin courses, daily articles and videos, flashcards and more! See your learning progress over time with statistics, badges, and awards. So, come get the only app you'll need to learn to speak Chinese! Sign up at www.tutormandarin.net **Early adopters get a free 50 minute lesson, $15 in bonus credits, and much more.
  23. Dear all, -I am looking for a chinese language tutor in Binjiang. -Twice or three times per week in the evening. -From now until December. -I am a German native with fluent english skills working in Hangzhou in an international company. I am happy for anyone interested. Please contact me here or [please send me private message for my contact information] Thanks!
  24. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

    Dear All, my name is Ling:) I was Born and raised up in HZ. About 14 years ago, I left HZ for college and have been away since then. After living in USA for about 7 years, I am moving back to HZ in Aug. I would like to make some new friends here, especially someone who are interested in soccer or slow-pitch softball :) In addition, I am licensed to practice law in China and the state of New York. Though my practice is focused on business transaction, I will be happy to do some pro bono work for those who are in need. [please send me private message for my contact information] Thank you! P.S. Is there any fan of Washington DC Nationals ? Lol
  25. Hi all, I'm keen on improving my Mandarin, especially speaking and listening. I would like to find a tutor or perhaps try language exchange and see how it goes. Please message me if interested and see if we can meet up and try it. Cheer, Leigh