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Found 21 results

  1. martel420

    no available ..

    not available
  2. Looking for a solo or couple occupants who are willing to sublet my apartment. It's a one bed room apartment, with a kitchen, living room, t&b with basic furnitures and appliances such as sofa, a desk and chairs, big cabinets, a cooker, and washing machine. It's located at Swan Castle, #569 Xixi road. It's not far from Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus. The monthly fee is 4,000. I have paid the agent fee already so it's a big save for you if you take over this apartment. Payment can be every 3 months. It has a lot a buses, shops, cafes, restaurants and a bank around. If anyone interested please let me know and will give you more details. I recently lost my phone so I can't post photos of the unit but if you're willing to see the place I'd be happy so show you. Leave your wechat ID or email and I'll contact you. Cheers!
  3. Hey guys, i just came for studies at gongshang university. For recent week i was trying to find a flat in Xiasha together with some friends and rent a place with few bedrooms but we failed to find one in decent condition and price. Most of my friends resigned from looking for anything and decided to stay in a crappy dorm. As i am still looking i will be gratefull for any piece of information Does anyone know about a flat i could rent in here? Maybe know some guys who already rent something with few bedrooms and still have one room, so are looking for a flat mate? Or maybe you are just looking for something to rent just as i am, so we could rent bigger apartment together and share the rental fee?
  4. I just moved to Hangzhou and need to find a 2 bedroom apartment close to Alibaba's Binjiang campus, near Binhe road metro station. My budget is RMB 3,500 per month and I'd like to move in on the week of September 26. Reference: http://hz.zu.anjuke.com/fangyuan/1021573948.
  5. Apartment for rent: Between June 15th to August 15. Can be extended for longer if needed. Apartment located next to Charcoal. YuhuangTang Lu and Fentang Lu. Two floor Flat. Main Bedroom upstairs. Work area on the other side. First floor Living Room, Dinning Room (With 42inch tv), frig and kitchenette. Standard bathroom, washer and shower. +Extra bed and Sofabed. If you have any questions. Please contact me. :) -Titi
  6. Is there anyone living in Liangzhu or near that area who wants to rent a place there? I'm looking for rooms or even an apartment.
  7. ug 2015 · Report post I'm a full-time/part-time Montessorri teacher who doesn't really party, mainly I focus on physical fitness, music and my career as a Montessori teacher. I'm looking for a new roomate as my last roommate abruptly left me with my giant apartment. It's two floors so essentially the upstairs would be my roommates more than mine. Huge balcony and living room as well and a private downstairs storage room perfect for a bicycle or ebike. I'm looking for a laid-back person who cleans up after themselves. Message me for more details before the room gets snatched up! .
  8. Hey there:)!! I am a spanish girl, 23 years old, studying at the Yuquan Campus. I am currently looking for a shared apartment or a one room studio: - Fully furnished - Kitchen equipped with all mod cons - Near to the Yuquan Campus I am a quite person so I am looking for a good environment to study and rest. I can speak fluently english and german, a little french and I am studying chinese, so I think communication won't be a problem. [please send me private message for my contact information] Thanks a lot for your help!!!
  9. Currently looking for a roommate for my apartment, situated near wenyi road and jiaogong road in the Xihu district of Hangzhou. Rent is 2100, not including utilities. Available now. Please contact me if you are interested. [send me private message for contact information] Toby
  10. One room for rent in a 3 bedroom apartment. 135m2. A/C, Wifi, TV, water purifier, fridge, microwave, kitchen, is fully equipped and have all the services. With a excellent location, 5 min. walking to Yuquan campus, vineyard and coco banana. two balconies. The room in rent have a large balcony, its own closet, bed, desk and A/C. Flat is clean never have any problems with the landlord. Rent is ¥1900 rmb per month. plus one month deposit. The landlord will collect the rent every 3 months. Next time is September 14. So for now is only necessary pay 1.5 months plus deposit. Available by July 30. If interested or want more details [please reply here or send me private message for contact information]
  11. Looking to rent an apartment to begin around the end of July/beginning of August. Ideal place would be around wenyi/ wener road near gongshang University (文一路、文二路). Send me a private message if interested.
  12. Hi there! I'm 25 yo male from western Europe. I've been studying and working in China for about 4 years. Now moving back to Hangzhou after few years break. Looking for a flat or room. My work will be in different parts of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan. So the flat should be in Binjiang district or in other places, but close to metro station. I don't smoke, have no bad habits, like sports and other activities. Contacts: [please send me private message for contact information]
  13. Hello, My landlord has asked a real-estate company to take pictures of the flat in which I leave. Our contract ends in half a year from now. I guess he is looking for a buyer, maybe the next renter. What happens if he sells the flat while our contract is still valid? My main concern is that next week I have to pay him for the next six months and I am worried that at the end I will end up without home and without six months of rent. How safe am I if he sells the flat right after I pay him for the next period? Thanks in advance, T
  14. Hi I will be in Hangzhou for 2/3 months and i'm looking for an accommodation I will study any proposition <4000 Y / month (hotel, room, apartment, flatmate...) I currently live in youth hostel. Thank you :)
  15. Hey guys, I just joined the forum and am totally new. But I'm moving to Hangzhou in 6 days...super excited, super nervous. I'm coming for at least a month, perhaps more to live by my manufacturer for my business, Shido Stand, the first laptop case that's also a standing desk. Also do crowdfunding, Art of the Kickstart. I'm hoping to find an open room with the awesome expats, meet people and work a lot while also seeing what I hear to be a beautiful city with great outdoor scene. It's my first time in China, 0 Chinese but I've lived in Thailand and Vietnam for 3 months a piece so I understand some of Asian culture. About me, I'm 24 year old guy into fitness, entrepreneurship, travel, outdoors and love a good book or movie. Speak passable German and French as well and would love to practice. My manufacturer is located near Linan so areas to the west of the city are best but would love to hear from anybody with space and a not so expensive room available as my budget's bootstrapped :) [please send me private message for contact information]
  16. Hi, everybody ! My flatmate and I will leave Hangzhou soon, so, I am looking for someone to take over the flat with 2 bedrooms. The rooms are sunny and have a queen size bed with a comfortable matress, an AC, and clothes storages. Plus, the master room has a balcony. The rent of the whole flat is 3500 RMB a month, and is paid three months at a time. The flat is in Xihu District, in the Gudan Xincun (古荡新村) compound [Tianmushanlu, Wensanxilu, Gucuilu], close to the Zhejiang University Yuquan campus (only one stop by bus) and Xixi campus (2-3 stops) ! The whole flat is about 70 squared meters, full-furnished (a TV, a fridge, a washing machine...) . It has a bathroom (with shower), a kitchen and a big living room/dining room ! In the neighbourhood, you can find a lot of restaurants, and you have a park at 2 minutes by walk from the flat. If you're interested, feel free to come over and have a look, or please contact me if you want more details. [please send me private message for contact information] Cheers, Pascal
  17. Hi everyone, I will be coming to Hangzhou at the end of February. I will study business administration in Hangzhou Dianzi University as an exchange student. I am looking for a room around 1500 RMB and not so away from the city center. I am open to offers. [please send me private message for contact information] I also use WeChat. You can send me a PM to talk about details. Cheers
  18. pinaaa

