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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've been living in Hangzhou for two weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any idea where I could perform a HipHop / Jazzy beatset ? I am a beatmaker / producer and here are my social media links if you want to know exactly what I do: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saib_eats Spotify : Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks again !
  2. Jebowski

    dutch folks... Pete Philly?

    Hey, one of my favorite hip hop duos is "Pete Philly & Perquisite." In the US, most of my friends had never heard of Pete Philly (stage name); after listening they usually became fans. His producer Perquisite is super talented, too. Eventually I looked into them more and realized they're Dutch - well, Pete is from Aruba. Now and then, I'll hear him speak some Dutch in a video clip or a track, but mostly raps in English. Anyway, he's been a longtime favorite... I see a fair amount of Dutch peeps on here. 'Casually wondering if you're familiar? Listen to him at all? Any particular songs? Maybe at this point he's a bit dated, but whatever. Peace! "Mystery repeats; life 'got tricks, but it treats too..."
  3. Buck em Clowns Live Drum and bass, trap and hiphop 日期/Date: 7月 11日 (周四)Thursday 11th July 2013 时间/Time:20:00PM doors open 20:30PM Start 场馆/Venue:酒球会 地址/ADD:西湖区万塘路262号万糖汇城市生活广场南楼2F 9 club No.262 Wan Tang Road (Near wen san road) 门票/Entrance:¥60.00(现场door)/ ¥ 45.00(淘宝预售tickets) Tickets: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3.w17-1671806277.43.1dpNUG&id=20520527926& Info in Chinese: Conrank来自伦敦,目前定居于上海。是一位引领亚洲低音音乐的制作人,且以他特有的硬派drumstep,在全球和高质量的英式炒饭一样闻名,并被大家称呼为CHAO FAN GE .纵观去年,他的音乐收到Figure,Savage Rehab和BBC广播1等音乐人和媒体的支持,他制作的音乐也被用于世界DMC beat-juggle活动,一个英国广告以及NIKE为NBA球星林书豪所拍摄的广告中。从伦敦到上海,超过25个亚洲城市,他的DJ现场让舞池里德人们为之疯狂,有Drum&Bass,Jungle,Hip-hop,Drumstep和Dubstep.Conrank不仅仅满足与俱乐部和音乐节演出,他还大胆的制作了‘Woyao'这首歌曲,这首歌曲在上传到Soindcloud的第一个星期,其下载量就突破了3000次,他还和Simma Records,Remixes onBass=Win,TOP Billin发行了其他歌曲,以及作家绵绵共同创作,并和Paul Oakenfold,Udance电音中国一起合作推出了新歌。Conrank将在2013年初通过柏林Robox Neotech唱片公司发行名为The Ankle Grinder的个人的新一张EP。让我们共同期待在即将到来的2013从他身上发现更大更好的东西吧!Conrank正在伴着鼓点一步步走来!