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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm from England and am currently studying in ZJUT. I heard it is great to go out as a foreigner (especially English) in China so me and my friends want to know the best clubs to go to. Any ideas, please let me know! Thanks !!
  2. dabrownbandit

    G20 Bars/Clubs/Restaurants

    I went down to Midtown Brewery Yesterday and the manager informed me that they'll stay open until the 27th of this month. Then after the 27th until the 9th only guests will be permitted to go to the or use the other restaurants/bars located in the Shangri-la Hotel. Until the 27th they close at 2 on the weekends but I forgot the weekday time before I jotted it down lol - but i think she said like 1230 Also, Wades mentioned to me on the same day (8/15) that they'll be closing on the last week of August and will reopen about a few days after the conference is finish like most places but I wasnt given an exact date for either as they were unsure themselves. Also they will remain open until 1 everynight until then. If anyone else has any Firsthand knowledge (Not Word of Mouth Baloney, lol) about the exact dates and times when certain bars/clubs/restaurants are closing. Please post it here for all to know. That way misinformed rumors arent spread about whats actually open and whats not!
  3. CLUB G + THIS SUNDAY hosts Quentin Mosimann #69 Top Ranked DJ in the WORLD Hangzhou, get ready for one of the biggest nights of the year. On Sunday April 6th, Club G + is hosting one of the best DJs in the world. Quentin Mosimann from Switzerland/France will be here to set the club on fire with his latest top hits and mixes. Quentin is currently the World's #69 DJ based on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs. At the age of 20, he's won numerous French media awards and has met large success through Universal Music with his two latest albums. Quentin has played for all the hottest clubs all around the world and on Sunday, April 6th, he will be here in Hangzhou at G+. Don't miss your chance to party it up with with one of the best DJs in the world. This guy is known to use anything he can on stage with his hands to make music and is respected and one of the best live performers today. In conjunction with this event we will be holding a G + T-Shirt Giveaway! Come before 11:00 PM and receive a free G + T-shirt. Supply is limited and is first come, first serve so be sure to come early before they all run out!! Sunday April 6th, only at Club G+ Hangzhou... ----------------------------------------------------- Listen and Love Quentin Mosimann: ----------------------------------------------------- TOP 100 DJ EXCLUSIVE REEL- Quentin uses drums, microphones, turntables, anything on stage..... LIVE AT MOTION SUNDANCE FESTIVAL- Clearly an amazing live performer... TOC TOC- Showing versatility with a funk band, using his rock star vocals ... Address: Club G + 1/F, West Lake International Trade Center, 50 Hubin Rd. 湖滨路50号西湖国贸中心1楼 If you have any other questions, such as how to book a sofa, drink prices, or more, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread
  4. madwebz

    Promoters in the clubs

    Hi guys! As a new in your city, have a question about the promouters in HZ. Which clubs have a free alcohol for laowais, how to contact the promoters (i mean, maybe you have a numbers, wechat, etc) Before i used to live in another city and there it was normal a free alcohol, table, etc. for foreigners, dont know if here you have the same