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Found 26 results

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Natacha and I am a native English and native French TEFL accredited teacher with over six years experience. I currently have a couple of availabilities for new students to teach online. I have extensive experience teaching children and adults from China, Russia, France, the UK and Colombia. I also speak fluent Russian, Spanish and some German, and teach etiquette lessons. Do not hesitate to get in contact if this seems of interest or if you have any questions, Very best, Natacha
  2. Hi all! Me and my husband are Dutch born Chinese and will be arriving with our two kids in May. We are looking forward to our new life in Hangzhou (Binjiang, HIS-area) but also a bit nervous cause our Mandarin Chinese is just so-so! We speak Dutch, English, Cantonese Chinese, German and also some French (for the past few years we have been living in Suisse Romande). I hope to meet some of you guys/gals, especially families with kids, and make the most out of our time in China. So long now!
  3. Hello Everybody, I’m in HZ since one month and I will stay here for 6 months. I’m looking for some job or part-time job.I’m a French native language, if everybody like to have private leasson of french, please just send me a PM.
  4. I am currently in Hangzhou and is in need of a teaching job. I cab work the whole week from 9AM. I'm willing to go to shanghai as well. If interested please private message me.
  5. Need 2 French friends to do a part time job. working content: recording, choose one topic and do free speech for an hour payment:150RMB/ hour Please reply me for more details.
  6. Commercial company need some part-time and full-time interpretation job for any person from French ,Indonesia or Iran only in Hangzhou Gongshu district . Full-time job pay the 10k per month at least ;Part-time pay will talk when interview. Anyone knows compatible persons plz. free to let me know!
  7. Neibaf

    New french soon here

    Hey there! I'm french, and soon will be studying at ZJUT. I lived three years in Spain where I met my girlfriend who recently moved in Hangzhou. I'm coming for a spring semester and I hope I'll can stay here more I have some questions, if you can't reply me it will be great - I found some opposite informations about the possibility to work while I'm studying at ZJUT - Any informations about the pet quarantine? Moving with my cat - Any tips about good place to listen music? Cheers
  8. Ecole de la langue française cherche un enseignant français position: enseignant ou enseignante de français (langue maternelle: français) Forme: temps partiel (1/2fois par semaine pendant le weekend) Responsabilité: le cours de l'expression orale française Les élèves sont des étudiants de l'école nationale supérieure des beaux-arts; 4-6personnes dans la classe 150rmb/heure si vous vous intéressez, n'hésitez pas de m'envoyer votre CV Merci et bonne journée!
  9. Bonjour ! My name is Nadim , I am Native French Speaker from Lyon (France). I have been teaching Foreign Languages for the last 2 years. I am currently in Hangzhou City , China . French is not so hard to learn if it is well taught. That’s why I want to teach in a friendly, dynamic and demanding way. I like to encourage people so that they do their best and make the most of the teaching: you are definitely able to improve your French quickly! Lessons are available for 150 for 1 hour or 250 for 2 hours . you can contact me on through the following : [please send me private message for my contact information] See you soon
  10. Hello! We have a native French speaker who's looking to tutor/teach French at all levels, whether intermediate, beginner, or advanced, anyone can inquire! Alongside the comprehensive French focus, the program would also involve learning about European etiquette and mannerisms. Additionally, the Teacher is only willing to teach in Xihu district. For any further inquiries, please leave me a message. Thank you for your interest, Green.
  11. good evening hangzhou expat family hope you are all doing fine on this beautiful Wednesday! i am in search of a teaching job, i am very much a people's person and very eager to not only teach new things but to learn new things as well. currently i reside in Hangzhou, xiasha. I've taught part-time English for the past three years but now that I've graduated i'm ready to go full time. hoping to get a message from employers seeking for a tutor or a teacher for their children!
  12. drown

