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Found 5 results

  1. YangGuiZi

    Chinese addresses for foreigners

    Hi! Foreigners have their problems with Chinese addresses … because they are in Chinese The website “service d'adresse mondial” http://sedamo.info/ creates a 8-letter code out of any address. So anyone can print out the address in Chinese/native writing. Here an example: The US embassy in Moscow can be found at: YF-DF-YP-DW http://sedamo.info/YFDFYPDW Okay, here's an example for Hangzhou: JX-CT-LY-BA http://sedamo.info/JXCTLYBA (Guess what place that is!) I wonder if anyone is willing to write a small APP which can display the address on a mobile phone – full-screen – for the taxi driver? Wouldn't that be quite useful? Or – for the advanced users – that I somehow can transfer the address from that code to my beloved GaoDe DiTu app? BTW, Wikipedia knows more about this, including a link to the API for developers. Greetings, YangGuiZi
  2. Download all the three versions (english, pinyin, pinyin with tone) (11.5MB) map size: 6000*4225px
  3. When I make posts for various activities and events I often put in Google and / or Baidu Map short URL links. Google short URL links seem to be OK for months or years... I think...? I don't know if it's a new(ish) issue, or if I just didn't notice before, but it seems that Baidu map short URL links stop working after a short time. A week? A few days??? I have no idea if long URL links have the same problem...? I had a thought that it might have been shortest in the lead up to the 25th ann. of the Tia-nAn-M-en Massa-cre... Maybe they deliberately mucked the map links up because they thought it might prevent long term planning of protests, or something stupid like that??? They seem to be lasting longer now though. At least a week? Cheers!
  4. isabel

    Tea Maps for sale

    We designed a map of China with over 90 white, green, oolong, yellow, black, and dark teas. It's perfect for nerds who like tea. Or regular people who like tea. Or just plain nerds. It is a map that shows you where teas like Longjing, Huangshan Maofeng, Anxi Tieguanyin, Fenghuang Dancong, Yancha, etc are from, and what type of tea they are. Also has icons for other tea-related Very Important Places i.e. Yixing- where all those clay teapots are made and Jingdezhen, home of china. with a little c. There is nothing like it anywhere. I repeat- this is only available in Hangzhou. And its locally made. 100% designed and printed in Hangzhou. Available as: Paper posters, 50cmX60cm, 10yuan each. Cloth poster (because it will have to go in a suitcase at some point) also 50cmX60cm, 25yuan each. Preview/ picture here Location: Zijingang Campus of Zheda Too far? we can kuaidi it to you. Call 138 1917 1044 or email danielle@hangzhouteatours.com
  5. For any new arrivals, I found this map really useful in my first year (and still do). There may be easier or better ways to get the info but this sure works for me. This link shows the route of the 193 bus from town to my place. Just replace the '193' with the bus route you want to search for and hit return I have used it to find bus routes from point A to point B on the map and had some success: but my Chinese is weak and I think I just got lucky. Play around with it and see what you can do good luck http://map.baidu.com/?newmap=1&ie=utf-8&s=s%26wd%3D%E6%9D%AD%E5%B7%9E%E5%85%AC%E4%BA%A4%E8%BD%A6193%E8%B7%AF iain