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Found 63 results

  1. E-Wave DG 15RH Valve Guitar Amp for sale Purchased new from Hangzhou E-Wave Electric Audio Company about a year ago. Never used, so condition is pristine, as new. I paid 2000 RMB REDUCED!!! - Will accept 700 RMB or near offer. Tel: [please send me private message for my cotact information] (Hangzhou) SOLD / SOLD / SOLD!!
  2. We would like to invite you to our monthly open roda this Sunday (June 3rd). All the capoeiristas are welcome to join for free. Come play capoeira and music and sing with us! If you are interested, but haven't tried capoeira before, feel free to stop by and have a look! This will be a special roda with guets from other cities and groups Time: June 3rd (Sunday) 2:00 PM Meeting point: Yu Qian Temple scenic pier (near Bapanling road, West Lake) 于谦祠码头景区(近八盘岭路及杨公堤) What is the Roda? The Roda (pronounced "ho-dar") is a circle formed by capoeiristas and capoeira musical instruments, where every participant sings the typical songs and claps their hands following the music. Two capoeiristas enter the roda and play the game according to the style required by the musical instruments rhythm. The game finishes when one of the musicians holding a berimbau determine it, when one of the capoeiristas decide to leave or call the end of the game or when another capoeirista interrupts the game to start playing, either with one of the current players or with another capoeirista. In a roda every cultural aspect of capoeira is present, not only the martial side, but music, tradition, aerial acrobatics, takedowns and much much more!
  3. Hello! I will be moving to Hangzhou in August so just wanted to quickly introduce myself to the forum. I am from the USA but most recently have been working in Dongguan, China. I'm a musician (piano) and know Hangzhou a little bit. Looking forward to meeting some new people and discovering more about the city.
  4. A local Hangzhou production team of awesome performers is putting together another great Cabaret night Saturday, October 28th at Carbon on BeiShan Lu. (The Carbon that was literally once on fire). Attached are some pictures of past productions. See the poster for a QR code to buy 100rmb tickets, or PM me. 北山路10号 (10 BeiShan Road) Doors open at 8:00pm, and show starts at 9:00pm Cheers! - Warren
  5. Hey everyone, I've been living in Hangzhou for two weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any idea where I could perform a HipHop / Jazzy beatset ? I am a beatmaker / producer and here are my social media links if you want to know exactly what I do: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/saib_eats Spotify : Any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks again !
  6. Looking for a guitar teacher who can teach me in English or French. Looking for 1:1 hourly classes at least 1x per week possible 2x depending on price. Send private message.
  7. ThunderBear

    DRUMMER Needed

    Got a guitarist and bassist, need a drummer. Existing playlist made up of Clutch, The Living End, NOFX, Propagandhi, Bouncing Souls, Primus, Modest Mouse, Rancid and some old school TV themes/video game music and constantly expanding. Anyone interested to jam and drink some beers [send me private message for my contact information] Cheers guys.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a singer looking to collaborate with other musicians. I would be especially interested to work with an electronic music artist who makes beats and such. But could also be interested in forming a live band to do gigs, so guitar and other instrument players are also welcome. PM me if you are interested and we can meet up to discuss creative possibilities! :)
  9. Maria21102016

    New members

    Hey there, me and my bf are new to Hangzhou. I'm currently looking for job opportunities and networking in international finance area. We speak English and Russian.
  10. Now our band needs a vocal. We are a metalcore band, and now we already have guitarist, bassist and drummer so we need a vocal now. We have few demos now, and lyrics are all English so don't worry. If you are interested in it, you can contact me. BTW, now all members are in Xiasha district, we rehearse about 1 time per week. WAITING FOR YOU
  11. Hi, I'm a teacher of modern music with 6 years experience, now working in a school in HZ. I offer private classes in the following: -Bass Guitar (beginner, intermediate, advanced, master) -Guitar (beginner, intermediate) -Harmony&Theory -Songwriting [please send me private message for my contact information]
  12. Antoniogut

    Looking For Female Singer

    Hi, Im Antonio, a guitar player here in HZ. Am looking for a female singer to create some music with. We can do covers and/or our own stuff. For fun and for gigs/work. As long as you can sing well I don't care if your a foreigner or chinese. Message me if you're interested or have any questions
  13. Hi all! I arrived in Hangzhou about 10 days ago to teach music in a primary experimental school in Binjiang district, where i currently reside with my wife and daughter. The name's Aleksandar Bogdanovic and i'm a musician (songwriter/bass player) and modern music educator. Very happy to find about internet place like this forum so i here a lil bit of English language, meet people from similar culture, ask for help, offer help if i can, and finally play some music somewhere, sometime, somehow :) I have friendly little daughter who is learning english, and would be great if there are also other parents who are in need of little friends for their children :)
  14. Petey90

    Jam Session anyone?