    Excited about Hangzhou

    Hi guys! Someone on a Facebook group offered me this website. It is good to know that there are other foreigners around. I will be coming to Hangzhou at the end of February. I am a senior year business administration student and will be an exchange student at Hangzhou Dianzi University. Although being really excited about Hangzhou, I have some concerns, too. First of all, I am looking for a shared flat not so away from the city center. Anyone searches for a flatmate can contact me. I also wonder job opportunities for those without Chinese. Is it likely to get a part-time job, or perhaps an internship related to my studies? Anyway, it would good to meet new people and make some friends. Cheers,
  19. Hej, we are a family with two kids 6mth and 21mth old. As we are moving into an almost empty flat we are looking for a second hand stuff from a family with similar needs. We need usual items like kitchen appliances, cuttlery, plates, pots, cups, glasses, accessories etc Especially we are looking for kid's stuff meaning two beds and matrasses Nursing chairs for the kids and mum. Changing board etc. My wife and kids will come for a year in January, but I am already here and can pick stuff up from begining of november untill mid december.As we are planning to stay in China only for a year we do not wish to invest too much in it, that is why we are mostly looking for a used stuff. Our flat is on Binsheng Lu, in Binjiang District. If you also have any ideas or suggestions where I could get such stuff, please let me know. I know taobao but I am wondering is there is any kind of second hand store in HZ. I'm open for all reasonable offers. Thank you in advance for your ideas.
  20. Hi, I am finishing negotiations for a job on Hangda Road, North East of the Lake and have to find my own accommodation nearby. I have never been to Asia, speak no Mandarin and have no idea where to start. The English accommodation websites seem pricey! I'm thinking 4000-5000 RMB, 1 bed and bath and arriving in China mid August 2014 and staying for a year. Please help if you can. Stephanie
  21. Double room situated in quiet and secure Enjoy Garden complex. This complex is a gated one with security assistance 24/7. It is located on Wen Er West Road,walking distance to both Zijingang and Yuquan Campus. The double room is a clean and bright room with natural light filling the whole room and has air conditioning and a spacious closet . It is part of a three bedroom fully furnished apartment with all needs catered for. It has a large comfortable living area with a balcony, wifi, air conditioner, and leather seats.There are two bathrooms and a well equipped kitchen.Monthly rent is 1700 RMB,plus utilities.Contract is till mid July.The flat is shared already with two friendly girls who are looking for a new flat mate. For further information please call 188 50 34 94 84 or e mail :dilaozzambak@gmail.com