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Found 14 results

  1. A night you don’t want to miss a first of its kinda in hangzhou come witness the French Soirée with surprises performances and French signature drinks and not forget beautiful music for the beautiful ladies free masks and a drink upon sharing the flyer to your circle of friends see you there this Friday
  2. Rorsistance

    Vineyard September Events & Specials

    VINEYARD Bar & Grill Happy Hour 4PM–8PM EVERYDAY! Cocktail Buy One Get One Free, Huge Cocktail 50RMB. House Wine 25RMB/Glass, Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint, Heineken Draft 30RMB/Pint, Wednesday Trivia Night From 9PM Rugby World Cup 2015 ! 7th Sep Brazilian Day! Caipirinha 25RMB, Jose Cuervo 10RMB! 16th Sep "Grito de Dolores" Mexican Day! All Fajitas,Quesadillas,Burritos,Nachos 20% OFF! Corona 20RMB,Jose Cuervo 10RMB! MONDAY All Hamburgers 30% off, Buffalo Chicken Wing, Beef sliders 20% off. Tiger Draft 20RMB, Heineken Draft 30RMB.Huge cocktail 55RMB TUESDAY All Steaks, Pizza 30% off, All Pasta 20% off. Tiger Draft 20RMB,House Wine 30RMB/Glass or 140RMB/Bottle, After 8PM Long Island Ice Tea, Pina Colada,Sex on the Beach, Sea Breeze,Bay Breeze 30RMB WEDNESDAY All Sandwiches, Wraps, Parma, Fish& Chips 20% off. Heineken Draft 30RMB,House Wine 30RMB/Glass or 140RMB/Bottle, After 8PM All Mojito, Long Island Ice Tea, Sea Breeze, Bay Breeze 30RMB, THURSDAY All Fajitas, Quesadillas, Burritos, Nachos, Salad 20% off, excluding Topping. Corona 25RMB,Heineken Draft 30RMB. After 8PM All Mojito,Margarita,Sea Breeze,Bay Breeze 30RMB, Jose Cuervo Tequila or Chairman Mao 10RMB FRIDAY, SATURDAY& SUNDAY Huge cocktail 60RMB, Italy Tiramisu 40RMB All Shots 15RMB, excluding B-52s.
  3. Rorsistance

    March Events & Specials @ Vineyard

    MARCH EVENTS & SPECIALS 17th March St. Patrick’s Day!Draft Green Beer 20RMB/Pint, Guinness Beer, Bailey's 25RMB, Mulled Wine, Jameson 30RMB! Wednesday Nights - Trivia Night From 9PM Happy Hour 4PM–8PM EVERYDAY! Cocktail Buy One Get One Free, Huge Cocktail 50RMB. House Wine 25RMB/Glass, Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint, Heineken Draft 30RMB/Pint, MONDAY Buffalo Chicken Wing, All Hamburger 30% off exclude Beef sliderS, Tiger Draft 20RMB, Huge cocktail 50RMB TUESDAY All Pizza 30% off, All Pasta 20% off,Tiger Draft 20RMB After 8PM Long Island Ice Tea, Martini,Sex on the Beach, Sea Breeze,Bay Breeze,Madras 30RMB WEDNESDAY All Parma,Sandwiches 20% off. Heineken Draft 30RMB. House Wine 25RMB/Glass or 135RMB/Bottle, After 8PM All Mojito,Margarita,Martini,Long Island Ice Tea 30RMB, THURSDAY All Fajitas 30% off, Burritos,Wraps 20% off. Tiger Draft 20RMB,Heineken Draft 30RMB. After 8PM All Mojito,Margarita,Martini,Long Island Ice Tea 30RMB, FRIDAY, SATURDAY& SUNDAY Huge cocktail 55RMB, Italy Tiramisu 35RMB All Shots 10RMB excludeS B-52. Cheers.
  4. Hello, I am currently studying at 浙大 on 玉泉校区 (Zheda on Yuquan Campus). I have already graduated from a French Business School (SKEMA Business School) in June 2014. I am here in Hangzhou to continue learning Mandarin (I have already passed HSK 4 one year ago). My master's degree is in International Business and I also have a degree in International Marketing and Business development. I can fluently speak French, Portuguese, English and Spanish. As I previously wrote, I am also learning to speak,read and write Mandarin. I am looking for a job opportunity here in Hangzhou, or in China for next September 2015. The hospitality industry here in China is at a very interesting place right now and I am looking to work in that business. If you know of opportunities in Sales/Marketing, Events, Public relations and Receptionist ,[please send me private message for contact information] Hope to hear from you soon, Best regards, Sandra Vermet
  5. At.DeliceGelato.fun.never.ends, this.weekend,and,the.following.ones,our,appointments.are: recycle.workshop:Sat.23rd.Aug,2pm.learn.how.fun.and.interesting.can.be.helping.the.environment!you.will.learn.how.to.make.furniture.and.tools.out.of.the.everyday.trash.free.event! Dry.Ice.Show: its.a.Physics/magic.show:Dry.Ice.is.extreamely.cold.solid.but.what.happens.when.interacting.with.other.materials? Free.Event.on.weeknd.of.30/31st Trip.at.xixi.wetlands:the.Shizi.season.has.arrived....join.the.delice.gelato.team.by.directly.going.to.pick.fresh.fruits.by.yourself,L Later.go.back.to.their.store.and.make.fresh.gelato.with.it! this.on.the.weeknd.of.the.7th.september(weather.allowing) price.still.to.confirm,includes:transportation.from.Xixi.wetlands.to.Delice.Gelato.store,entrance.ticket.to.Wetlands,all.you.can.pick.Fruits,and.make.gelato.with.the.fruits.you.picked. Follow.Delice.Gelato.official.Account.for.the.upcoming.details or.call:057189937632
  6. Rorsistance

