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Found 14 results

  1. Rorsistance


    FOR SALE. Various household furniture, electrical goods, fitness and camping gear: Weights bench & free weights with bars, locks, accessories.1100rmb (2400rmb+ new) Krupps Nespresso coffee machine & espresso cups 450rmb (999 new)SOLD HP LaserJet printer 450rmb (1000rmb new)SOLD Assorted shelving & racks (see images for prices)SOLD Camping gear: tents, mattresses sleeping bags ( see images for prices) Timber wine rack ( holds 48 bottles) Prices are listed on images. All goods in excellent condition. PM for further details.
  2. Kleanthis

    Coffee grounds

    Dear HZ expats, I am pretty new to the city (just shy of a month). I've been doing most of my food shopping at the Walmart near the Yuquan campus. My first world problem is that I haven't been able to find coffee grounds (or a cafetière for that matter), so I haven't been able to get my daily dose of real coffee for a few weeks now (surviving on the instant stuff) :) In another thread, someone mentioned about getting some from Starbucks which is not ideal for me. I was wondering if anyone here knows where I could get good and preferably not too expensive coffee grounds (the non-Starbucks kind and preferably imported)? Thanks and much appreciated! [Sorry: I just realised that this post should really go under "Shopping". My apologies!]
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm here in Hangzhou, staying in Gongzhu District near Wulin Square till 1st Dec on a work assignment. I was born in India, but grew up in the US. I've been here about 2 wks and done some exploring on weekends, but don't speak or understand Chinese so it's getting a bit lonesome to sightsee and eat alone. I've done some sightseeing with colleagues who were kind enough to show me around, but I can't monopolize all their time and would like meet other people who are not local. I'm hoping to explore the city, the food, nightlife and shopping. Also planning to visit Shanghai and Beijing as weekend trips. If anyone is interested in meeting up for coffee, drinks, sightseeing or just a nice conversation, please reach out. Thanks! Priya
  4. I've been on a hunt for Specialty Coffee ever since I landed in Shanghai. I've work in Hangzhou, China and I also plan to live in Hangzhou for a long period too. Does anyone have any idea where I can find an amazing coffee shop in Hangzhou or Shanghai? I've tried Maan's Coffee and even got their 1000gram bag, boy do I regret it; it's burnt like Starbucks. I'm also a trained barista by La Colombe and probably Counter Culture later on. I prefer light drip off and cortados. If any of you guys can recommend me a great cafe I would be delighted.
  5. Razinov Aleksandr

    Coffee sale

    Hi. I have some coffee for sale. Good 100% freeze dried coffee Maxim, big pack 500g. It is from Russia. Price 120 yuan.
  6. I am moving house and selling some old bits and bobs: 1 - Electrolux ECM3000 coffee maker Y100. Completely unused and still in its box (an unwanted raffle prize). 2 - Erhu - used a few times. Y50. 3 - Blackstar HT Reverb pedal. Y700, fully boxed with English manual. This great reverb pedal has a built in valve for a beautiful warm sound and usually sells for Y1500-Y2000 new on taobao and has only been used a few times. It has a Chinese plug adapter so can be used straight away with no issues. Buyer collects! If you're interested in any of the items please PM me or send a message to 18857872870. Cheers, Jim
  7. We need you to join us, could be full time or part time. You need to be: *Older than 18 years old *Any nationalities are fine *Male are female are both ok, male need to be taller than 170cm, female need to be taller than 160cm *Good in English, Chinese is preferred *Open minded, hard working and team player *Experience in F&B preferred, good sense of sales. Contact Ms. He at 137 0174 4074, 0571 8577 9586 for more details. Payment is negotiable.
  8. "PANTRY" The Best French Pastry Shop in Xixi Wetland Park (or probably the best in Hangzhou) @ Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort Offering the best quality French pastries, cakes, assorted breads, chocolate truffles, Macarons, homemade cookies and many more.. Opens Daily 9:00 am to 9:00 pm 50% off discount for all bakery items after 19:00 every day 1 day in advance for birthday cake reservation, 3 days in advance for special birthday cake
  9. Coffee Tasting Experience Coffee Tasting is an art form of its own. Here at Watermelon Punch we really appreciate the culture and every artistic aspect coffee represents to the world of taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. In fact, we embrace this so called cultural flavors so much that we are putting together a hands-on Coffee Tasting activity, one in which you will learn more about how to distinguish coffee(s) from other coffee(s). It does not stop there, by joining our Coffee Tasting Experience you will also learn how to tell the difference in aromas, taste, and mouthfeel in the various coffees we will offer you. What's more, we think in oder to better appreciate and learn culture from the world we need to keep direct contact with the physical representation of things. That is, things have to be authentic and tactile for you to get a feel of what is so special about a particular culture, object, nature, and everything in between taste and the creation of that taste. Coffee, thereof, allows us to achieve a level of understanding in how human beings delight themselves by experimenting with all kinds of flavors and their particular combinations. Now, if you really want to set yourself apart as someone who knows what is the meaning of those particular things, then come join us at Watermelon Punch's Coffee Tasting Experience. After All, If We Are What We Drink, then We Are All Part Westerners, or We Are Coffee Coinneseurs! Activity Program for Coffee Tasting: - Learn the origins of coffee and its evolution throughout history -Learn the different nominations and connotations of particular coffees found at public coffee houses(Cafes) -Learn how to call the different characteristics of coffee: taste, aromas, and mouthfeel -Learn how to best pair your coffee with foods and desserts to enhance the taste of your coffee in a particular situation -Learn about what are some of the most popular and tasty coffee beans from around the world -Learn how to make your own coffee at home in an easy a practical way, keeping the best taste coffee can deliver. Brew your own coffee, don't make instant coffee! -Taste your favorite coffee style with free coffee made snacks -Practice your language skills. Learn how to order a coffee inside an international venue out in Italy, US, Spain, or anywhere you happen to be sitting for coffee time. -Spend a delightfulful Coffee Culture Experience afternoon alongside foreign and local friends -Become a member of an international community of Watermelon Punchers thriving for cultural diversity in the city of Hangzhou. Welcome to Watermelon Punch Coffee Tasting Experience! Place: Lumiere Cafe Time: This Saturday, November 16. 3pm to 6pm Address: 开元路72-1号咖啡工房,涌金广场家乐福斜对面coco奶茶旁边,百花天地对面。电话0571-87015326 #71-1, KaiYuan Road, Lumiere Cafe 13738044196 13586068578
  10. Afternoon High Tea with a touch of Elegance @ SATINE A place where timeless elegance and informal grace are delicated to those who appreciate the best in life EVERY SATURDAY, SUNDAY & PUBLIC HOLDAYS 138 RMB per set 经典英式下午茶 轻触优雅 精致与优雅,为赞赏美好的您而存在,静待您的邂逅。 每个周六,周日以及法定节假日 Sheraton Hangzhou Wetland Park Resort
  11. Watermelon Punch

