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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've been living in Hangzhou for two weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any idea where I could perform a HipHop / Jazzy beatset ? I am a beatmaker / producer and here are my social media links if you want to know exactly what I do: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saib_eats Spotify : Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks again !
  2. This is just me sticking my feelers out there to see if anyone might be interested. Since leaving school and moving to China, I haven't made the effort to keep up with doing regular drawings. Tried the other day and they look super stiff, almost robotic. Was wondering if anyone else might be interested in forming/joining a drawing group, just for fun. It'd be awesome to get to work with other artists again. It would be free (unless people want to pool for snacks), and everyone would bring their own materials. You could get all fancy with the charcoal and oil pastels and mungo paper, or just scratch away with a ball point pen in your notebook. Anything you want. Everyone would be welcome. Beginners to professionals. Everyone's an artist and you can only get better by drawing more and more. Also, this would be a great opportunity for the more inexperienced to get tips from the more seasoned artists (if they want them). We could take turns modeling (or not, if you're shy and want to pass) and to make this more accessible to more people, the model (for the class) would wear a swimsuit. I know, not classic figure drawing class, but I think there's still lots to be learned from drawing a swimsuit clothed figure. We could start the class with quick 1 to 3 minute poses to get everyone loosened up and work on our flow and line work and then do a couple 5 minutes and then one long(ish) pose per class where we will have the opportunity to get more detailed. Any takers? Anyone interested? :) ~Izzy~
  3. JohnValentinoT

    LATINO FIESTA - Latin Party

    LATINO FIRE – CLUB PARTY Hangzhou is ready to explode in Latin rhythms Say “Hola Amigos” to our special event organised inside the dance club MITANG - Hangzhou. 1) Special guest from BARCELONA – Dj Valentino will entertain the night with a special 3 hours mix of Latino music. DJ Milo – resident. 2) FREE TRANSPORT – If you come by taxi (before 11pm WE PAY YOU THE BILL. Don’t think to much. Jump in the taxi with your friends and no matter where you are, any receipt from 1-100 Rmb are refundable in any kind of drinks in our club. (you have to be at least 3 person/receipt) 3) Live singers – “Daniel” and one man show “Cinnamon Dream” will play music in latin style. 4) FREE “Chupitos” - FREE Shots when you just arrived in the club. 5) Jade & MauMau will fill the stage and enchant the audience with their amazing professional Latino dancing skills. 6) Mojito cocktail – The “king of drinks” this night. Buy 2 receive 1 FREE. 7) Free LED GLASSES – First 100 persons arrive in the club receive for FREE a pair of glowing led glasses. 8) Will have several entertaining games with prizes FREE drinks. Limbo game – Latino music. Drink competition with dj Valentino. etc. 9) Professional photographer will take the best shots during the party, and whenever you require them. MITANG CLUB – only 25 min by taxi from central Hangzhou. Don’t hesitate and come shake your body in Latino style. [please send me private message for contact information]
  4. Humbleve

    Weekend in Hangzhou

    I will stay in Hangzhou over the weekend, My Hotel is located close to Fenqui Lu Subway Station. Any suggestions about bars to know travellers like me around this area or close to any other subway station, ? Nothing special but not into discos or similar, love live music. Just help me to enjoy my short stay ! Thanks 1