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Found 15 results

  1. Colin.B

    Shanghai to Hangzhou

    Ni hao and other greetings. My wife and I will be relocating from Shanghai after 3 years to Hangzhou. In the summer. We are hoping that you kind people could give us an insight to a few things in and around Hangzhou. We'll be looking for an apartment in the Xiashan area for our work so any tips on that please. We will be bringing our dog and two cats, recommended vets please. We like to eat organic is there local suppliers, supermarkets etc. I'm sure we'll throw out a few more questions in next few months.
  2. Nick P

    Leaving China Sale

    So . . . I'm leaving China. And over the last 3 years, I've accumulated a LOT of stuff. Now I'm looking to get rid of them. Midea Oven 40cm x 33cm x 26cm cooking space: ¥250 obo Sony DVD player, does NOT play Chinese DVDs: ¥100 obo Fujifilm Finepix s2900, older camera, more for a beginner with rechargeable batteries and thei charger: ¥250 obo Tools, mint condition: ¥300 obo Suitcases, 2, one checked one carry on: ¥150 obo Seat Cushions, 4: ¥80 obo Shelves, 3, different sizes and styles: ¥50, ¥100, ¥150 obo Kitchen Supplies, too many, silverware, plates, bowls, measuring cups, pans, etc.: ¥600 obo If you're interested, text me at 187-5808-7284. I can send pictures. I'll post some here.
  3. Hi guys, I'm moving to Hangzhou soon, I have been doing my research before doing it. So far I read some very different comments on which is the' best' area to live in. Every one has a view, and that's okay. I would want to know the neutral comment on each area. North/South. CBDs and so on. I'll be working near subway line 1. I'd like to hear about what you guys think of each 'popular' areas on that line? Thanks a lot. And can I add person on wechat or send them emails?
  4. Hello all Due to work issues I will be leaving Hangzhou very soon. This takes me to offer my serviced apartment- with a lease of 6 months more. Location is very centric (downtown-ish) and well located (buses and taxis, etc). Closes metro station would be Wulin Square (but need to take the bus to get there). [please send me private message for my contact information] and I can send pictures. Rent is 3240 rmb monthly.
  5. Hi. Finally moving out of China but I am worried about how to get my bigger item, a desktop PC to come with me. Does anyone know a company that specializes in moving things such as this? Or perhaps one that rents small shipping containers for not over the top prices? Looking to get it moved to Vancouver Canada. I will be inland a bit but fairly near Vancouver.
  6. If you are a foreigner and you need moving service at sometime, but you can't speak Chines, you can contact me at the moment. We can provide professional packing, transportation, delivery. And there will be a supervisor who can speak English to help you. Please let me if you need us.
  7. Trust Mover is one of the earliest moving companies that specializes in worldwide professional moving businesses for household goods and personal effects. After years of development, Trust Mover has become a leading transportation enterprise that provides types of moving services. Our services include: household goods import and export, cargo import and export, freight forwarders, large-scale equipment import, exhibition transportation, domestic move, local move, and office relocation, document management and warehousing logistics, customs clearance. Trust Mover provides clients with a single source global solution to all relocations and moving needs. We offer the finest worldwide network supported by our active partnership in the industry’s leading organizations, including Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC), Overseas Moving Network International (OMNI), and International Federation of Furniture Removers (FIDI). Trust Mover Offer you(1) International Move for Household Goods & Personal Effects (2) Domestic Move (3) Local Move (4) Customs Clearance (5) Office Move (6) Warehousing and Storage (7) Pet Handling Contact: Cara Zhu l Website: www.trustmover.com
  8. Time for ddewey and spinach to move back to USA! I have been in Hangzhou for over 10 years, so I've accumulated quite a lot of stuff. There's a whole lot more stuff than is listed here, including sporting equipment, RC aircraft and equipment, books, plants, kitchen stuff, a car, and a canoe, so come by and check it out. You can likely pick up some free stuff as well! Accepted Payment: RMB, USD (cash, QuickPay, Paypal), Bitcoin Prices negotiable! Address: Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus, Gangwan building 5, Apt. 1102. Phone: 186-2685-8526 Weights: Decathlon: 5 RMB/kg, Rubber coated / chrome: 6 RMB/kg, Other: 4 RMB/kg Sturdy pine queen-size bed (180 * 200 cm, disassembles for transport): Bed: 800 RMB, Mattress: 500 RMB Sturdy pine dresser: 800 RMB Sturdy wooden dining table and chairs: Table: 250 RMB, Chairs 30 RMB/each, complete set: 350 RMB GIANT Mountain Bike: 1200 RMB GIANT Mountain Bike: 800 RMB Wall Art: 100 RMB Pine Coffee Table: 150 RMB Microwave (almost new): 150 RMB Oven (I use to bake pies, cookies, cakes, chicken, etc): 150 RMB
  9. I am relocating from Hangzhou, Xihu area to Shanghai at the end of October. I need a truck or a large car for my stuff. How do people usually do this? Is there a rental service? How much does it cost? Open to suggestions! Thanks
  10. Hi! My name is Brianna. I am a single mother moving to Hangzhou in July and just wanted to get started networking and figuring out fun activities to do for when my 10yo daughter and I get there! I will be teaching at and living in the Binjiang district. Any suggestions on what to bring? What to buy there? Things you wish you knew before you got there? or Any general advice. Also, we are vegetarians. Any other veggies out there? What challenges are there for a non meat eater? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! :) Brianna and Bella Also: Is there a music scene in Hangzhou? Any expats out there get together for music? I'm not a musician but I am into listening. Hoping live music isn't something I'll have to go to Shanghai for!
  11. Hello All! Hope all is well! :D I am soon to move to Hangzhou. I have attached a picture of where I will be working, (EF Centre for Adults) which is in the centre of the picture I gave you! I would really appreciate your help on areas to live that are within walking/cycling/public transport distance away. Thanks
  12. Lazarusmusic

