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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone ! We are looking for school choirs for the Christmas Market of the Kerry Centre Hangzhou this year. The tree lighting ceremony will be held on the 2nd of December from 6 to 7 PM and we are looking for school choir to sign some Christmas songs during this time. As we are a team located in Shanghai it's not easy to find the good contacts and the organization that can provide this. Please if anyone has contact, or is from international school with choir message me ! Or [please send me private message for my contact information] Thanks a lot, Carole
  2. Casper

    Hangzhou Event for Everybody

    EVENT ENJOYMENT This Saturday from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Akenz store at GDA Plaza, 333 Ti Yu Chang Road, is throwing a Karhu sneaker release event! During this event, the first 20 people gets 50% off ones purchase of Karhu shoes! Come by and say hello to fellow expats, see some models do photo shoots, get a drink, snacks and have a good time. Hope to see some of you there. Cheers Casper
  3. Commander (2016) is mere days away, and Commander Release Multiplayer Game is as An Annual Tradition. What is COMMANDER? Commander is an exciting, unique way to play Magic that is all about awesome legendary creatures, big plays, and battling your friends in epic multiplayer games! In Commander, each player chooses a legendary creature as the commander of their deck. They then play with a 99-card deck that contains only cards of their commander's colors. Also, other than basic lands, each deck can only use one copy of any card. During the game, you can cast your commander multiple times, meaning your favorite Legendary Creature can come back again and again to lead the charge as you battle for victory! Commander (2016) is an instant entry point into the format.Each deck in Commander (2016) is a preconstructed, fully playtested, ready-to-go inlet into Commander. It's a great place to start for any player who's curious about the format. WHO are four-color legendary commanders? You'll find five new cards on the front of the box: When Nov.12 2pm Sat. Where Mefun Boardgame Library & Hobby/Magic Store Room 807, Pinghai Wangjiao,No. 58 Pinghai Road Call us at (86)0571-56139099 or email us Mefun99@foxmail.com. Cost ¥50/p Use Commander (2016) Only Which is Special Game Rule? We will choose one by the number of the participants to join us. The Star format is based-off of the enemy color feature in Magic where each color has two counter colors opposite of it on the back of every Magic card. For example, Green’s enemies are Blue and Black. The BANG! recreates an old-fashioned spaghetti western shoot-out, with each player randomly receiving a secret Role card to determine their goal. Four different Roles are available, each with a unique victory condition: Sheriff - Kill all Outlaws and the Renegade Deputy - Protect the Sheriff and kill any Outlaws Outlaw - Kill the Sheriff Renegade - Be the last person standing A player's Role is kept secret, except for the Sheriff. I'm sure there are plenty of gems that will find a way onto your battlefield. Have fun!
  4. TEA EVENT COMING UP! A Wonderful Opportunity to Delve into the Chinese Culture! Meetus at the Tea Tasting & Mooncake DIY Party on Saturday, Sep. 24th Activity includes: - Osmanthus Longjing Tea Tasting - Learn Stories about Lonjing Tea and Osmanthus - Game: Never have I ever - Snowy Mooncake DIY - Lunch at the museum Time: 10:00 – 14:30(longer if needed) Meeting Place: Hongjian Pavilion at China National Tea Museum (LongjingBranch) Directions to the ChinaNational Tea Museum (Longjing Branch): By bus 27/87 to Longjing Branch of ChinaNational Tea Museum, walk west to east to the museum By car go to NO. 268 Wenjiashan Participants &Cost: Expatriatesliving in Hangzhou who are interested in tea; 50 RMB per person(including cost for tea tasting, mooncakes, lunch,etc.) Sign up: plz contact David via PM Snowy mooncake Osmanthus Longjing
  5. The Yin and the Yoni 2.0 -- 阴与瑜尼: 当代舞蹈表演 An idea to get in touch with such a delicate theme as femininity appeared simultaneously in our minds in summer 2013, although from a bit different perspectives. While searching for the essence of the feminine principles in our personal intimate experience and sincere feelings about the female conditions, we discovered a quite controversial approaches to the issue in different cultures and artworks by other artists. Artist description Illumin8tors is a co-creative artistic collective formed around several mainstays of the Shanghai music and art scene in 2010. Being absolutely in tune with the times, our creative work is limited neither by media nor by border. The Illumin8tors embraces musicians, photographers, visual artists, dancers, poets and just good people based in China, Indonesia, and Spain. Keeping our minds and hearts open, we are tend to work as a team without hierarchy, share ideas, encourage, and inspire each other. Duration: 45 Concept by Estel Vilar (Spain), Steph D’Sibo (Costa Rica), Olga Merekina (Russia) Directed by Olga Merekina (Russia) Music by David Hampson (UK) Stage design by Ye Bing (China) Choreography by Estel Vilar (Spain), Steph D’Sibo (Costa Rica), Olga Merekina (Russia), Marceau Chenault (France) --------- Price: 120 single ticket, 180 for two tickets. Phone: 400-610-3721 (tickets) Address: West Lake Cultural Square, Zone C, F2, Muma Theater Chinese address: 西湖文化广场C区杭州木马剧场(新远电影城二楼) Website (tickets): http://item.damai.cn/83718.html Date: June 27 (Saturday) Time: 19:00
