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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, my name is Ailana, I am from Kazakhstan. I am living in Hangzhou for a 2 month. I am looking for a russian speaking doctors here or an international clinic with a good english speaking specialists.
  2. Isaieva Alina

    Ivy dental free teeth cleaning

    Hangzhou IVY Dental clinic launches a free Lottery. The winning prize is 8 Free teeth cleaning coupons.
  3. Hungry_Hippo

    Any affordable walk-in clinics?

    I had a lower back injury 6-7 months ago from squatting badly. Never got a doc to take a look at it.Now got back into lifting. Again my lower back flared up... Anyone know a walk in clinic where I could get an x-ray or a magnetic resonance? No insurance. Can't speak Chinese. Can't sit down without makin a bad porn face... I'm thinking of getting an x-ray and ask online for people to help me... Cheers!
  4. abrunstedt

    Chiropractic Help

    Hello, I believe I slept wrong last night and woke up unable to turn my neck. Usually when this happens, I would go to the Chiropractor to get adjusted. I have heard Chinese Medicine has a department for fixing back related injuries. Would anyone please reccoment a reasonably priced Chiropractic Doctor? I don't think I could handle a massage, as it's like I pulled something in my neck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Lexi
  5. For ESL teachers who have already arrived in Hangzhou, where can they go to get a medical check that can be used in conjunction in applying for a Residency Permit? For example, whats the Hospitals or medical center name and location that offers this service and is used the most for foreigners?
  6. I've injured my foot and I need to see an orthopedic doctor. I was wondering if anyone would be able to recommend me someone who speaks English, but if there aren't any English speaking docs out here then I will make do with my poor Chinese. Thanks to everyone in advance.
  7. Hello, I would be interested in finding out if there are any foreign psychologists in Hangzhou. Please let me know if you have any knowledge regarding this topic. Thank you for your time. [please send me private message for contact information]
  8. Does anyone knows how to get paediatric help in Binjiang? Where can I look for a good doctor for small kids. I've been recently to Childrens hospital at Zhugan lane but It is quite repelling. I was wondering if there is something closer and better or at least cleaner. Where can I go for an emergency with kids, if needed?