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Found 6 results

  1. Pò pò

    Motorcycle Advice

    I'm looking to purchase a motorcycle and would like to know: What laws apply specifically to motorcycle riders in Hangzhou? Where are some reputable motorcycle mechanics in the city? What experiences have you had with biking here? I'm from California and I've been here for 5 months and I'm ready to get back on 2 wheels, yet I understand that here, things are a bit different. How so? ...and what do I need to do to start riding, legally?
  2. Canadian student (Male) looking to study a Bachelor of Law, in English, near Shanghai. I do need to make regular trips to Shanghai (bus, train, w/e) Options seem to be Zhejiang Gongshang (zjgsu.edu.cn) and Ningbo University (nbu.edu.cn). Wikipedia says that as of 2013, Ningbo University ranked ~55 whereas Zhejiang Gongshang ranked ~78 in terms of Chinese law schools. I don't know if that means anything, nor whether the source is decent. Neither are 211 or 985 project schools. UIBE in Beijing was another option for Bachelor of Law in English, but tuition is higher, expenses higher, it's further from Shanghai, and it requires a year of general studies. Anyone know of horror stories from either university? I can't really find much information at all about Zhejiang Gongshang, other than the fact that it appears to be entirely unheated (I expect no less from either). Ningbo seems to have a bit more info laying around, yet they Ningbo reports less foreign students (~200-1000 vs ~1200-1500). I'm looking for a bachelor program that is strictly law, without a year of unnecessary general studies (already done!). So far, ZJGSU seems appropriate in that sense, but I'm yet to get a curriculum guide from Ningbo University. I have not visited either university, nor Ningbo/Hangzhou, but I intend to do so by about March when I'll be making my applications. I will be staying in the on-campus accommodations or dorms, so relevant tips are welcome. Also, having spent several (5) years in Shanghai... I have a yellow Shanghai "C" plated motorcycle (suburb, >50CC) & driver's license. Not sure if I can ride that in the relevant districts of either cities. Xiasha District (Zhejiang Gongshang) bans registration of motorcycles, but I don't know what policies I would face with an out-of-province motorcycle and I don't know if Xiasha actually bans motorcycles or just the registration of them. Haven't looked into the location of Ningbo University to determine whether the Jiangbei District of Ningbo has banned motorcycles. Will probably cross-post to another forum & possibly MyChinaMoto.com if they ever send out their verification email...... The motorcycle isn't a deal-breaker -- I can get rid of it if it means a better university.
  3. A Racist Yordle

    Voluntary Resignation

    Hello, I am in need of some Chinese Labour Law help. Today, I handed in my resignation letter to my company, and stated my intention to leave next month. I was told that contractually I have to give two months notice. However, the Chinese Labour Laws state that 30 days written notice is necessary. (Article 31) Usually I would assume that Labour Laws overrule contracts easily, but there seems to be some debate on the matter, as apparently the Laws are vague. As I can't read Chinese, I don't know the actual Chinese wording, and so I don't know what my legal situation is. I don't suppose there's a Chinese Legal Expert here, or someone that has experienced this problem before? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Ling1983

    A returning newbie:)

    Dear All, my name is Ling:) I was Born and raised up in HZ. About 14 years ago, I left HZ for college and have been away since then. After living in USA for about 7 years, I am moving back to HZ in Aug. I would like to make some new friends here, especially someone who are interested in soccer or slow-pitch softball :) In addition, I am licensed to practice law in China and the state of New York. Though my practice is focused on business transaction, I will be happy to do some pro bono work for those who are in need. [please send me private message for my contact information] Thank you! P.S. Is there any fan of Washington DC Nationals ? Lol
  5. Hi all, My name is Gijs, currently living in the Netherlands. I'm coming to Hangzhou is September 2015 to participate in the LL.M Chinese Law program of Zhejiang University. I'looking forward to mix with other foreigners in Hangzhou. I'm always in to watch or play a game of soccer. Best, Gijs
  6. Hello Hangzhou expat! I am looking for a recommendation for an english speaking lawyer. Does anyone know someone good located in the city or close by? I need someone who is skilled in foreign owned chinese companies. Thanks