    Hey guys, I'm a graduate student from Harvard, in beautiful HZ for the summer doing some research. Been doing jazz vocal for a long time, can also play piano - anyone wanna meet up and jam sometime? Tried going out to karaoke with the locals once but not quite the same... I'd love to do some cover songs, improv... be it jazz, soul, indie, pop... you name it. I don't really know where and how, but I'm sure we can figure something out. So let me know!
  15. RaiderBengal

    HZ Music Collective

    Hi All, I just wanted to throw this out there; if anyone is interested in getting together and making some music, let me know! I brought my banjo with me here to China, and if there are any guitar players or fiddle players or anyone that plays anything that would like to make some music together (pop, bluegrass, folk, the banjo is a very versatile instrument and can be incorporated into many different genres) that would be very cool. Just throwing this out there. I am not an "advanced" player by any means, but am working to get better. Regardless of skill level, get in touch if this sounds like something of interest.
  16. hi guys i'm Fabio,i'm searching people who likes as me plays some music,first for enjoy.then we can proupose for make liuve music :).I play the guitar and bass. i can play rock,hard rock,hevy metal,ballads and some jam session. now in Hangzhou i have only an acoustic guitar. send me a message who are interested.ciao!!
  17. Hello, I am wondering if there are any classical musicians here in Hangzhou, preferably wind and brass players. It's been 3 years since I've played music and 1 year since I had a clarinet to practice. Anyone? Maybe a group to go to concerts with to enjoy classical music would be great? Shoot me an inbox message.
  18. JoseVentura

    I'm a drummer

    Howzit I'm from South Africa and am looking to stay in this beautiful city -Hangzhou. Am 30 years old and have been playing drums for about 3 years. I can read music and prefer to do cover songs. I like all types of music, can even play the double bass pedal. I leave soon if nothing comes up, but maybe you can change that! Peace José Ventura
  19. Hello, for the holidays or even in my spare time, I would like to know if there are any children who'd like to learn music. Also, I am able to teach English music terms as well. If your children are interested, let me know. I live in Xihu.
  20. jbecks

    Any record stores around?

    Just wondering if there is a place to buy actual, tangible music albums.
  21. Elizabet


    hey, I'm moving to hanzghou in September and i will be teaching music out there. I sing and play the ukulele and cello, although I might not have my cello with me in HZ. I've been in a few bands and done a bit of work as a session musician, mostly folky and jazzy things, but I like playing any kind of music really! Basically it would be great to find someone who would be interested in doing some music, maybe if there's someone who plays guitar and sings it would be great to play together and maybe try and get some gigs in bars or restaurants? Or if someone out there already does that and is looking for someone to join? let me know :)
  22. Hello everyone I am leaving China soon and am selling a bunch of things. Pictures are attached for each item. 1. Yamaha F310 acoustic. Y400. In great condition - never used outside the house for gigs or any other purpose. Comes with free pickup for plugging into PA system or similar. 2. Zhongruan. Y500. In perfect condition and comes with hard case. Never played outside my house. I really don't want to sell this but China Post won't let me send it back to the UK. 3. Squier Stratocaster. Y500. Comes with case and 2 cables. In good condition, has been used for live gigs previously. 4.Hatstand. Y30 5. Ukulele. Y50. Perfect condition. 6. Electric heater. Y30. 7. Camping chair. Y15. 8. Portable electric radiator. Y100. This thing really is amazing for the Hangzhou winter! 9. Electric iron Y20. 10: Approx 125 Xbox 360 games including Skyrim, Max Payne 3, Batman Arkham City, Saints Row II and IV, Tomb Raider, LA Noire, Borderlands 2, GTA Episodes From Liberty City, and a whole load more of shooters, strategy, beat em ups etc etc. Y50 Any questions let me know, send me a PM if you're interested. Buyer collects from Zhaohui Lu (near West Lake Cultural Plaza).
  23. Bernardo Partida Gómez

    Drummer needed

    Hello, we are looking for a good drummer that can play many different music styles. We have to start working next week, five nights per week. If you are interested send me a private message [please send me private message for my wechat ID]
  24. Welcome to join African drum group in Hangzhou !
  25. Hi Everyone, I am Wang Lu, a Chinese teacher in Hangzhou CIS. I know there are many interesting things happening in Hangzhou, like Ultimate Frisbee, or Board Games. I wish I had more time to hang out and make new friends ! But a lot of times I was busy playing African drums ~ I started playing Djembe in 2010 in Boston. And afterwards I have always wanted to start an African drum group in Hangzhou, and find more people who share the same interest. I already have a team of African drum players, and we have djembe classes open on weekday evenings and weekends, to share the joy of drum circle. If you would like to try African drumming (Djembe) or dancing, or already love it, please let me know :-) [please send me private message for contact information]