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Found 7 results

  1. I'm Patricia Fulkerson, I'm American and I live in Hangzhou. I work here in China, and I'm looking for a Chinese Man for a committed relationship. Message me if you're interested. 45-55
  2. Im working in HZ for Internet company´╝îim glad to meet some girl who have time with me Welcome to WeChat
  3. Peter is a 40 year old American, in his eyes, Chinese women is very stable, he said they yearned for the stability and the establishment of the family, even after marriage no longer passion, they can from the family to find other spiritual sustenance, or enjoy the plain. Another American Nick thinks, "Chinese women are in general more sincere, they like to smile to you, you are willing to follow, in New York, you often hear "have a good day", but everyone knows that speak of the person, do not care about you today exactly how. And in China I think women really care about me." Eastern women in Europe and the United States's heart of men left the impression that the similar to above-mentioned, due to the significant difference between the East and West cultural circle, Asian women often make people feel different characteristics from the European and american. And according to the latest data that from 10000 users in gaga, nearly all of men prefer women in south east asia.
  4. gaga

    Dating with Beauty

    Man might think that few women fit him before his marriage, and contrarily when they get married,so when we are young, we should know more people to choose who suit us.Now big gifts to you!GaGa is an App for making friends with all over the world, here you can chat with handsome boys of German, American hot girls, Korea Opar, Japanese cute girls. Also you can make a beautiful girlfriend or handsome boyfriend.
  5. single, smart, considerate and charming whitecollar girl is looking for a date. Although this forum could be full of pleasure-seekers and one-night-stand seekers, I want to try my luck. (Considering that the God of Luck has abandoned me for a while, maybe this time, I will encounter someone special.) [please send me private message for my contact information]
  6. Hi everyone, i am korean , studying in Hangzhou. I have a chinese boyfriend. Oh I dont know if he is my boyfriend or not. Because we've been dating for one month , but I dont know what is he thinking about me. And also when weekend comes he never get in touch with me and asks me " are you go out with your friends or not?'. But I think we supposed to spent weekends together , but he never meet me in weekend. And also he sent messages through wechat to me very little , most of the time he does not chat with me.( Maybe because of his english is bad?? or other reason? ) So I really have no idea of what chinese guys do with their girls? Am I in a normal relationship or not? is there anyone can help me?
  7. I am looking for new friends preferably female share a coffee, drink or meal. Just arrived Hangzhou and hope to settle in Binjiang District. I am a little older, well maybe more that a little can offer good advise on life matters as been around a long time!