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Found 9 results

  1. I wish you could be my girl friend~ This is my new cell phone number [please send me private message for my contact information] Chinese boy ,27 years old, Taurus
  2. I joined this forum today, I look at the "Love & Dating" thread and ..... notice that the most recent post in the entire thread is 6 months old! Where is everyone? is it worth me checking in to this site ever again if it is a ghost town?
  3. I joined this forum today, I look at the "Love & Dating" thread and ..... notice that the most recent post in the entire thread is 6 months old! Where is everyone? is it worth me checking in to this site ever again if it is a ghost town?
  4. which is the most romentic place in hangzhou?or near hangzhou..i want to go with my girlfriend...
  5. Peter is a 40 year old American, in his eyes, Chinese women is very stable, he said they yearned for the stability and the establishment of the family, even after marriage no longer passion, they can from the family to find other spiritual sustenance, or enjoy the plain. Another American Nick thinks, "Chinese women are in general more sincere, they like to smile to you, you are willing to follow, in New York, you often hear "have a good day", but everyone knows that speak of the person, do not care about you today exactly how. And in China I think women really care about me." Eastern women in Europe and the United States's heart of men left the impression that the similar to above-mentioned, due to the significant difference between the East and West cultural circle, Asian women often make people feel different characteristics from the European and american. And according to the latest data that from 10000 users in gaga, nearly all of men prefer women in south east asia.
  6. Hello, I am looking for volunteers for my new outreach that I have started here in Hangzhou. Please respond via inbox if you'd like to take part in giving back to the community. Our outreach is looking for people who love and care for oppressed people groups in Asia. We look forward to taking many trips this year. Also, we would enjoy a team full of world changers looking to impact communities and provide resources and hope for people that lack them. Please let me know. The website will be supplied through inbox for those who would like to know more. Thank you and enjoy your week
  7. I like big men. Come call me I wait for you
  8. HI, This is Sara in Binjiang. Thanks.
  9. This Tuesday Night, December 31 of 2013 Experience the most authentic and exclusive New Year's Celebration in Hangzhou Watermelon Punch is bringing closer to you a Taste of France. But not only so, this night is the perfect motive for the International Community in Hangzhou to come together and enjoy "A Fusion of Cultural Flavors From Every Corner of the World." Come to introduce yourself to an extensive set of goodies the Watermelon Punch community has prepare for you, in collaboration with Zhejiang TV, Berry Cake, Eddie Whisky, Macallan, and Caffe Bene. What we will be offering? - Fine French Wines from the region of Bordeaux - Watermelon Punch Signature Cocktails - Real Pros in Mixiology! - Italian Exclusive Cocktails - Spritz: Italy's Number One! - Jumbo Seize Cookie EIFFEL TOWER - French House Music - Italian Guitar Music - Salsa Dance - New Year's 12 Grapes Toast - a Mexican and Spanish Tradition Coffee, Ice Cream, Pizza, Pasta, Cookies, Desserts, and More FREE CHAMPAGNE AT MIDNIGHT! PS: We are going to share with you direct Video Chat direct from Paris. Stay tuned! PLACE: Caffe Bene, next to G+ Club and Westlake 51 HuBin Road, ShanCheng District, corner of QingQun Road and Hubin Road 上城区湖滨路51号(近庆春路)咖啡陪你杭州湖滨路店 TIME: 8pm until late... Contact: English & Spanish: 13738044196 Italian & French: 15988114864 Chinese: 13586068578 Welcome!