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Found 15 results

  1. 2018年2月28日,我和我朋友打算组织一个舞龙队,庆祝元宵节。需要8个外国朋友舞龙,会有专门的舞龙师傅教你如何舞龙,然后你做表演。 你会得到 1. 非常特别的传统节日的活动经历 2. 学会一项特别的技能 3. 你会得到一件定制的舞龙服装 4. 你会得到200块钱的报酬 5. 如果你介绍一个朋友加入,你会额外得到100块报酬 On February 28th in 2018, my friend and I would like to organize a dragon dancing event for celebrating the Lantern Festival. We need eight foreign friends to join us. There will be dragon dancer who teaches you how to dance with a dragon. You are required to make a performance. You will get: 1. A special cultural experience of Chinese traditional festival 2. Learn a new but special skill 3. A specialized suit for dragon dancing 4. 200RMB reward 5. If you recommend a friend to join us, you can get an extra 100 RMB PM your contact info if interested
  2. Hi there. I'm new to HZ, and China, and have been here for a few days now. I've been enjoying playing charades with cashiers (I'm sure they enjoy watching me cluck like chicken and they always giggle when I mispronounce milk) Also been doing a lot of getting lost. I enjoy learning about the culture and trying new foods and drinks. Am interested in arts. Also love Trivia Nights. I'm not good, because I used to prepare them back home so I had the answer sheet. But would like to try being on the answering side of things. Not a club person, but like pub/bar vibes. Oh and love coffee :-))
  3. Dear all, The company I am interning for (Zhejiang Foreign Service Corp) are looking to bring out a product based on traditional Chinese medicine. I was wondering whether you could take a moment to fill out this short questionnaire I've designed about whether there would be some interest as regards to such a product. The survey shouldn't take longer than 2-3 minutes and I would be truly grateful for your help! The survey can be found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S25ZRKV Many thanks! Ozlem Bas
  4. Hello everyone! I am currently working and living 4 weeks in Xiaoshan as an English teacher. I would love to extend my social circle and get involved in more events in central Hangzhou, so I figured it would be worth posting here! I am a recent drama graduate from Ireland (although I'm Irish-German, fluent in German if there's any German speakers out there!) and previously left a very brief internship in London to explore China in all its guises. If anyone has any interest in theatre, films, the Arts and general cultural events, feel free to message me here and we can exchange wechat details to organise some group outings! Lydia :)

    Spain Cultural Carnival

    Come join us for a weekend of Spain at Hangzhou's international hotspot, Westlake Tiandi July 4 -6 from 10:00-20:00!Among the many different activities, there will be a breathtaking Heart sculpture installation, life sized bull sculptures painted by professiors and students of China Academy and lastly, a once in a lifetime performance of a human tower, or what is traditionally called, a Castell!
  6. Jebowski

    hilarious contradiction

    I've been here 6 months. 'Hadn't been to any of these foreigner hot spots, since I live out in Xiaoshan. And today, it hit me like a freight train. I wanted a damn burger. No McTurd sandwich would do - I don't eat those in the US either. Just finished an awesome burger at Slim's. Polite staff, had a tasty Californian beer. But my poor, picky Chinese girlfriend was miserable with her caesar salad. I tasted it, it wasn't bad, maybe a little heavy on the garlic powder. Her remedy was ketchup. Anyway, I had to grin at the silliness of how satisfied I was, and how disgusted she was. Good times!
  7. job NOTICE A. changsha international kindergarten. Conditions as following: 1.10000rmb each month,. 2.Free apartment 3.5 to 6 working hours each works from monday to friday 4.Air fee will be reimbursed when one year contract finished, 5.Help do working visa, 6.insurance will be covered, 7.chinese statutory holidays will be paid, 8.Students age : from 2 to 12 years old, 9.How many they need: 3 or 4 foreigners. 10.When do they need:March(this year) Requirements of applicants 1.teachers from 25 to 45 years old, 2.Canadian, American,UK,australia or other natives would be preferred; 3.at least bacherlor degree,tefl or tesol holders would be preferred. 4.have teaching experience, [please send me private message for contact information] B. hei long jiang province jia mu si city Conditions as following 1.8000rmb to 12000rmb each month for salary, 2.around 27 teaching hours each week,overtime work will be paid, 3.800rmb for air fee reimbursement when one year contract finished, 4.Help do working visa, 5.free apartment will be provided,and part of fee will be coverred by our school, 6.statutory holidays will be paid, 7.insurance will be coverred, 8.10 to 60 students in one classroom, 9.Students are adults, 10.10to 60 students in one classroom, Requirements of applicants 1, teachers under 55 years old 2, Canadian, American,UK,australia or other natives would be preferred; 3,at least bacherlor degree,tefl or tesol holders would be preferred.No bacherlor degree or tesol will be considerred too, 4, at least one year teaching experience; this is in hei long jiang
  8. IzzyEllie