    July @ Vineyard Hangzhou.

    Happy Hour 4PM–8PM EVERYDAY! Cocktails- Buy One Get One Free. Huge Cocktail 50RMB. House Wine 25RMB/Glass. Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint. Heineken Draft 30RMB/Pint. 4th July American Independence Day! All Hamburgers, Buffalo Chicken Wing, USA beers 20% off! Live Broadcast Of Every FIFA World Cup Game On The Big Screen. MONDAY All Hamburger 30% off (excludes beef sliders) Buffalo Chicken Wing, Magners cider, USA beers 20% off. TUESDAY All Pizza 30% off. All Pasta 20% off. House Wine 25RMB/Glass or 135RMB/Bottle, Tiger Draft 20RMB,Heineken Draft 30RMB. WEDNESDAY All Parmas,Sandwiches 20% off. After 8PM All Mojito,Margarita 30RMB, House Wine 25RMB/Glass or 135RMB/Bottle, THURSDAY All Fajitas 30% off, Burritos,Wraps 20% off. After 8PM All Martini,Daiquiri 30RMB. Tiger Draft 20RMB,Heineken Draft 30RMB. FRIDAY, SATURDAY& SUNDAY Huge cocktail 55RMB, Italian Tiramisu 35RMB All Shots 10RMB (excludes B-52's.)
  7. CLUB G + THIS SUNDAY hosts Quentin Mosimann #69 Top Ranked DJ in the WORLD Hangzhou, get ready for one of the biggest nights of the year. On Sunday April 6th, Club G + is hosting one of the best DJs in the world. Quentin Mosimann from Switzerland/France will be here to set the club on fire with his latest top hits and mixes. Quentin is currently the World's #69 DJ based on DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 DJs. At the age of 20, he's won numerous French media awards and has met large success through Universal Music with his two latest albums. Quentin has played for all the hottest clubs all around the world and on Sunday, April 6th, he will be here in Hangzhou at G+. Don't miss your chance to party it up with with one of the best DJs in the world. This guy is known to use anything he can on stage with his hands to make music and is respected and one of the best live performers today. In conjunction with this event we will be holding a G + T-Shirt Giveaway! Come before 11:00 PM and receive a free G + T-shirt. Supply is limited and is first come, first serve so be sure to come early before they all run out!! Sunday April 6th, only at Club G+ Hangzhou... ----------------------------------------------------- Listen and Love Quentin Mosimann: ----------------------------------------------------- TOP 100 DJ EXCLUSIVE REEL- Quentin uses drums, microphones, turntables, anything on stage..... LIVE AT MOTION SUNDANCE FESTIVAL- Clearly an amazing live performer... TOC TOC- Showing versatility with a funk band, using his rock star vocals ... Address: Club G + 1/F, West Lake International Trade Center, 50 Hubin Rd. 湖滨路50号西湖国贸中心1楼 If you have any other questions, such as how to book a sofa, drink prices, or more, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread
  8. madwebz

    Promoters in the clubs

    Hi guys! As a new in your city, have a question about the promouters in HZ. Which clubs have a free alcohol for laowais, how to contact the promoters (i mean, maybe you have a numbers, wechat, etc) Before i used to live in another city and there it was normal a free alcohol, table, etc. for foreigners, dont know if here you have the same
  9. Coming to Hangzhou this afternoon with some friends and wondering what I should do. I am 26 years old and from California in US and am excited to see and experience the culture of China and I would love to meet some people that speak Chinese and English. I don't know the best way to communicate since this is only my 2nd time visiting China, Thanks, Kai
  10. Choreographer living in China with 5 years of experience - Teaching Dance - Teaching Choreography - Making Choreography's - Being part of events - Managing events please contact me via email posting pictures and videos soon................
  11. Apart from even more fireworks, of course! (Was there something special about the 23rd?? They went berserk with the fireworks around my neighbourhood for a few hours yesterday evening!) Any festivals or temple fairs? Any special concerts? Or should I have left the country for two weeks, like everybody else??
  12. Rorsistance

