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Found 3 results

  1. JamesRancho

    travel & share language skills

    Hi, boys and girls. I'm a French learner and I live in Hangzhou at present, recently I've got a new idea about learning a language -- travel in the nearby cities and exchange language skills. If you are happen to be learning chinese, and I am learning french at the same time. ¬_¬ Funny things will happen. As I am quite familiar with cities in China especially the Yangtze River Delta, I can show you around. Cites such as Shanghai, Jiaxing, Suzhou, Hanzhou and so on. Don't worry, hard mode is OK to me, I've traveling to T1bet on my bicycle before, so I can deal with anything. Here comes the most interesting part. HOW DOES IT WORK. While traveling, if we are visiting a place, for example "a commercial street", you tell me in chinese "商业街", I will modify if it's wrong. Then I tell you in french “une rue commerciale”, and you modify it if I am wrong. In a word, I speak unskilled french and you speak unskilled chinese. It will be hard to communicate but we are practicing hard and last all the day. So far, these are my ideas, you can tell me your ideas also. It will be a fantastic and high efficient way to learn a new language. Also, if you want to travel with several people from different regions, that's also interesting, worth to try. Waiting for your news.
  2. Italian Cooking Class: Cocktails & Bolognese Pasta A Cultural and Culinary Celebration Italian Pasta Cooking Experience This Sunday, October 12th, 2014. 2pm at Schanke Restaurant Enjoy the cooking process of authentic Italian Pasta alla Bolognese, and The Making of Sophisticated Italian Cocktails. Chat and make friends with our international community, and be amazed by our pasta making demonstrations, in which you will also have the opportunity to be a Chef for one day! Activity Content: Italy has a great cuisine and it is well represented with its many ways to cook Pasta. But is it cooking authentic Italian PASTA alla Bolognese a big deal? Well, the Watermelon Punch team thinks that it can be done easily if people come together to learn from each other how to make great PASTA(s). And with the help of talented Italian and Chinese Chefs, the results can be optimized for a greater taste and a greater experience overall. On top of that, we can learn more about Italian and Chinese Culture. Buon appetito! PS: Come to learn about the Art of Italian Cocktail Making... Watermelon Punch Signature Cocktail The best cocktail the Watermelonpunch team can deliver in-house. A balance way of watermelon juice, sparkling wine, pomegranate, and mint. It all adds up for a fresh drink dedicated to those who want to try something unique and rich in flavor. Cheers! Campari/Aperol Spritz A cocktail full of taste enhanced by the sparkling aromatic note of Prosecco. Promo price: 101RMB (payment before October 11th) BOOK YOUR CLASS NOW! Contact: 13738044196 Event Time: This Sunday October 12th of 2014 2:00pm to 5:30pm Event Adresss: (SHANKE GERMAN RESTAURANT): #32 Building, Room 1-3. Near QingChun Road and ZhongHe intersection. 活动地点(喧客德餐吧): 杭州市下城区庆春路青春坊32幢1-3室(嘉德广场旁,中河高架与庆春路附近)
  3. Do you know Chris Lonsdale, a psychologist from New Zealand talks about language learning. He believes that anybody can learn a language in six months if they follow the five principles and seven actions that he has formulated after assessing all the research available on language learning. The five principles are: 1. Focus on language content that is relevant to you. 2. Use your language as a tool to communicate from day 1. 3. When you understand the message you will acquire the language unconsciously. 4. Language is not about accumulating a lot of knowledge but is rather a type of physiological training. 5. Psycho-physiological state matters – you need to be happy, relaxed, and most importantly, you need to be tolerant of ambiguity. Don’t try to understand every detail as it will drive you crazy. The seven actions are: 1. Listen a lot – it doesn’t matter if you understand or not. Listen to rhythms and patterns. 2. Focus on getting the meaning first, before the words. Body language and facial expressions can help. 3. Start mixing, get creative, and use what you’re learning. 4. Focus on the core – use the most commonly-use the words, and use the language to learn more. 5. Get a language parent – someone who is fluent in the language and who will do their best to understand what you mean; who will not correct your mistakes; who will feedback their understanding of what you’re saying using correct language, and uses words that you know. 6. Copy the face – watch native speakers and observe their face, and particular their mouth moves when they’re speaking. 7. “Direct connect” to the target language – find ways to connect words directly with images and other internal representations. I find this video in Youtube, this man is awosome, he learns chinese in 6 months.