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Found 3 results

  1. I am looking for an acoustic guitar or an acoustic electric or even a semi-hollow body electric. I sold all my gear back home before moving to China and I want to pick it up again but can’t afford to buy all new gear.
  2. IMPORIUM CITY 国际进口商品城 Wanted: Solo Performer or Band with adequate experience, without stage fright and willing to perform in front of a bunch of Chinese. When: 2016 Dec. 23 - 25 - 2 or 3 days performance - 4 sets / day - 15 min. - 30 min. / set We offer: - Pick-up services / travel expenses are covered - Meals are included - Hotel: a) 5-Star Hotel - Platinum Hanjue Hotel 平湖白金汉爵大酒店 b) Hotel/resort - Yunlan Wan 嘉善云澜湾 Why: No plans yet for Christmas? In need of some quick earnings? Or just looking for a chance to perform on stage during a Christmas Market event? 4,000 - 6,000 RMB / 2 days or 6,000 - 9,000 RMB / 3 days (payment NEGOTIABLE) Where: Pinghu – IMPORIUM CITY (next to Jiaxing; in between Hangzhou and Shanghai) 平湖.国际进口商城 Pick-up service can be arranged If interested: - Please send us a/some demo(s) via YouTube, or local video media links, or by e-mail, or live-stream, Skype, etc. - Include a short CV/résumé if possible. Feel free to contact us for additional information or if you have any questions: (Hsuan) Walter Yang [please send me private message for my contact inforamtion]
  3. Hi my name is Paul, I've been in Hangzhou for about 6 months now. I work as a teacher and part time as an information manager. My Chinese is terrible so it's time I 'upped the ante' hence my joining this forum to learn a little more and hopefully make some new friends. I'm into making electronic music, photography and bodybuilding. If there is anyone here who makes some decent electronic music of there own, contact me. I was thinking of starting a collective of musicians to do some gigs around the city.