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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! It's Antía. I was born in America and lived there for 7 years, but then I moved to Spain and I've been living there since then. So, in September I will move to Hangzhou to attend college and I was thinking about improving chinese faster and make some friends too, so if there's anyone interested in learning Spanish or practise their English I will be glad to help you if you can help me with my Chinese (that right now is non-existant, TBH) I would also love to make new friends, so I hope to hear from a lot of people very soon ^^
  2. Simba Kays

    Hangzhou Tai Chi Club

    jkwj Tai Chi every day keeps the doctor away 天天练太极,医生只休息 Kung Fu every day scares the attacker away 日日练功夫,无人敢欺负 Tai Chi class available to foreigners 杭州太极拳国际俱乐部 Instructor: Professor Andrew Wang王国安教授 Professor Andrew Wang http://econet.zjgsu.edu.cn/andrew.wang/index2.htm was born and grew up in Xinhua county in central Hunan famous for Tai Chi/Kung Fu in China. He has been practicing it since his childhood and is authorized to teach it with a Tai Chi/Kung Fu Teaching License issued by Hunan Province Physical Culture and Sports Commission and has taught hundreds of students in China, Japan and the USA. He has been a professor at the College of Economics at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou. He speaks Mandarin, English and Japanese. Time and venue时间和地点 Saturday 10:00 AM-11:30 周六上午10:00 -11:30 It begins on September 12, 2015 Xixigu Walkway behind High-Tech Park of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 杭州市浙江大学科技园后面的西溪谷游步道 Charges Free, but CN¥80 each month for lunch, CN¥320 in all. No refund 课程免费,但每月中饭费80元,不退款。 Contact [please send me private message for my contact information]
  3. Hi everybody, I would like some advices on finding a good tutor or class to learn spoken chinese. If any of you have a method, aclass or a tutor to recommend, I would be most gratefull. Please tutors, don't advertise on this post. Cheers to all, Nicolas
  4. job NOTICE A. changsha international kindergarten. Conditions as following: 1.10000rmb each month,. 2.Free apartment 3.5 to 6 working hours each works from monday to friday 4.Air fee will be reimbursed when one year contract finished, 5.Help do working visa, 6.insurance will be covered, 7.chinese statutory holidays will be paid, 8.Students age : from 2 to 12 years old, 9.How many they need: 3 or 4 foreigners. 10.When do they need:March(this year) Requirements of applicants 1.teachers from 25 to 45 years old, 2.Canadian, American,UK,australia or other natives would be preferred; 3.at least bacherlor degree,tefl or tesol holders would be preferred. 4.have teaching experience, [please send me private message for contact information] B. hei long jiang province jia mu si city Conditions as following 1.8000rmb to 12000rmb each month for salary, 2.around 27 teaching hours each week,overtime work will be paid, 3.800rmb for air fee reimbursement when one year contract finished, 4.Help do working visa, 5.free apartment will be provided,and part of fee will be coverred by our school, 6.statutory holidays will be paid, 7.insurance will be coverred, 8.10 to 60 students in one classroom, 9.Students are adults, 10.10to 60 students in one classroom, Requirements of applicants 1, teachers under 55 years old 2, Canadian, American,UK,australia or other natives would be preferred; 3,at least bacherlor degree,tefl or tesol holders would be preferred.No bacherlor degree or tesol will be considerred too, 4, at least one year teaching experience; this is in hei long jiang
  5. francesc00

    TOChina Business Program 2014

    TOChina Business Program about to start in Hangzhou 杭州, China (applications close the 21st of February) www.chinabusinessprogram.it Dear Friends and Colleagues, for those interested in learning how to do business in/with China, here is one of the best program you can find in all Europe. The TOChina Business Program is an intensive course taught by world-class professors of business, finance, marketing and law, who work at the forefront of their fields. The program will take place from 31st March to 10th May 2014 in Hangzhou 杭州, China. For the past 30 years entrepreneurs and managers from around the world have been engaging China mostly as a destination for investment and a global industrial hub, producing – or, more often, assembling – goods for export. In several key sectors that era is now over, and in many others it will be soon. China is fast becoming itself a prime global investor, and its increasingly mature market is a key driver of global growth. Those companies – and nations – which get in-sync the soonest with this new reality will make the stronger claim for a share of the next growth cycle. The TOChina Business Program is conceived to train those who seek success in this new phase. The CBP is promoted by the University of Torino (Department of Culture, Politics and Society) and the ESCP Europe business school (Torino Campus), in partnership with Zhejiang University (Center for Italian Studies) and the Torino World Affairs Institute. Here is a link to the program's website: http://www.chinabusinessprogram.it/ And here you can download the leaflet: http://bit.ly/1ksaH7V Applications close the 21st of February. Best Regards, Francesco Silvestri 费小龙 Resident Acting Director Center for Italian Studies, Zhejiang University 浙江大学人文学部意大利研究中心 Yuquan Campus, Building 11-504 浙江大学, 玉泉校区, 教学楼11-504 Zheda Road 38, Hangzhou (PRC) 浙大路38, 杭州 (中华人民共和国)