    January @ The Vineyard

    Happy Hour 4PM–8PM EVERYDAY!!! Cocktail Buy One Get One Free, Tiger Draft 20RMB/Pint, House Wine 25RMB/Glass, Huge Cocktail (800ml) 50RMB Each! Jan 20th Dr. Martin Luther King Day! All Burger & Pizza 30% off! Budweiser 15RMB, Jack Daniel’s 20RMB Jan 26th Australia Day! VB 25RMB! Aus Burger, Aus Pizza, Chicken Parma or Fish&Chips 30% off! Have your Birthday Party with us , You will get Special Birthday Shots & Drinks. MONDAY All Hamburgers 30% off , All Beer 20% off, House Tequila 5RMB TUESDAY All Pizza 30% off, All Pasta 20% off. House Wine 20RMB/Glass or 120RMB/Bottle, All Wine 20% off, Miss Hangzhou , Angel 10RMB WEDNESDAY All Chicken Parma ,Sandwiches get a Free Tiger Pint or Soft Drink, After 8PM All Cocktail 30% off. Sparkplug, After Eight 10RMB THURSDAY All Fajitas,Burritos,Nachos get a Free Tiger Pint or Soft Drink, After 8PM All Cocktail 30% off. Chairman Mao 10RMB. FRIDAY & SATURDAY Huge cocktail 50RMB, Kamikaze,Orgasm 10RMB SUNDAY Aus Burger, Chicken Parma get a Free Tiger Pint or Soft Drink. Huge cocktail 50RMB, Kamikaze,Orgasm 10RMB, Trivia Night from 8:15PM
  13. Watermelon Punch

    On the Noodle Road - Noodle Fest

    Saturday, Oct 19,2013 4pm to 7pm #161 JiangNan Avenue, Binjiang district(near JiangLin Road Metro Station) Enjoy 4 noodle and pasta samples from China and Italy. Chat and make friends with our international community, and be amazed by our noodle and pasta making demonstrations! Buy tickets for 33RMB/person at the door. Welcome to Watermelon Punch and TSINGs CAFE--Noodles Fest Like it, you won't miss it! Chinese noodles and Italian pastas cooking activity – The story and description: Italy has a great cuisine and it is well represented with its many ways to cook pasta. But is it cooking authentic Italian pasta a big deal? Well, the Watermelon Punch team thinks that it can be done easily if people come together to learn from each other how to make great pasta(s) or Chinese noodles. And with the help of talented Italian and Chinese Chefs, the results can be optimized for a greater taste and a greater experience overall. On top of that, we can learn more about Italian and Chinese culture. Buon appetito! We are preparing for you 4 samples of Chinese and Italian noodles. In addition, we are going to deliver a free workshop on the history of the noodle and how it is cooked in China and Italy. Expect some yummy recipes to be included. The program of activities for this Saturday’s cooking class will not only focus on teaching you how to make great Italian pasta and Chinese noodles, but we are also planning to share with you a little bit about international etiquette, table manners, and a couple of tricks on how to pair a good drink with your food. Welcome to Watermelon Punch - Noodle Fest!
  14. THIS Saturday November 2, 6pm at MORA - Whisky and Cocktails House Do you love Halloween because you get the chance to be someone new for a night? MONSTER Halloween Cocktail party is an event where guests are encouraged to shed their inhibitions and wear titillating costumes that show their imagination. Think sexy, stylish, spooky and most of all FUN. This is your opportunity to elevate your Halloween experience by taking your night to the next level. Come experience one of the best Halloween Costume Contest in Hangzhou(Binjiang District), fancy prizes for the sexiest/spooktacular and most original costume. Imagine walking into a beautiful event space with: European Art and Modern Architecture, and with great displays of monsters, witches and famous scary movie characters...Amazing House Music and other EDM tunes to put your hands UP, mixing show, smoky exclusive cocktails: SPRITZ - Number One in Italy, The Dark Night Rises, Jack O’ Lantern Cocktail, Watermelon Punch Cocktail and the Best Cocktail Mixers in town(Italian, Mexican, and Chinese) with the most authentic ingredients(Aperol, Campari, BLACK VODKA, Prosecco, and ZOMBIE EYEBALLS). Enrich the whole experience with a great atmosphere full of foreign Expats as well as Chinese elite locals. Party goers will be moving to the music of the hottest EDM DJ, Jack Sparrow. As you sip on you will also enjoy the FREE ZOMBIE SNACKS! WELCOME! Event brought to you by Watermelon Punch and MORA Whisky & Cocktails - Real Pros in Mixiology Time: Saturday November 2, Starts: 6pm Finishes: 12pm Mora Whisky & Cocktails. #145 JiangNan Avenue, BinJiang District...10 minutes away from JiangLin Road Metro Station 莫拉酒吧. 滨江江南大道145号