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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking for a full time teaching position somewhere in Xiasha. Native speaker from the US, fluent in Spanish. If anyone knows of anything, please add me on wechat: antunyan Thanks!
  2. Work City : Hangzhou Jianggan district Job Category :English Teaching Salary Range :Negotiable No. Hiring :Several Work Experience :no experience Job Type :Part Time About The Center We focus on using a communicative approach to create a fun and stimulating learning program that instills a sense of confidence and creativity in our students. Students aged 5 – 18 are offered a range of classes that are expertly and collaboratively created by our dedicated team of professionals. Our small class sizes, internally developed curriculum and access to extensive materials ensure that both our students and teachers have everything they require to build the ideal educational environment. The international summer camp is about to begin. We are looking for passionate and dynamic individuals to join our diverse community of teachers. Successful applicants will be granted the opportunity to develop and enhance both young minds and their own in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. Requirements: • Native English Speaker • A University Degree from an accredited university + TESOL, CELTA or TEFL (100 hour minimum) • OR a Bachelor of Education/University Degree + Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching/TESOL Degree • A valid passport • A clear criminal record, both domestically and abroad. • Patient, creative, enthusiastic, and MUST enjoy working with kids Role and Responsibilities • Be responsible for teaching and teaching services during weekends in the summer camp. • Create more real-time communication with students • Organize activities, games with the kids and assist in the summer camp activities if necessary • Organize and prepare necessary class materials [please send me private message for contact information] or it would be the best if you have a wechat.you can contact with vivawed
  3. cruisemaster

    Yacht/Ship Workers Wanted

    Presidency Cruise United Kingdom 28 Owo St, London W1T 2PG, United Kingdom This is to inform the public, that recruiting for new crew members is in progress. We seek the following position: Kindergarten Teacher, ESL Teachers, Deckhand, chef, bar-tender, chef, cook, waiter/waitress, stewart, crew nurse, casino dice dealer, casino receptionist, accountant/purser, deck security officer, janitor, baby sitter, OOW, AYI, 3rd Engineers/Mates, Electrician, Senior Restaurant manager, interior designers, photographers, barbers, hair stylist, plumber e.t.c Presidency Cruise is about to launch operation this year and it is a private cruise company belonging to the Queen of England. This cruise ship will be only for the elite, world leaders, presidents and royal families. It is imperative that we screen applicants before employment. All applicants will undergo one week intense training on arrival. We shall take care of your feeding, accommodation and flight ticket to the port of departure in London. Job Salary varies from £2,000GBP - £10,500GBP monthly. If you are interested to work with us in any position, please kindly send your resume/CV to our HR Manager, Mr. Joseph Paul via email (presidencycruise@outlook.com) immediately. Management PRESIDENCY CRUISE U.K
  4. Looking for translator who can speak and write fluent english and chinese. Once in a lifetime opportunity: You will be working with a boutique hedge fund/capital firm. This is an amazing opportunity not to be overlooked! You will be hired full time to translate directly for the legal representative and chairman, of which you will see how it is at the very top of an investment firm with a diversified portfolio, involved in everything from real estate, share/future trading, software development, DOTCOM/e-biz, financing, leasing and government projects around the globe (just to name a few). You will be involved in all board meetings and your experience in the firm will enable you to gain a career with us long term, get entry to big investment banking firms globally or succesfully start your own business. The experience you will gain will be life changing and teach you valuable investment skills that you can use personally. Furthermore not only do we invest in projects/companies but people and ideas as well! This means once proven yourself you will have an opportunity either to manage other peoples money or a business within a business of which you will have full support and funding at your disposal. Did you know in this career path people at the top make more money than fortune 500 CEOs? If you do not believe me research for yourself on google "hedge fund managers income?". Information is power! Act quickly this position will not last long. The only reason we need a replacement is our current translator has now moved to another sector within the company and is on her way to becoming a great success in finance, she is already planning to managing funds and plans to live on Wall Street in the future. The position is available to someone with the following: -Good speaking and written skills. -HIGHLY trustworthy, loyal and can keep discussions confidential! (most important) -Able to assist the legal representative as both a translator and executive assistant. -Strong presentation. -Organizational skills. -Responsible and punctual. -Someone seeking a career path in finance. Please note no previous experience in financial firm required. -Can meet deadlines. -Motivated, willing to jump in the deep end and think out of the box. -Can work 5 days per week monday-friday 9am-5pm office is located in Xihu district in class A building. -Wages are negotiable based on experience, education and motivation wage will be 5,000+++ - 10,000+++ CNY per month. (+++ is potential bonuses, commissions and more.) Contact Peter via email with a copy of your resume and short message explaining WHY you think your worthy of the position. Email: pj@suretycapital.com Thanks for reading :)