    Book exchange

    I have and will continue to have books to trade or sell. Mostly in English but may have some French ones once in a while. Would be keen to trade for things I have not read. Happy to return them if you want to hang on to them. If you want to participate in some kind of book exchange get in touch. I'll follow up with a list of titles I have now.
  13. Hello there, My name is Lyan(Lee Yi-yang), I am doing contemporary art and fashion design. And I also am good at drawing, helping people choose their outfits!!! I graduated from China Academy of Art (l'Académie Supérieur Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Chine). I come from hangzhou. I have lived in Paris and London, and now I am trying to move to London. I travailed around Europe. My speaking French is B2, writing/grammar is A2 lol mdr. My English level is quite similar, I am always having a thing for British/English/accent etc. I love learning culture, languages. I'd like to learn Norwegian, and Italian next. I could pay for it, but I am still trying to put my shit together , so if we could do languages/art/drawing skill exchange that would be wonderful I hope when you hear why am I interested in learning Norwegian, you could be touched haha I meet a Norwegian boy when I worked in London, I am a guy also :) hope you're not homophobe ;pThere is no better way to know him more than speak his mother langue.I want to surprise him XD And also at the moment it is impossible to have gay marriage in China, as I said I am trying to move to Europe, so it is always necessary to improve my language skill. [please send me private message for my contact information] Please contact me if you're interested Warm regards :)
  14. Charisma

    part time job needed!!

    I am currently looking for a part time job! I'm almost a graduate! I have lots of experience with both children and adults! hope to hear from you soon
  15. Hi, is there anybody who is native french speaker? If you are looking for a language partner to practice your Mandarian, then please send a private msg to me. I believe I can help you get a big progress in your Mandarian. But in French, I'm a big zero. Hopefully we could practice together! Feel free to contact me. Thanks.
  16. Hi guys , I am Jie (杰)or Jason. Either is fine. I just started learning french recently with Rosetta Stone. It works out great but it's always better to have some real life interaction when it comes to language acquisition. This is just a long shot as most of the posts in this forum are ancient. so I am looking for a french speaking person who happen to be willing to exchange French for Mandarin. or if someone who 'd like to teach me one on one at a reasonable price. [please send me private message for my contact information]. Have a good day!
  17. Hi Everyone! Im from Brazil and just arrived in Hangzhou it's been 3 weeks now. Was looking for someone who was interested in exchange languages and friendship! I lived in Canada and France, so lucky you lol In my case we could trade portuguese, english or french... Whatever you choose FOR chinese :D Basically daily life vocabulary. I mean I`ve been studying chinese for two years, so I know few words and structure. I Live in Downtown (near Xihu Dadao and Zhonghe Rd.) If you are interested let me know! send me an inbox please. Cheers, Miriam 米 莲
  18. Hello, How are you doing today ? My name is Luc, i am actually looking for a part time job anywhere my skills can be needed. About me : - 27 years old, Male, Afro-asian. - Arrived in China in april 2015. Actually living in Hangzhou, near Liu-He-Lu. - Presently studying Chinese language at the Zhejiang university of science and technology. Education : - French High school diploma speciality Marketing. - Bachelor degree in Business management. Languages spoken, read and written : - French. - English. - Spanish. Thank you very much for your time.
  19. Hi everyone! I'm a future exchange student at Zhejiang University arriving this september in Hangzhou. I've been studying Hindi for about a year now and would really like to continue practicing it, even in China! I can offer French/English classes in exchange~ Thank you and have a great day
  20. Hello, I am currently studying at 浙大 on 玉泉校区 (Zheda on Yuquan Campus). I have already graduated from a French Business School (SKEMA Business School) in June 2014. I am here in Hangzhou to continue learning Mandarin (I have already passed HSK 4 one year ago). My master's degree is in International Business and I also have a degree in International Marketing and Business development. I can fluently speak French, Portuguese, English and Spanish. As I previously wrote, I am also learning to speak,read and write Mandarin. I am looking for a job opportunity here in Hangzhou, or in China for next September 2015. The hospitality industry here in China is at a very interesting place right now and I am looking to work in that business. If you know of opportunities in Sales/Marketing, Events, Public relations and Receptionist ,[please send me private message for contact information] Hope to hear from you soon, Best regards, Sandra Vermet
  21. Nicolas bien sur