    Halloween Treats Decorating

    Halloween Treats Decorating-万圣节点心化妆会 快来学习如何制作这色彩缤纷且赏心悦目的万圣节点心化妆吧!: 一段原汁原味的美国搞怪传统的经历. 2013年10月26日星期六 下午 4點 至 7點 活动费:48元 滨江区月明路859号 贝瑞家 電話:13586068578 Come to learn how to make colorful and delightful Halloween Treats - An authentic baking experience with a Spooky American Tradition. This Saturday afternoon from 4pm to 7pm. Activity donation fee: 48RMB Barry Cake Bakery. YueMing Road 859#, Binjiang district. Tel: 13738044196 Brought to you by Watermelon Punch "来自世界上每个角落的文化风情荟萃" "A Fusion of Cultural Flavors from Every Corner of the World"
  12. Hi Guys, What's up! New cafe bar is saying hello to you, together with more than 100 youths. Our cafe is outcome of more than 100 youth from different careers who have dream of opening a cafe. Preparing from end of 2011, our cafe celebrates her opeing in Aprl.,2013 with massive of media reports. Well located in Huanglong CBD, the exquisite and calm environment will make you as comfortable as at home. Are you ready to join us, to explore what serect in the cafe and you'll feel our joy. Group meeting, party is welcome. Call us for discount now. 18357160515/0571-85899090 No.2, building No.1 Huanglong Yayuan, Paomachang Xiang, Xihu District, Hangzhou 杭州市西湖区跑马场巷黄龙雅苑1幢2号商铺 9:30 a.m.--12:00 p.m. http://weibo.com/hangzhouhenduoren Kevin Yang
  13. Shiny Red Ebike: RMB 2000 (4 months old) Big Yellow Ebike: RMB 1500 (11 months old with new handle bars and battery) Both bikes come ready to ride with rain coats, locks. Extremely Good Heater, used for 1 winter (with Walmart Warantee): RMB 500 Delonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Machine (EC155): RMB 400 Call Bruce: 133 8861 6360.
  14. KaiHoo is a VERY new Scouting organization in Hangzhou. Our goal is to provide China with the best possible scouting program that is Chinese owned and run. This will be a program designed for Chinese kids. All previous scouting programs in China have been for foreign kids that have later accepted Chinese. We aim to give China it's own, true Scouting Program! What: A coffee get together where we can hear what you think about Scouting. When: June 27th, Thursday 10am to noon and again 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Where: EAC Starbucks on Jiaogong Rd. Topic: Scouting! What does Scouting mean to you? What do you want to see in a Scouting program? What should we avoid? For Profit / Non Profit advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in the MORNING time please post here or Email me directly at: gwsully@gmail.com If you want to come to the evening session, just show up. (Feel free to come to both!) We look forward to meeting you and learning from you! Sully