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Found 6 results

  1. Nexus Space

    Nexus Internaional activity

    Hi all, I am Steven from Nexus Space (check our community information below). We are going to hold event for international people and invite successful foreigners in Hangzhou who will share their working and living experiences. The event has two parts, experienced foreigners will give a speech about experiences of work and live in Hangzhou, then we will have a cocktail party. The event start at 14:00-18:00 on Tuesday September 5th. The event address is Building 1, 5th floor, 800 minhe street, Baosheng century center,Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou.(杭州市萧山钱江世纪城民和路800号宝盛世纪中心1号楼5楼) You can meet lots of foreigners who live in Hangzhou here. If you are interested in this event, feel free to contact me [please send me private message for my contact information] Nexus, is a global game incubation and community-run project launched by Peter Vesterbacka, the father of angry birds. Currently located in Finland and Hangzhou, it is the first strategic incubation center for China and Finland. Nexus space -- the joint office space for communication and interaction between the offline startup team established by the Nexus. The space entry team can enjoy professional and detailed operation service, and get project investment and fund support. The space holds regular salon, gathering the Hangzhou government, the company, the industry big coffee, and each interesting person's participation. With more of these opportunities, we also successfully promote the in-depth interaction and development of space team.
  2. Hello everyone ! We are looking for school choirs for the Christmas Market of the Kerry Centre Hangzhou this year. The tree lighting ceremony will be held on the 2nd of December from 6 to 7 PM and we are looking for school choir to sign some Christmas songs during this time. As we are a team located in Shanghai it's not easy to find the good contacts and the organization that can provide this. Please if anyone has contact, or is from international school with choir message me ! Or [please send me private message for my contact information] Thanks a lot, Carole
  3. Hangzhou Xishan International Mountaineering Festival On 14 October 2017, in the west of West Lake, The Hangzhou Xishan International Mountaineering Festival will be set to take hiking enthusiasts to new heights. About the Venue: Xishan National Forest Park covers an area of 1381 hectares with a forest coverage of approx. 96.7%. The flora and fauna resources of Xishan are extremely abundant and the park boasts a wealth of human and natural landscapes. There are undulating mountain groups in its western part, a dragon-like Bailong Waterfall, and nature’s masterpiece – Lingshan Wonderland, as well as the famed Jinlian Ancient Temple. The 108-kilometer-long Xishan Hiking path winds in between them, passing by the West Lake Scenic Area, Longwu Scenic Area and Lingshan Scenic Area. Highlights There are five highlights in this year’s mountaineering festival, a. Take the challenge to hike 30 kilometers along Longwu ancient path where you can appreciate the beauty of Xishan and view “Ten Views of Xishan.” b. Xishan in autumn is the most intoxicating and there is no better time to hike in mountains in Hangzhou than in October. c. Three groups with different hiking abilities and routes for you to choose from. d. “Mountain Hiking Plus Color Run”, this breaks the norm of traditional mountain hiking. e. The Manjuelong Village in autumn permeates the fragrance of osmanthus. By following the sweet scent, you will find your way to the village and enjoy the view of “Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village”, one of the “Top Ten Views of West Lake”. Schedule and Route 1. Veterans Hiking Group Meeting Time: 07:30 – 08:00 Route: east gate of Song Dynasty Town – Shi Li Long Ji (Ten-Li Dragon’s Backbone: 十里龙脊) – Zhugan Hill (竹竿山) – Daling Peak (大岭) – Laojiao Mountain (老焦山) – Jinlian Temple (金莲寺) – Bailong Pool (White Dragon Pool: 白龙潭) – Cimuqiao Village (慈母桥村) – Outer Tongwu Village (外桐坞村) – Qinggu Road (清谷路) – east gate of Song Dynasty Town Xishan International Mountaineering Festival Distance: about 30 kilometers Estimated time: eight hours Services along the route: three supply stations, providing water, check in, medical service etc. 2. Osmanthus Fragrance Hiking Group Meeting Time: 08:30 – 09:00 Route: east gate of Song Dynasty Town – Shi Li Lang Dang (Langdang Peak: 十里琅珰) – Longjing Village – Nine Creeks – Hu Pao Hou Shan (hill at the back of Hupao Spring虎跑后山) – Shuile Cave (水乐洞) Xishan International Mountaineeriing Festival Distance: 15 kilometers Estimated time: 5 hours Services along the route: two supply stations 3. Color-run Mountain Hiking Group Meeting Time: 09: 00 – 09:30 Route: east gate of Song Dynasty Town – Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi – Baizi Peak (百子尖) – east gate of Song Dynasty Xishan International Mountaineering Festival Distance: 8 Kilometers Time: 4 hours Services along the route: two supply stations EQUIPMENTS Must Equipments - Hiking Shoes - Sports Clothes Registration You can register through our club before Oct 10 Registration Fee: 8km group: 69 RMB 15km group: 49 RMB 30km group: 59 RMB Provide us your personal information for insurance [please send me private message for my contact information] or just message me - Full Name (If Chinese, please send your name in Chinese) - Gender - Nationality - Date of Birth(DD-MM-YY) - Passport Number or ID Number - Phone Number
  4. I found HIC , CIS and American community . All r expensive . Currently I am sending my kinds to International division of a Chinese school in Shanghai . all foreign teachers and very good school and very good price . Looking for similar type in Hangzhou . Plz help :-))) . Thank you . My email : ericwaxo@yahoo.com
  5. Hi all Just wondering if I can fly my pet into Hangzhou airport or does it need to be a larger airport?
  6. Hey All, I'm living in Hangzhou for two years, I've set up my rep office here to conduct our factory business in Turkey. If you are looking for a full time and an international job, please contact with me. here's my company website, it's a big chance to practice in worlwide business and be experienced for machinery products. only required chinese and english skills. http://www.hemaendustri.com.tr/?lang=en Ayse 18668130272