    Management assistant near Tonglu

    Hi everybody, DMG Technologies is looking for a management assistant inTonglu. We are a french company based in Lyon (for France) and in Fengchuan, near Tonglu (for China).We manufacture led lights for the movies industry around the world. We are looking for a full time management assistant. Requirements: -be chinese -fluent in english. -organized -rigorous -knows shipping processes and order following -have notions of the manufacturing world -master the office suite Salary is 3500RMB/month for the two first months of trial period, then 4000 RMb/month. Thanks everybody, Nicolas Goerg DMG Technologies nicolas@dmgtech.fr 159 901 66442 PS: for the admins: since this is a one time offer, I figured i would post it directly. Please redirect me if if I'm wrong.
  22. Bonjour, I'm Stephane (je m'appelle Stephane), 35 years old (35 ans), Français vivant à Hangzhou, native french who live in Hangzhou (i will stay in China for several years); I have learned Chinese (j'ai appris le chinois, level 2) and i speak English (et je parle anglais). I have two master degrees (j'ai deux master, in cinema and french law). - I give french lessons (je donne des cours de français), especially oral and grammar (surtout l'oral et la grammaire, in a real neutral french accent, I lived in Paris) for adults and kids (pour adultes et enfants). I have the experiences for both (in one to one and groups in a chinese school). I use Chinese and french teaching books, especially “Latitudes 1 et 2” from the “Alliance Française”. This book has some recordings and a lot of oral and grammar exercises. I also give you my own notes for all the important points. For kids, I use videos, songs and some memento games. I also use the french books “Lili, la grenouille” and “Grenadine.” I also can teach french culture. You can ask me all questions you want to know about my country. I teach in a serious way, not in unusual methods, so I'm not into useless games to teach French. But of course, we will learn together in a serious, happy and interesting way. A bientôt, Stéphane My mail: caillet_stephane@hotmail.fr
  23. Hi, I am a French student, I have been living in Hangzhou for almost a year so far. I started studying Chinese two months ago. But as I HATE studying a language with books, I wish I can find a Chinese person (male or female, young or old, I don't care about this) willing to learn or improve his/her French or English. Feel free to contact me, I hope we'll have the opportunity to exchange each other soon! [please send me private message for contact information]
  24. Hello, I'm looking for someone speak native french to improve my oral french . Although I have been working in one french company, but working language is english, there is very litte choice to speak french. Now, I am working on a PSA france project, it's better to use french to work with them. If you're speak french well and want to find a part time job pls contact me (I have times during weekend, if this suit for you ) [please send me private message for contact information] Cheers :) (I have been learn french for 600 hours at alliance francaise, this is two years ago )
  25. Hello everyone, I am studying at Zhejiang University, Chinese language and Culture. My major is basically Business, I am in China for a gap year, I have already studied 3 year at Ipag, a Parisian Business School, and I am still involved in their program to prepare my Master. I arrived in China a year ago, first for an exchange semester to study Business in Zinjingang campus. I am used to work in addition to my studies, here are some of my working experiences: Salesman (in shops, on the phone, visiting companies...)Logistics (internship in a big transportation company, in charge of logistics operations for a mobile phones' recycling company)Host (music festival, in charge of American artists)Teaching/Training (teaching French & English in China)And others. Everything is detailed on my CV attachedMy mothertongue is French, I can speak English fluently (TOEFL: 563), Albanian (after having had an internship there) and am studying and improving my Chinese skills. I'd like to get a real working experience in China and know better about the Chinese way of doing Business. I am looking for an internship in International Business/Logistics/Purchasing, from January/February/March 2014 to June/July 2014. I am quite flexible, do not hesitate to contact me. [please send me private message for contact information] CV CREMER 2013 INTERNSHIP.pdf