  6. They sing French songs with an American vibe,making the songs presented on the genre boldly liberal, passionate and full of powerful features. From their songs ,we are always able to crawl to a lot of music features, whether it is pop music, rocking the old New York, or electronic remix, poetic music. These charming melody lingering in the ears of the audience, such as ginkgo like forever in the memory of theaudience.Once the eardrum to touch their music, you will enjoy yourself! It will prove that it is a crazy and amazing night!Whether you love jazz, electronic music or that you're just driven by the music, you can enjoy it! website:http://www.ginkgoa.com live: http://v.qq.com/page/g/a/t/g0148hl7jat.html Performance Information: 20th March, Friday, Doors open: 20:00 Schänke Beer Bar, Rue Qingchun, Qingchunfang, Bât. 32 salle 1-3 60RMB Presale // 80RMB Door tickets: www.douban.com/event/23776863/ http://youyanchu.com/show/13576
  7. A Must SEE Event- The GIFREUM 2013 Hangzhou Gifts & Premium Fair being held from 29th November 2013 till 1st December 2013- The Only Gift Trade Show in Zhejiang VENUE: Zhejiang World Trade Center, 122, Shuguang Road Hangzhou,China Organiser: Hangzhou From Exhibition Co. Ltd. GIFREUM Global Fair Series is positioned to build a leading emerging market trade platform for global enterprise. Every year fair is held in China, Vietnam and Moscow. Fair includes- gifts, premium, homeware , family consumer goods & travel goods industries . It is a professional trade show. GIFREUM INDIA and GIFREUM DUBAI will join the fair series. This fair will give you the opportunity of seeing the latest products and trends about Gifts and Premiums Industry, and, contacting Mainland Chinese suppliers who provide high quality products at affordable prices. We hope that you will discover some great product ranges for your customers! We are looking forward to see you on site! For further information : Contact: +86-571-87165321 Email : info[at]gifreum.com Website: www.gifreum.com
  8. Bay Area Council Program Assistant Internship The Bay Area Council is a business-sponsored, public policy advocacy organization for the nine-county Bay Area based in San Francisco, California. The Council proactively advocates for a strong economy, a vital business environment, and a better quality of life for everyone who lives in the California Bay Area and cross border trade for US and China. Founded in 1945, as a way for the region’s business community and like-minded individuals to concentrate and coordinate their efforts, the Bay Area Council is widely respected by elected officials, policy makers and community leaders as the regional voice of business in the Bay Area. Its mission is to improve the global competitiveness of the Bay Area region by solving problems in areas such as regional governance, education, housing, innovation, transportation, resources, healthcare, security and emergency preparedness. Since 2006, the Bay Area Council has been actively growing partnerships and relationships between public and private sector leaders in the Bay Area and the Greater Yangtze Delta regions. In 2011, it formally committed to opening an office in Hangzhou with the support of the Yuhang District government, and it will be actively working during its initial three-year commitment to attract Bay Area companies to Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City and facilitate investment and trade interest of Chinese companies directed to the Bay Area. The Bay Area Council Hangzhou Office is now seeking self-motivated individuals who are willing to devote to strong connection between the California Bay Area and China. POSITION TYPE: Paid part-time internship WORKING SITE: Building #1, Suite 606, Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City (Phase One) 浙江未来科技城海创园一期1号楼606室 (杭州市余杭区文一西路998号) DURATION: At least 3 months RESPONSIBILITIES: · Office administration & operation work, including but not limited to document editing, input, printing & filing, travel arrangements, answering phone calls; · Provide administrative support for meetings, events, and delegation trips; · Conduct bilingual (Chinese to English and English to Chinese) translation work for documents and research materials; · Information research and other assignments. REQUIREMENTS: · Willing to work under pressure and in a professional manner; · Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); · Knowledgeable and proficient in use of social media (Sina Weibo, Wexin, Renren); · Have passion to the work and easy-going, friendly personality; · English proficiency (spoken and written) required If you are interested in this position, please submit your CV/Resume in both English and Chinese to Stella Zhu at szhu@bayareacouncil.org with the internship title listed in the subject line of the email. Internship Description - Bay Area Council.pdf