    Ambulances in Hangzhou

    So where I come from (Texas, USA), whenever you hear an ambulance, much less see one, you pull over the side of the road or highway and wait for it to pass. Also, if you're waiting at a red light, and an ambulance starts to pull up behind you, you run that red light to let the ambulance through. Since coming to China though I've seen Ambulances stuck behind cars that won't even switch lanes for it, and sitting through red lights. Is this normal or have I just seen a couple bad drivers that weren't paying attention? Just wanting to plan for any emergencies that might come up in the future -slash- when baby number two comes in early October. Right now I'm thinking the cab drivers are more aggressive and might be a faster, safer bet. But maybe I've just seen exceptions to the norm. Any more experienced China dwellers care to weigh in?
  9. 2 gents, one from Netherland, one from US, promised and agreed to have a few lessons with my little brother as part of the preparation plan before departure for Newzealand. the dutch agreed to start on 8th tuesday, and the US on 9th wednesday. i received a message the night before the first lesson from the dutch,saying couldn't make it . i thought it was ok as we still had one left. and i got the positive answer from this dutch confirming that his friend the US boy would definitely come the next day. and the following happened...... i got the dutch message the night before tuesday 8th lesson, that's alright. the next day, i got the US message in the morning(nearly noon, class was meant to begin at 1pm) saying something happened and couldn't come . i said ok very nicely, and double checked with him whether he would make it or not the next day( wednesday 10th 1pm), he gave me very confident answer. i was not angry until the next morning, receiving another last minute notice.(message arrive 1.5 hours before the time we agreed on) as requested, all the pictures have been removed. that was unacceptable , otherwise i d be no different from those two bloody gents i was very angry, this would be the major reason i open the thread. i d be very grateful if someone would come out to show some understanding and support at least. i took the blame for my part. what about them? they are people can not be trusted.
  10. samson

    we should meet, if..

    we should meet if you believe the world is awful lot bigger than what you have experienced. if you would like to share the wonderful things you have seen, heard, tasted ...etc. if you have a open mind and willing to offer solutions for what you might not enjoy currently. if you like laggers or anything get people talking. if you preyed to meet someone who shares the same value and happens to be your type , happens he/she is single and available, happens has no criminal record, happens to have dental insurance , and happens to have a beautiful face then we should meet ^_^ Samson - the newbie ok folks, i was trying to be funny, and hoping to put all the differences on the table so we somehow come up with objective agreement or something, at the same time, one or two new friends wouldn't do no harm to anyone. people with different experiences helping each other , have a little fun maybe. it seems this idea was very silly from the beginning after all. I'm not offended by joking about my behavior earlier, I'm just unsure about how i am going to read what i see now. huge culture differences for me , someone who spent 6 years in UK, think about how people think and react those never have the blessing to see the world. i can not understand , so i wouldn't expect my people to understand. it's ok everything remains, but its just a shame while we have the chance to make a difference. ( you are not obliged for any of this )
  11. I'm a chinese post graduate student studying in the Tea Research Institue of Chines Academy of Agriculture Sciences. My major is tea science. Chines tea and its culture is very splendid, if you would like to know something about it, you can contact me. We hold tea party regularly. wish you can join us. by the way,I am a newcomer, Sheldon, my QQ is 229342712
  12. "EURASIAN-GEORGIAN FOOD & CULTURAL FESTIVAL" Apr 25 - May 11 SHERATON HANGZHOU Come and discover the wonderful world of Georgian Food, Culture and Entertainment with a foreign Celebrity Chef all the way from Georgia! 加入盛宴美食探索之旅,纵享地道的格鲁吉亚美食珍馐,体验浓浓的欧亚风情文化和经典异域舞蹈的精彩演绎,更有专业外籍明星厨师长倾情加盟,为您开启视觉和味觉的双重惊喜! Dinner Buffet: RMB 308 + 15% service charge 自助晚餐:308元人民币+15%服务费 For reservation or more information, please call 8500 2222 ext. 8715 预订或详情咨询请致电0571 8500 2222 转 8715
  13. Watermelon Punch

