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Found 6 results

  1. manaranjo

    Kung fu, wushu at hangzhou

    Good morning, Any place to practice real Chinese martial arts in riverside of Hangzhou? close to nanxingqiao subway? thanks
  2. For those of you who are interested I will be posting instructional videos from time to time. First here's one of the videos I made last year on the subject of disarming someone with a pistol. Should you have any questions feel free to contact me. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjM3ODQ2Mzg4.html Sincerely, Jason Cardona The SERVICE Owner/Operator Mobile: 15715801127 Email: the_service@hotmail.com Website: Coming Soon...
  3. ATTENTION ALL SERIOUS MARTIAL ARTISTS: The 12th HongKong Wushu International Championship will be held on March 17th - March 20th of 2014. You will find all of the information in the following website: http://www.hkwsj.com/en/about.asp I am currently interested in forming a team to represent Hangzhou so should anyone be interested please feel free to drop me a line. Registration deadline is January 17th so we need to act fast. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
  4. Traditional Northern Shao Lin & Eagle Claw Kung Fu classes are now available every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-8:30pm by the intersection of Jiang Nan Da Dao and Wei Ye Lu in the Binjiang District. Shaolin: Shaolin is considered to be the Grand Father of the fighting arts of Asia, as almost all styles of martial arts can be trace its roots to the Shaolin Temple. Developed by the monks as a means of self discipline, physical conditioning self-defense, Shaolin Kung Fu evolved into a total fighting art. Eagle Claw: Eagle Claw is a powerful and aggressive form of pugilism. Developed for the battlefields by General Yue Fei, and proven by the defeats of all armies that opposed his soldiers in combat. The complete title for this Kung Fu style is: Ji Ying Jow Fann Tzi Mun or Eagle Claw Somersault Boxing System. This unification of styles was created by a Shaolin Monk by the name of Lai Chin, who was an accomplished Master of the Fann Tzi system and learned Eagle Claw, then later combined the two. Eagle Claw is consisted of locking, tearing, manipulating, controlling and throwing techniques. Coupling this with pressure point attacks and aggressive kicking techniques, it makes this system a very complex and vicious form of self-defense. Movements of the Eagle Claw style are constantly changing from hard (Yang) to soft (Ying) energy. Foot work is a very important part of Eagle Claw training, as all techniques are done with maximum speed and power. To master Eagle Claw one must have perseverance and a calm mind. Shixiong Jason Cardona Bio: Jason Cardona began his training in Northern Shao Lin & Eagle Claw kung fu under Shifu Lisandro Vega and Grandmaster Leung Lee Fu on September of 1995 and began helping to teach the classes in 1996. Since then Jason has continued his training and has taken a career in law enforcement after graduating from the police academy in December of 2004 and serving as a special police officer for the city of Springfield and later as a corrections officer for youth and adults, a Springfield Park Ranger, Bail Enforcement Agent (Bounty Hunter), and a Massachusetts Constable. Jason is now the owner and operator of The SERVICE a small company which provides martial training (martial arts, firearms, personal protection skills, etc...) and other services are provided such as: Private security, safety awareness, fitness training, stunts & action choreography (for film makers). Should you have any questions you may contact me using the information below or simply stop by for one of our classes. Sincerely, Jason Cardona The SERVICE Owner/Operator Phone: 15715801127 Email: the_service@hotmail.com
  5. A colleague and I are thinking of starting a non-profit association for the research and improvement of the traditional martial arts in the city of Hangzhou. The association will also have it's own martial arts competition team that will compete for the city of Hangzhou any where they can. Thoughts and advice will be appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Jason Cardona The SERVICE Owner/Operator Mobile: 15715801127 Website: www.the-service.cn (Under Construction)
  6. The SERVICE

    Ni Hao :-)

    My name is Jason, I have been in Hangzhou for about 3 months, and I am currently seeking to start a martial arts training group in Hangzhou. I will be teaching northern shao lin and eagle claw kung fu so if you are interested please let me know and we can set up a time and place where we can meet and practice.