  5. On July 1st, 2013, the new Exit-Entry Administration Law which is applicable to exit- entry of both Chinese citizens and foreign nationals officially took effect. The new law changes several rules for foreigner’s visa, residence and rights in China, and imposes harsher punishment on foreigners who entry, stay, work illegally in China.   According to the new law, a foreigner who wants to work in China shall obtain a work permit and work residence certificate. Any unit or individual shall not employ foreigners without a work permit and residence certificate. Moreover, work units that employ foreigners or recruit foreigner students must report relevant information to local public security organs in accordance with regulations yet to be promulgated.   For foreigners working in China, article 42 of the new law could effect their eligibility to remain in China. This article states that a specific guidance catalog for foreigners working in China will be formulated and periodically adjusted by various departments under the State Council, which will specify industries and occupations that are encouraged, restricted or prohibited to foreigners. Therefore, it is very important for foreigners in China to follow local practice or interpretations of the New Law indicated by the relevant government authorities.   Furthermore, the new Law has first time clearly regulated three circumstances in which foreigners will be deemed work illegally in China:  1.Working in China without the specified work permit and residence certificate;  2.Working in China beyond the scope defined in theof work permitted;  3.Violating the work-study program’s administrative rules and work beyond the specified post scope or working time limit in China.   Accordingly, the new Law sets the penalties for illegal employment. Article 80 provides that a fine of 5,000 to 20,000RMB will be imposed on foreigners who works illegally. In serious circumstances, a punishment of a detention of 5 to 15 days may also be imposed to them. It’s notable that persons introducing foreigners to illegal work will also be subject to a fine. Where a person employs foreigners illegally, a fine of 10,000 may be imposed for each foreigner illegally employed, up to a maximum of 100,000 RMB. Illegal income will be confiscated if there is any. However, it is not clear how such income will be calculated. Robin Shen-- Senior Partner of Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm Mobile:+86-13656695123 E-Mail:lawyer-Robin@hotmail.com Address: 12F, Building A,West Lake Plaza of International Science & Technology, 391 Wen Er Road, Hangzhou 310012
  6. Hi all, Have you ever encountered any legal problems when living and working in China but have no idea of how to deal with it ? Do you feel difficult to find a Chinese lawyer in Hangzhou who can provide legal services in English ? we are a group of Chinese lawyers from a national outstanding law firm in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm, experienced in handling foreign legal affairs in China. As most of us studied abroad, we can provide professional legal services in English and Japanese. We want to help more foreign friends in China, so our team will offer you FREE legal counsel service whenever you need it. So far, we are making a free legal information manual in which contains answers to some basic questions, such as the legality of working in Hangzhou, how to get married in China, what to do after car accident and how to invest saftely in China. Once the legal manual is done, we'll sent it to you by email. Besides FREE legal information manuals, we also provide professional and flexible legal services for foreign friends in China, such as consultancy, investigation, litigation and arbitration. Whenever you have any legal problems, please feel welcome to contact us or you can visit http://www.lawyerfriendcn.com/. So glad to know you all here! Robin Shen-- Senior Partner of Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm Member of Asia Offshore Association Mediator of China Academy of Wealth Planning and Management Secretary-General of the Int’l Business Law Committee of Hangzhou Lawyers Association Attorney Shen specializes in International Investment, Financing and Trade, Company Law, Overseas Company , Wealth Planning and Management, etc. More recently, his practice has been involved with electronic commerce. He has provided legal service for well-known financial institutions like the Chartered Bank, Bank of China, as well as famous corporation such as Siemens Group, Beingmate, Zhejiang Materials Group, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Taobao.com etc. Contact Details: Tel:0086-571-87007198 Fax:0086-571-87006661 Mobile:0086-13588212432 E-Mail: robin_lawyer@hotmail.com/s_zhushi@hotmail.com Li Wenqing - Lawyer Teacher of Law School, Hangzhou Normal University, China; Student of Sino-French Doctor’s Institue, France(2007-2008) Juris Doctor in Xiamen University Law School,China; Juris Master in Law,Xiamen University Law School,China; Lai jingjing- Lawyer LLB on International Economic Law of the East China Normal University of Political Science and Law Exchange student in City University of Hong Kong Chen Yashu - Lawyer Master in Law , University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA brief legal brochure.pdf