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Found 29 results

  1. Casper

    Hangzhou Event for Everybody

    EVENT ENJOYMENT This Saturday from 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. Akenz store at GDA Plaza, 333 Ti Yu Chang Road, is throwing a Karhu sneaker release event! During this event, the first 20 people gets 50% off ones purchase of Karhu shoes! Come by and say hello to fellow expats, see some models do photo shoots, get a drink, snacks and have a good time. Hope to see some of you there. Cheers Casper
  2. We are looking for American Football Coach for kids from 3 to 12, Requirement: love kids be keen on American Football, familiar with the rules, former player preferred If interested please pm me
  3. Hello everyone! I'm living in Changbang district of Gongshu and looking to play indoor/ outdoor football, anyone playing? Thank you!
  4. Arnaud

    Indoor Football (soccer)

    Dear all, I'm new in Hz and a football player especially indoor football as Futsal (five-a-side). There is any indoor football player around here? Do you now a sport center with indoor footbal field?
  5. Jamiemac

    Binjiang football team

    Hello to any footballers (soccer players) out there who live in the Binjiang area and would like to start up at team, me and my Scottish friend are both teachers,( he is a football coach). We are both fairly decent. we are desperate to get a little kick around going so let me know if your interested. Everyone welcome .... :) [please send me private message for my contact information]
  6. More than 7 years of Coaching diffrent kids levels, work in football clubs and academies, played in High Championship Levels, Graduated in Football Methodology Expert, offering classes/training football in Hangzhou. Second year in Hangzhou, Yuhang district. Please contact for more deails. Sports Regards
  7. Hi, I'm currently in hangzhou and want to play football. I know one or two places to play but I can't find enough people who want to play or can play on Monday/Tuesday . I'm looking for other people who want to play on Monday or Tuesday. Would also consider making or joining a team if anyone has any information. Thanks Message me for my wechat id :)
  8. Hello! I'm Ihor. I would like to play Football, basketball , volleyball, poker, chess, [please send me private message for my contact information] Have a nice mood. Hope to see you.
  9. I would like to find a part-time job.
  10. I have a friend who recently landed in hangzhou. He is an ex-professional soccer player, having played professionally in Cameroon, France and Spain. He has also coached many teams over a period of 15 years. Seeking part-time hours for one-on-one or group coaching from now until the end of summer. If you are interested please message me and I will make the connection.
  11. Rorsistance

    EURO 2016 @ WADE'S BAR & GRILL

    EURO 2016 @ Wade's Bar & Grill. ALL games on the big screen with crystal clear streaming. Full food & drinks menu available. From June 10th till July 10th. Cheers.
  12. Hi I'm a Leicester City fan coming to HZ for 3 weeks in April. I need to find somewhere that shows the Leicester games or any advice on how I can see them online also I am keen to go and watch the local team if there is anyone who can give me any advice would be great. This is my first trip to china so don't know what to expect Thanks in advance Neil Aldred Leicester/NZ
  13. Jebowski

    UEFA Champions League

    Things are heating up in the Champs League! They've just completed the first leg of the quarterfinals. Anyone following? I'm a long time Real Madrid fan myself, but I enjoy following lots of teams, and players. (Chelsea is my other favorite, but they're out...) Todays FC Porto 3-1 results against Bayern Munich was a big surprise! Reactions? Predictions? Who are you pulling for? Feel free to just open it into a football discussion too.
  14. Hi! New student at Zheda and looking for a sports club or some kind of team to join on a weekly basis. Willing to learn pretty much any sport, but i'd prefer football (soccer).
  15. New Junior Football Academy will be opened in September 2016 for 5-18yo kids. European coaches with at least UEFA B license and minimum 5 years experience, 2 training sessions per week, league and friendly games, tournaments, camps and clinics. International trips and tournaments (Gothia Cup, Iber Cup etc.). Training apparel and equipment provided. Project covered by Italian company. Coaching ratio 1;12-15, youth development program with proper curriculum and linked to our academy partners in Italy (Perugia) and Spain (Madrid). In case of interest, please leave message. Thank you, JC
  16. Rich_Roo

    Mens 5 aside Football

    Hello all, I am setting up a regular pitch for a Tuesday evening, 7pm , on the pitches situated near Huang long! Message me with your details, and ill add you to the 'pool' of players. Rich
  17. DayLateHero

    NFL fantasy football league

    Anyone got a league going they need more players for or want to join an existing league? I have a league with a mix of people living in binjiang, Xiaoshan, and downtown. As of now we have 8 fully committed players and a possible 9th. Hoping to get to at least 10 maybe 12? If anyone one else has a league going if also like to be in more than one league this year so if your looking for members give me a shout. -Josh
  18. Are there any good places to play sports? I've heard a lot about places that can be rented, but I was wondering if there are any open, free soccer fields (indoor or outdoor) or basketball courts, just for shooting around and dicking around? Also, are there any soccer or basketball club teams or house leagues in Hangzhou? Lacrosse probably hasn't made it this far out here, but any lax players on here? I'd be down to toss around and rip some twine.
  19. Hey guys It’s nice too meet so many foreign residents here. My friends and I are students of high schools and we really want to have a friendly soccer game with you. No matter how well you play soccer, we sincerely invite you to join the event. We are students interested in soccer rather than professional players. Therefore, the purpose of such event is to have some fun and get a great experience with people from different places. Hope we can make friends~. Besides if you are interested in getting more information about Hangzhou, you can also contact me and have some conversations. The time of the event depends on you guys’ schedule and we will pick a proper time for all players. We plan to have the game in Hangzhou gym on Tiyuchang Road. The soccer field’s condition is good and its size is for games of five to ten people each team. We will make everything settled and you needn’t worry anything I believe. If you are interested in the games, please tell us by replying or contact me.
  20. Hi everyone. relatively new to hangzhou and was wondering if anyone knows a good sports pub here to watch the English Premier League this weekend. Cheers!
  21. mike1966

    New in Hangzhou

    Hi everybody, my name is Michael, i am a german and i will move to HZ mid august . I will be a football coach in a High School. i was many times as a visiter in HZ ...but now is different. Can anybody tell me: is there a football expat group? pitches for playing? private football school? where are good place to hang around ( decent beer?). I will come together with my gf...she is from philippines...any pinoy community here? thanks for all replies:-)
  22. Hi All, Looking to play football again. It is my no.1 love!!! It has to be said... currently I am absolutely diabolical but only because I haven't played in years! I used to be a good player. Would love to get back into it all.. So! if any teams are looking for a potential Thierry Henry inspired striker? Im ya man. want to play 11 a side, but will play 5/6/7 a side. Cheers Rich
  23. mike1966

    Hangzhou High School No 2

    Hi everybody, i will move to HZ end of august and start as a football coach in HZ High School NO 2. can anybody tell me something about the High School? a lot foreign teachers? how is the working there? whats the area about? Thanks
  24. Wondering if anyone knows of a spot to watch the FA cup final Arsenal against Hull? Should be a good game... if anyone can suggest places that will be open at 2am to watch i would appreciate that. Cheers.
  25. langaman


    Hi anyone play soccer in Hangzhou? I live in Ganjiang and I really would like to start again to play