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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am currently working in a school teaching English. I know - shocking... Anyways, the company broke the contract - didn't pay my wage as scheduled (late for over 2 weeks), paid incorrect wage last 2 months ( however, I was paid in the end). Also, contract says I should only work 30 hours a week, but they want me to do 40+ hours... In the contract it says that the party which breaks the contract needs to pay 10 000RMB penalty. They're refusing to do this... Also, when I said I want to quit, they said I need to pay the penalty AND give 3 months notice... I have a Z visa. Temp permit is being processed now. The lawyer told me to get the media involved and publicly shame them. I am hesitant to take them to court - costs a lot of time and slim chances of winning (#laowai_life)... so what should I do? any lawyers you guys could reccommend or maybe anyone went through a similar problem? I don't mind going back home... Also, I thought about not showing up to work until they pay me the money :) I am still down 10 000RMB since coming to China - and that's after 3 months of work... I have a feeling I'm doing it wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, all. My friend is conducting a research on current situation of foreigners in China, especially focus on the existing legal problems that foreigners encountered when living and working in China. She cooperates with Zhejiang foreign affairs office, and was asked to conduct a survey so that she can give some suggestions to the government to improve their services. If you have 5 minutes free, please help us to answer those questions below. Thanks very much for your participation! 1. Where do you usually obtain legal information in China? Such as (A) which websites do you visit very often ? (B which magazines do you read all the time to learn information about China? (C what’s the other channels? 2. If you need legal services, which methods will you use to find a lawyer/ law firm in China? 3. Supposes that you’re looking for lawyers on the Internet, what keywords will you use for search? 4. What types of legal issues do you often encounter when living and working in China ? 5. What else do you expect the Chinese government to improve in the area of law ? 6. What else existing problems and suggestions do you want to tell ? The answer is more detailed, the better. My friend and I really apppreciate your kind help! If you have other thoughts, please feel free to email me or stop by my office. E-Mail:lawyer-Robin@hotmail.com Address: 12F, Building A,West Lake Plaza of International Science & Technology, 391 Wen Er Road, Hangzhou 310012, Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm
  3. Hello Hangzhou expat! I am looking for a recommendation for an english speaking lawyer. Does anyone know someone good located in the city or close by? I need someone who is skilled in foreign owned chinese companies. Thanks
  4. Hi all, Have you ever encountered any legal problems when living and working in China but have no idea of how to deal with it ? Do you feel difficult to find a Chinese lawyer in Hangzhou who can provide legal services in English ? we are a group of Chinese lawyers from a national outstanding law firm in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm, experienced in handling foreign legal affairs in China. As most of us studied abroad, we can provide professional legal services in English and Japanese. We want to help more foreign friends in China, so our team will offer you FREE legal counsel service whenever you need it. So far, we are making a free legal information manual in which contains answers to some basic questions, such as the legality of working in Hangzhou, how to get married in China, what to do after car accident and how to invest saftely in China. Once the legal manual is done, we'll sent it to you by email. Besides FREE legal information manuals, we also provide professional and flexible legal services for foreign friends in China, such as consultancy, investigation, litigation and arbitration. Whenever you have any legal problems, please feel welcome to contact us or you can visit http://www.lawyerfriendcn.com/. So glad to know you all here! Robin Shen-- Senior Partner of Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm Member of Asia Offshore Association Mediator of China Academy of Wealth Planning and Management Secretary-General of the Int’l Business Law Committee of Hangzhou Lawyers Association Attorney Shen specializes in International Investment, Financing and Trade, Company Law, Overseas Company , Wealth Planning and Management, etc. More recently, his practice has been involved with electronic commerce. He has provided legal service for well-known financial institutions like the Chartered Bank, Bank of China, as well as famous corporation such as Siemens Group, Beingmate, Zhejiang Materials Group, Alibaba Group Holding Limited, Taobao.com etc. Contact Details: Tel:0086-571-87007198 Fax:0086-571-87006661 Mobile:0086-13588212432 E-Mail: robin_lawyer@hotmail.com/s_zhushi@hotmail.com Li Wenqing - Lawyer Teacher of Law School, Hangzhou Normal University, China; Student of Sino-French Doctor’s Institue, France(2007-2008) Juris Doctor in Xiamen University Law School,China; Juris Master in Law,Xiamen University Law School,China; Lai jingjing- Lawyer LLB on International Economic Law of the East China Normal University of Political Science and Law Exchange student in City University of Hong Kong Chen Yashu - Lawyer Master in Law , University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA brief legal brochure.pdf