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Found 4 results

  1. Wondering if anyone knows of a pc cafe in Hangzhou that will allow foreigners without a Chinese ID to use the pc's. I've been to a few only to be turned away despite showing other forms of ID (teachers id, passport, etc.) Help me please, I need to play LoL
  2. House Mormont

    MSI Titan Laptop BEAST for sale.

    B E A S T 4 S A L E Warning: This thing is not for noobz. It's not a simple notebook to use at work, or surf TaoBao or YouTube or Facebook (via. VPN etc..). NO! Well.. actually you can do all of that but this thing was built for something more.. it was destined for more than that. BEHOLD! THE TITAN! FOR REAL LAPTOP GAMERZ. L33TNE55 OVER 9000! 66666666666! 帅帅的棒棒的 Used and in great condition: MSI GT80 Titan, i7 CPU, SSD 256GB, 1TB Hard Drive, 22GB RAM, Nvidia GPU SLI technology. Amazing cooling system with extra fan. Customized outer design. Upgradable RAM, CPU And GPU. DM me for details. If you don't know what this thing is, bing it, google it, do what ever to see the true power of the technology that drives this thing. Then you will get an idea of the price. The seller is willing to sell it rediculously cheaper than retail price which is around 19-20K RMB. He wants to sell it for 14K RMB, BUT you can talk to me and him and maybe we can work out a deal. PS. The seller loves this thing. I am helping him sell it since he is getting married soon and he had to make the DREADFUL decision of choosing between gaming or marriage. Sadly he chose the latter... He won't have time to use this BEAST of a gaming laptop so it's an honour to pass this on to another laptop gaming enthusiast who wants to pay for real quality. :D. 你看这个图片!太漂亮了! <(”o)> 6666666666
  3. Hi All! I was born in Hong Kong but grew up in the Philippines. Currently working here in Malaysia but the company I work with is expanding to HZ. I haven't been to HZ before but I am looking forward to it! I speak English (10/10) Filipino (10/10) Mandarin (6/10) Hokien (4/10) Cantonese (2/10)... Looking forward to connecting with people who are into tabletop boardgames! Also interested to know if there are other Filipinos in HZ as well... Cheers!
  4. startplanting

    Student @ CAA

    Hi! My name is Lily, I am a new grad student at CAA by West Lake. I am from America, southern east coast. I like art, gaming(board and other), yoga, science, nature, etc. Generally looking for shared interests, to be helpful, etc. Ciao!