    On the Noodle Road - Noodle Fest

    Saturday, Oct 19,2013 4pm to 7pm #161 JiangNan Avenue, Binjiang district(near JiangLin Road Metro Station) Enjoy 4 noodle and pasta samples from China and Italy. Chat and make friends with our international community, and be amazed by our noodle and pasta making demonstrations! Buy tickets for 33RMB/person at the door. Welcome to Watermelon Punch and TSINGs CAFE--Noodles Fest Like it, you won't miss it! Chinese noodles and Italian pastas cooking activity – The story and description: Italy has a great cuisine and it is well represented with its many ways to cook pasta. But is it cooking authentic Italian pasta a big deal? Well, the Watermelon Punch team thinks that it can be done easily if people come together to learn from each other how to make great pasta(s) or Chinese noodles. And with the help of talented Italian and Chinese Chefs, the results can be optimized for a greater taste and a greater experience overall. On top of that, we can learn more about Italian and Chinese culture. Buon appetito! We are preparing for you 4 samples of Chinese and Italian noodles. In addition, we are going to deliver a free workshop on the history of the noodle and how it is cooked in China and Italy. Expect some yummy recipes to be included. The program of activities for this Saturday’s cooking class will not only focus on teaching you how to make great Italian pasta and Chinese noodles, but we are also planning to share with you a little bit about international etiquette, table manners, and a couple of tricks on how to pair a good drink with your food. Welcome to Watermelon Punch - Noodle Fest!
  14. Coffee Tasting Experience Coffee Tasting is an art form of its own. Here at Watermelon Punch we really appreciate the culture and every artistic aspect coffee represents to the world of taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. In fact, we embrace this so called cultural flavors so much that we are putting together a hands-on Coffee Tasting activity, one in which you will learn more about how to distinguish coffee(s) from other coffee(s). It does not stop there, by joining our Coffee Tasting Experience you will also learn how to tell the difference in aromas, taste, and mouthfeel in the various coffees we will offer you. What's more, we think in oder to better appreciate and learn culture from the world we need to keep direct contact with the physical representation of things. That is, things have to be authentic and tactile for you to get a feel of what is so special about a particular culture, object, nature, and everything in between taste and the creation of that taste. Coffee, thereof, allows us to achieve a level of understanding in how human beings delight themselves by experimenting with all kinds of flavors and their particular combinations. Now, if you really want to set yourself apart as someone who knows what is the meaning of those particular things, then come join us at Watermelon Punch's Coffee Tasting Experience. After All, If We Are What We Drink, then We Are All Part Westerners, or We Are Coffee Coinneseurs! Activity Program for Coffee Tasting: - Learn the origins of coffee and its evolution throughout history -Learn the different nominations and connotations of particular coffees found at public coffee houses(Cafes) -Learn how to call the different characteristics of coffee: taste, aromas, and mouthfeel -Learn how to best pair your coffee with foods and desserts to enhance the taste of your coffee in a particular situation -Learn about what are some of the most popular and tasty coffee beans from around the world -Learn how to make your own coffee at home in an easy a practical way, keeping the best taste coffee can deliver. Brew your own coffee, don't make instant coffee! -Taste your favorite coffee style with free coffee made snacks -Practice your language skills. Learn how to order a coffee inside an international venue out in Italy, US, Spain, or anywhere you happen to be sitting for coffee time. -Spend a delightfulful Coffee Culture Experience afternoon alongside foreign and local friends -Become a member of an international community of Watermelon Punchers thriving for cultural diversity in the city of Hangzhou. Welcome to Watermelon Punch Coffee Tasting Experience! Place: Lumiere Cafe Time: This Saturday, November 16. 3pm to 6pm Address: 开元路72-1号咖啡工房,涌金广场家乐福斜对面coco奶茶旁边,百花天地对面。电话0571-87015326 #71-1, KaiYuan Road, Lumiere Cafe 13738044196 13586068578
  15. THIS Saturday November 2, 6pm at MORA - Whisky and Cocktails House Do you love Halloween because you get the chance to be someone new for a night? MONSTER Halloween Cocktail party is an event where guests are encouraged to shed their inhibitions and wear titillating costumes that show their imagination. Think sexy, stylish, spooky and most of all FUN. This is your opportunity to elevate your Halloween experience by taking your night to the next level. Come experience one of the best Halloween Costume Contest in Hangzhou(Binjiang District), fancy prizes for the sexiest/spooktacular and most original costume. Imagine walking into a beautiful event space with: European Art and Modern Architecture, and with great displays of monsters, witches and famous scary movie characters...Amazing House Music and other EDM tunes to put your hands UP, mixing show, smoky exclusive cocktails: SPRITZ - Number One in Italy, The Dark Night Rises, Jack O’ Lantern Cocktail, Watermelon Punch Cocktail and the Best Cocktail Mixers in town(Italian, Mexican, and Chinese) with the most authentic ingredients(Aperol, Campari, BLACK VODKA, Prosecco, and ZOMBIE EYEBALLS). Enrich the whole experience with a great atmosphere full of foreign Expats as well as Chinese elite locals. Party goers will be moving to the music of the hottest EDM DJ, Jack Sparrow. As you sip on you will also enjoy the FREE ZOMBIE SNACKS! WELCOME! Event brought to you by Watermelon Punch and MORA Whisky & Cocktails - Real Pros in Mixiology Time: Saturday November 2, Starts: 6pm Finishes: 12pm Mora Whisky & Cocktails. #145 JiangNan Avenue, BinJiang District...10 minutes away from JiangLin Road Metro Station 莫拉酒吧. 滨江江南大道145号