    Moving Sale

    1.50 or 55 inch Android Lcd TV. With Wifi, 2 HDMI, 2 Usb, All Android Apps Paid 5,500 Sell for 3,500 2, Gantz Micowave Paid 500 1 month Sell for 300 3. Wooden Clothes Closet 200 4. 2 Piece Computer Desk 100 5. Computer Chair 150 6. Juicer Midea 200 7. 20 inch Widescreen Computer Monitor 2 HDMi Paid 1100 Sell 600
  13. bobeena

    Moving- Lots of Bargains!

    Items will be available after May 1st. All prices are in RMB. Please email Brian for purchase or queries at: perkinsfam.bp@gmail.com Photos are attached in a Word doc here: For Sale- final.doc *We live in the Gongshu (sp?) district near the intersection of Moganshan and Wenyi Roads.* Dahon Dream B6 6-speed fold up bike (in perfect condition and still have receipt and info from shop where purchased: paid 900 asking 600. IKEA metal table and two chairs (we used on balcony): 200 Midea Microwave : 150 Midea Toaster: 50 Kettle: 40 IKEA chair: 100 (seat cover is torn on bottom, but it has been that way for almost 2 years and it sits fine) Lamp: 40 White Shelf with rollers (It is 46 centimeters wide x 55 high.) : 40 White Dishes (a few minor nicks on one bowl and one plate) AND drinking glasses/ glass pitcher/mugs: 100 for all Water dispenser (hot and cold): 100 2 Stainless Steel Cooking Pots- 1 large and 1 small: 100 for both Collapsible Clothes drying rack: 100 Iron and Ironing board (prefer to sell together): 100 for both 2 Comforters (one black and white reversible and one solid gray: 50 each Electric Blanket (fits full-size and works great!): 20 1 full-size IKEA cotton sheet set hardly used: 50 King size, 4 inch Memory foam topper and two pillows (pillows never used): 200 for all (worth 1,500) Women's down coat "Canada Goose" brand marked XL but fits like a US Medium. Worn to Harbin and performed nicely! I think it's a knock-off (hence the crazy sizing) but it's made well: 80 Women's size 40 (or US 8) and Men's 44 (or US 11) lined snow boots (also worn in Harbin): 30 each pair Grocery cart: 30
  14. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and decided to reach out for help. My family and I (My husband, 2 year old and I) will be moving to Hanzhou in September of this year and so far I feel completely overwhelmed with how little I know about what we are getting into. My goal is to teach english, probably to children and my husband will be a full-time student. What I am wondering is if anyone knows about any great local pre-schools or daycares or if there are any available nanny's/ayis and how much the average salary is. Really any help about living in Hangzhou especially with a toddler would be most appreciated. Some of my irksome questions include but are not limited to the following: How do you handle the air quality issue? Where do you send your kids to school/daycare? What are the challenges of grocery shopping or cooking at home in Hangzhou? What are the safe neighborhoods/ does anyone know of any apartments or homes up for rent? Do you have any useful advise that you care to impart? I hope I am not being too awkward and we really do appreciate any advise. Thank you so much!
  15. Dav85

    Moving Sale

    Hey everyone. My girlfriend and I will be leaving China in early October so we should be getting rid of a bunch of stuff. Here's the list: Phase I: ikea table (small, for PC) 40 rmb ikea table (small, for PC; loose) 30 rmb ikea coffee table 50 rmb sofa (1.5m long) 100 rmb armchair (x2) 50 rmb (each) shelf (~1.25m long, ~50 cm tall) 25 rmb shelf (~80cm long, ~80 cm tall, triangle) 20 rmb shelfs (small, stool-like, ~50cm tall) 25 rmb small lamp 15 rmb tall chrome lamp 30 rmb rice machine 150 rmb clothes hanger for drying 25rmb Photos There will be a Phase II with the things we'll be using until the very moment we're leaving and I will be posting that later. You can contact me at dunedavidu@yahoo.com