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Found 10 results

  1. I am Jon Kasimov, 27, and I will be starting my PhD at Zhejiang University this September. Since most of you guys have already experienced the ups and downs of living, working and studying in Hangzhou, I guess it would be wise to ask for your advice and suggestions. Can you guys please share some of your thoughts on living and studying in Hangzhou? I would very much appreciate your time and efforts and I do look forward to meeting you and becoming an active member of Hangzhou Expats group. Thanks very much.
  2. I have been living in HangZhou for a couple of years.I'd like to help others.No matter who you are?no matter Where you come from? [please send me private message for my contact information] .Sent me a message when you need help.I will respond to you As soon as I can.
  3. Is there anyone living in Liangzhu or near that area who wants to rent a place there? I'm looking for rooms or even an apartment.
  4. Rorsistance

    Wade's Bar & Grill Soft Opening.

    Hangzhou expats: Come and check out the newest addition to Hangzhou's bar scene. Soft Opening 28th October from 6pm. 30% off all food and drinks. A fully decked out western style sports bar and grill with top quality food and drinks, English menus and service, a huge selection of fine whiskies and cocktails. Centrally located at 163 Wulin lu and just a short walk from the Fengqi metro line 1. Address: 3F 163 Wulin Lu. Cheers!
  5. They sing French songs with an American vibe,making the songs presented on the genre boldly liberal, passionate and full of powerful features. From their songs ,we are always able to crawl to a lot of music features, whether it is pop music, rocking the old New York, or electronic remix, poetic music. These charming melody lingering in the ears of the audience, such as ginkgo like forever in the memory of theaudience.Once the eardrum to touch their music, you will enjoy yourself! It will prove that it is a crazy and amazing night!Whether you love jazz, electronic music or that you're just driven by the music, you can enjoy it! website:http://www.ginkgoa.com live: http://v.qq.com/page/g/a/t/g0148hl7jat.html Performance Information: 20th March, Friday, Doors open: 20:00 Schänke Beer Bar, Rue Qingchun, Qingchunfang, Bât. 32 salle 1-3 60RMB Presale // 80RMB Door tickets: www.douban.com/event/23776863/ http://youyanchu.com/show/13576
  6. I am moving to hangzhou with my family in October this year. I will be working in Xihu district. my son is still 2 years old so don't consider places near schools.
  7. LOUD SPEAKER + SPILL YOUR GUTS + YAN ZI LING Where the hell? 9 club When the bonk? 19th How boinking much? 60 rmb What's the Chinese address? Look on the flyer!!! 杭州市万塘路262号 (near Coco Jeff) Where can I listen to these bands? http://site.douban.com/loudspeaker/ http://site.douban.com/spillyourguts/ http://site.douban.com/cshardcore/
  8. Hit The Plane a.k.a "HTP" is an expat band consist of 5 musicians from the USA,Indonesia & Sri lanka.They pioneered in a revolution to be rebellions in bringing hard rock and metal to hangzhou and after a long break they are back to blaze your ears with hard & classic rock, Heavy Metal and the Blues... They play a bunch of covers from AC/DC to Guns n Roses,Metallica,Joe Satriani,Jimi Hendrix,Mr.Big and many more in addition to their own original material.. They'd be featuring for the last time this summer. So Join us on Thursday & Friday to give you some of the best music from decades past to date. They are going back to where it all began many many months ago in reggae bar right here in hangzhou. Join them this thursday and friday in a glimpse to witness some of the finest skills you'd see on a guitar,bass,drums & vocals. For further info follow us on facebook; http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hit-The-Plane/190993077661533?fref=ts Start time: 10pm on both nights Address: "Reggae Bar" (No.131,Xueyuan Road,Hangzhou.) Address in chinese: 黑根酒吧 (131号,学院路,杭州) For those about to rock, We salute you!!
  9. Metaphor + Never Before Saturday 22nd June, starts at 21:00 9 club, Wan Tang road (near Wen San Road) Entrance fee: 50rmb tickets 60 rmb on the door 第二站 杭州站 “酒球会”酒吧 时间:6月22日 晚9点 预售票:50RMB 现场票:60RMB 地址:杭州市万塘路262号万糖汇城市生活广场南楼 Tickets:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3.w1017-1061802514.51.PMidWX&id=25558668172& Information: http://www.douban.com/event/19000505/ http://site.douban.com/themetaphor/ http://site.douban.com/neverbeforeband/
  10. Charm Offensive are a band, formed in (the fiery hell-pits of) Hangzhou around October 2012. We play a mixture of rock, indie, punk, reggae and whatever we feel like. We have been playing at Reggae for the past 3 or 4 months on Thursdays but that has changed. We now start around 10 pm on Sundays and finish around midnight. We play mainly covers with the odd original song, and if you're lucky; Improvised space-rock! For those that know Reggae bar, you know that homies rock out on the first floor, so come and have a drink with us (or go to the third floor and talk politics or some shit). For thise that don't know reggae bar, here are some details. Hope to see you there!! Reggae bar 131 xue yuan road 黑根酒吧 学院路131号 (华星路附近)