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Found 4 results

  1. alondon

    Landlord Wants to Break Lease

    I have lived in my apartment almost 3 months. At 5:30am last week someone started banging on my apartment door - and continued for over 3 hours. It turns out that my landlord was divorced and the wife now owns the property. There is also an agent involved (she actually leased the unit from the ex-husband so in theory she should be getting the rent) and all the parties are fighting over who gets my rent. The police are now involved but since I don't speak nor understand Chinese, I'm not sure exactly what is going on with that. I was informed yesterday that the wife (who now owns the property) wants me to move out. However, she is not willing to reimburse me for any of the expenses I put into the apartment (replaced/repaired some of the plumbing, hired someone to clean up the bug-infested kitchen, dry cleaning of blankets left behind that were filthy and stunk, etc.). She is also not willing to pay my agent fee although I will obviously have to pay one for a new apartment. What rights do I have? Can she just break the lease? And, if so, how much notice is she required to give me? Thanks in advance for any assistance or direction anyone can offer.
  2. Hi All I have an apartment in Binjiang, next to the Subway station close to star avenue, can Rent for short term, 2-3 month, NO AGENCY FEE contact me if you interested. Price negotiable according to the lease term.
  3. Hey guys, I just joined the forum and am totally new. But I'm moving to Hangzhou in 6 days...super excited, super nervous. I'm coming for at least a month, perhaps more to live by my manufacturer for my business, Shido Stand, the first laptop case that's also a standing desk. Also do crowdfunding, Art of the Kickstart. I'm hoping to find an open room with the awesome expats, meet people and work a lot while also seeing what I hear to be a beautiful city with great outdoor scene. It's my first time in China, 0 Chinese but I've lived in Thailand and Vietnam for 3 months a piece so I understand some of Asian culture. About me, I'm 24 year old guy into fitness, entrepreneurship, travel, outdoors and love a good book or movie. Speak passable German and French as well and would love to practice. My manufacturer is located near Linan so areas to the west of the city are best but would love to hear from anybody with space and a not so expensive room available as my budget's bootstrapped :) [please send me private message for contact information]
  4. I'm a 22 year old American male, looking for a place for April, May, and June. Dates and price can be flexible. The most important thing is location, which is ideally as close to Hangda road (just east of Huanglong road and stadium) as possible. Please send me a QQ message or text! QQ: 2014039346 Cell: 186.5819.4480