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Found 14 results

  1. shinneone

    Hello everyone

    Hi everyone,
  2. Hey Hangzhou people! Akenz a North European Multi-brand store, located in GuoDa City Plaza, is having a sales promotion this weekend 17-20th. November! Drop by for some insane special prices and discover some of Europe's finest brands! AKENZ: 杭州市下城区延安路609号国大城市广场B1 - B1 No.609 Yan An Road,GuoDa City Plaza ,Xia Cheng District,Hangzhou
  3. Hi everyone, I'm totally new to the city of HZ and I would like to know by having a basic salary of $15k per month plus allowance, taxes, transportation, insurance, medical and housing all paid under company account consider a decent package for an expat? Because I heard there are expat getting $30-40k basic a month. I'm offered a Commercial General Manager post here. Is it worth coming over?
  4. Remember when you first moved to Hangzhou and were so disoriented that you couldn't decide which area to live in? Well now that you've been living here for a while, you probably have lots of advice to make that decision easier for other expats moving to Hangzhou! We are a business helping multinational companies and their expat employees have a smooth transition to China. That includes helping them find good housing, appropriate schools and the right community. If you are looking for a flexible job where you choose whether or not you want to take a work order, please contact us with your resume. We pay by the hour and the only job requirements are that you must be an expat, speak English fluently and are an expert on living in Hangzhou. To apply, please send your resume along with a quick intro.
  5. rgos1

    British man in HZ

    British guy looking to learn Chinese, will teach English.
  6. Luke

    Happy New Year!

    I'm Luke Aldrich, a US grad student studying International Development and Sustainability. I also teach English part time to students at the Zhejiang Vocational College of Commerce in the Binjiang District. I have been here since early October and plan on staying for another 1 1/2 years. I would really like to meet some new folks to explore the city with, hang out, etc. I have many interests and speak Mandarin pretty well and this is my third stint here in China. I just came back from a cool trip to Cambodia with my graduate cohorts. When I finish my contract at the Vocational College in July, I hope to find another teaching position in Hangzhou, and live and work closer to the Xihu district.
  7. Daniel_B

    Family moving to HZ

    Hi, We are a family of 5 (kids age 10, 8 and 6) who are considering moving to Hangzhou. We have previously lived 5 years in Shanghai, but are now back home in Sweden for a while. We need to figure out a lot of things, such as: - are there any expat housing compounds with western standard houses? Names? - What rent levels should we expect to pay for a nice 4BR house? - What district should we look for? - good relocation agency? - what international schools are there? recommendations? - how big is the expat community in HZ? Thanks for any help! Daniel
  8. I am in Bin Jiang, currently working as Industrial Designer and looking to meet new people to have some nice conversations, hang around and eat some spicy food. Have a sweet day ahead.
  9. Hi there! It's Antía. I was born in America and lived there for 7 years, but then I moved to Spain and I've been living there since then. So, in September I will move to Hangzhou to attend college and I was thinking about improving chinese faster and make some friends too, so if there's anyone interested in learning Spanish or practise their English I will be glad to help you if you can help me with my Chinese (that right now is non-existant, TBH) I would also love to make new friends, so I hope to hear from a lot of people very soon ^^
  10. Long term means plan to stay in Hangzhou at least more than 1 year, prefer 2 to 3 year. because expats are easy to get boired and lonely in China, need to organize a group to keep each other company. I am looking for this organization for my friend. Please give me some suggestions, thanks!
  11. mike1966

    Hangzhou High School No 2

    Hi everybody, i will move to HZ end of august and start as a football coach in HZ High School NO 2. can anybody tell me something about the High School? a lot foreign teachers? how is the working there? whats the area about? Thanks
  12. We are a relocation company and has an office in Shanghai. We will be expecting some programs in Hangzhou, so would like to find someone who has lived there for some time; who has an affinity with the city life and culture; is empathetic and also has good understanding of expat living and housing conditions in Hangzhou to help guide and introduce the newcomers. This isn't a full time position in fact it is a very part time , occasional position. I can’t tell you how often the need would arise (perhaps once a month, perhaps less) – but every time we had an assignment, we would need your help for 2 – 3 days in a week. We now have one program for Hangzhou city so we would really appreciate the immediate reply if anyone's interested. Thanks.
  13. huzhou_meiguo_heiren

    Help in Huzhou from Hangzhou?

    Hey, I am currently living in Huzhou and have not seen one foreigner yet (I've only been here about 5 days, but hey, I figured something would have cracked by now). I know Huzhou is not the same as Hangzhou, but if there are any suggestions about where an expatriot of the English language persuasion might go to meet others of the same persuasion, I would appreciate the suggestions. Thank you kindly, h-m-h
  14. Hello, I am being offered a job in Hangzhou or Shanghai. So I am trying to get more feedback from what it's like to live in Hangzhou (rather than Shanghai). I have been in Shanghai before as a tourist and was really impressed by the city, but I guess living there would be a different experience. I have never been to Hangzhou, but read that it is a pleasant city, to visit, but what about living there ? So I would like to know what you, as expats, foreign students, etc. think about Hangzhou vs Shanghai ? I speak a bit of Mandarin (I can have very basic convesations) and still have a bit of time to progress before coming to China. But I can not read characters (yet). I wonder if life could be difficult in Hangzhou if I don't read the characters. Would it take a long time to learn the chinese characters to be able to direct myself in the city, read a card in a restaurant, etc ? Can you have a english navigation app on your phone ? I am also wondering how big is the expat community in Hangzhou ? I bet that the week-end that would be ok, but is it hard to find people to go out during the week ? Pros and cons of having a smaller expat community than in shanghai ? (people looking at you in the streets ?) How 's the night life in Hangzhou ? and is it only Thursday to Saturday ? What about people ? I heard and read that Shanghai people are very money driven, will chose their friends depending on what they do, where they live, what car they drive, etc... is that really true ? How is it in Hangzhou ? Is it easy to mix with locals, do many of the young (20-30) speak good english ? (cause my mandarin might not be enough to have a very long and interesting conversation). Would you say that life is much cheaper in Hangzhou than in Shanghai ? I am afraid that Shanghai might be quite expensive, but I understand that Hangzhou is not that cheap given that it is very touristic. How much would you pay for the rent in Hangzhou compared to Shanghai ? (for example 2 BR in good location) for a meal for a beer, Or living with the same standards, how much money would you think i would save if I live in Hangzhou rather than Shanghai ? How is the traffic in Hangzhou ? is it easy to move around ? are the bikes useful to move in central Hangzhou ? Would you recommende to live near the West lake ? it looks like all the action is taking place there, no ? And also, what do you think of both cities in general, re parks, outdoors, culture, etc ? Thank you very much for you help !!